War is Coming! March 2014


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Jan 2, 2013
I hope WiC will be better than previous Tourneys, i got a lot of ideas and adapted from the aoc community insight:smile: + i have the best team of admins imo... Also I would love to say that TyRanT has a few spots open for WiC + future events and TyRanT events to give the best performance for the public to watch and enjoy! details of the recruitment will be in a separate thread:smile:
I still think changes are necessary to either the admin staff and/or the decision-making process given the issues that cropped up during this tournament and how at odds some of them seemed to be with how the community felt about them...

But regardless thanks for your contributions, definitely keeps the competitiveness alive in AoC. Really loved TMW, hope this tournament is even better.
Jan 27, 2010
Definetly the sponsor keeping aoc alive... thank u very much for that.

On the other hand its a bit sad to know the winner already.. i also think with that amount of money some people could train a lot.. but tyrant has simply the best players in the world.. riut shouldnt join tyrant IMO...

Perhaps some pro gamers will now start to notice aoc has big money events and they came back to aoc and kick tyrants ass..
Apr 9, 2010
Special thanks you to my friend who support everything for living aoc longer and actives.
As my friend told about new TyRanT. I am sure they will bring new competitions vs strong clan, TyRanT.
Also 50,000$ is biggest and enough money to call back old expert who stopped play aoc in my opinion.

Communities would be enjoy to see good recording and performance compare with old tournaments.


New Member
Jul 28, 2012
That is alot of money, even for the Norwegians. Wondering how the pot is split. Expect a rather sharp distribution of such amount. Viper can almost make the aoc for a living ^ ^. The sponsor should almost be protected from himself .. hehe


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Aug 12, 2011
It keeps on rewarding those who show effort in this classic game.

Sincere thank you for your continued sponsorship of this great community.
Jun 10, 2012
Yes, huge thanks for the sponsor!
Right now the reward can also be bigger than ever with spectator mode, a lot of good streams, records and a growing community.
While we have these amounts of money, wouldn't it be a good thing to have rewards for the best commentators and streamers too? Since they work a lot for it and it could motivate them to prepare and perform the best they can.


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Jul 18, 2008
Love you Tyrant :o-o:ops: :o-o:ops: Can't wait to see the teams that will be made for this tournament, 4 months should be sufficient to spread the word and form great teams, and as a spectator will the new spectator mode make team tournaments so much fun to watch as well.


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