Why shall I continue to play AoC?

11111 lmao I didn't expect that you would open a thread like this after I played you with a troll acc
I was assuming the game would be fun (as I never play islands and don't know the BO).
Jan 10, 2017
London, UK
Do a ZeroEmpires and quit forever and then come back in a couple of months when the passion has been rekindled :P :lol:

Every game gets boring with too much repetition - easy play something else and you will find yourself wanting to come back afresh.
Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015
Seriously, if you want to quit this game then it's not enough to uninstall it and not play it. You also have to delete all the bookmarks from your web browser to AOC Zone, reddit, YouTube and Twitch. EVERYTHING has to go. I quit playing once and I just spent all that time watching AOC on YouTube and Twitch and reading these forums. If you're going cold turkey, remove all traces of AOC/AOE2 etc.

When I quit Facebook I tried going without it for a day. Then 2 days, then 3 etc. Incremental steps. Before I finally deleted my account (not just deactivated) I hadn't logged in for 5 weeks. At that point I'd proven that I could live without it and so deleting it wasn't an issue.


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May 6, 2017
1. You enjoy it.

2. If you did quit, you'd have nothing else to fill the time because you've got no other hobbies or interests.
I didn't know that you are capable of writing short answers^^
Lol. I just walked in on this conversation, but it's all relative right? :D The OP elicits short answers but both of his posts have broken the thread record for longest response.


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