What was the best year of your life?

Which year?

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Jun 10, 2012
I think it is normal to think a lot about the past, especially if you are at a certain stage of life, when you are grown up.
So I had the idea about this poll 2 days ago.

This is not about AoE, but in general, because I feel like 1 specific year of my life was clearly the best one compared to all other ones.

As many members are not much older or younger than me, most of you should be able to vote. For the ones who are older than 40, there might not be all options, so if you want to share or if anyone wants to say why, then feel free to do so.
Jun 10, 2012
Can you please add an option ' I dont know man , they were all equally depressing ' ?
For 3 reasons not:
1. I wanted to ask a positive question.
2. I don't think every year of someone can be equal and I am quite sure almost all people who are able to vote here have had something positive happen in their lives that does not happen every year.
3. I think negative polls are forbidden on AoEZone.

But I see that people who like your post feel the same, so you already created that option yourself.
Jun 10, 2012
1999, i was born 2000
Health-wise that might even be true for many people, that the time in their mother's body was the best.

But for me it's about experiences.
2014 I would count 5 very important positive thing and another less important, but very positive one.
Going to Brazil to the tropics for 2 months, the first time leaving Europe. Snorkeling in Italy. Making a big decision completely on my own, that I will go to China. Going to China and many things there. Meeting my wife. Well, and an interesting World Cup with Germany winning. Many good experiences for the first time, which I wanted to do since a long time.

i have also some very positive experiences in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, but they are not that many and all of them also have negative experiences.
Before 2014 it was rather even, not any extraordinarily good or bad year or new experience.
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May 1, 2017
Hard to say of course, I picked 2016, but every one of the last three years have been amazing for me. 2016 was also a year in which Rise of Rajah was released, which got me back into AoE after like 15 years :biggrin: Without it and the Battle for Angkor tournament, I would have never known that the game from my childhood is still alive and that there are even AoE tournaments.


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Dec 28, 2016
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RM - 1v1
i am not sure about the best, but i can for sure say that 2017 was the shittiest year of my life. you cant believe how full of shit it was... i feel like i have to write shit 20 more times to give you an idea about how much full of shit that shitty shit year was. shit.


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Apr 12, 2018
I chose 2013 because it's the year I got married, my oldest son was born, traveled to the US to see the national parks, bought a laptop to start gaming again, ... So on paper it's the best year.

However, the thing about kids is that they make every new day the best day of your life. So in reality 2019 is the best year :-)

Edit: the downside is off course that you don't have any time for your favourite game anymore... :D


Feb 27, 2017
I have no idea, there is nothing that stands out.
2012 getting accepted in a competitive uni.
2015 traveling around the world, Reunion, Australia, USA and getting first work experiences, also watching a ton of old movies.
2018 for so finally getting to visit Vietnam (my grandmother's country) for the first time and much more.

I guess it's a process of trying to make each year count. In 365 days there are so many things happening that it's impossible for me to rank or rate years.


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Sep 24, 2012
2018 was at the same time the most wonderful and the most horrible year for me.

In 2018 I became a father of 2 wonderful twin boys, which of course was amazing.

In 2018 I became a father of 2 wonderful twin boys who had to be delievered 4 months earlier than they were supposed, in the 24th pregnancy week. They weighed roughly 500g at birth and were just about the size of my iPhone 7+ and couldn't even breathe on their own.
This is one of the twins 2 weeks after birth.


What followed were 4 months of the most terrifying and panic inducing moments I ever had to go through and something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemies. Their chances of survival weren't great and the odds of developping serious disabilities even worse. Every second of every day I was affraid I would get a call from the Hospital telling me they didn't make it.

Fast forward 10 months to today and I am happy to say they are alive and doing well and they are 2 very sweet and joyful babies!

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