War is Coming! March 2014


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Apr 30, 2010
Elusive said:
FWIW, this isn't remotely true. We did all we possibly could to make it a success. We were told from the start that the Voobly community wasn't a priority. I cancelled many of my Christmas plans last year to get something working when players expected it -- even after flying thousands of miles to visit my family. That rush could've been avoided had we been given the game earlier.

At this point, AoFE on Voobly is well supported -- not only does it fully work but you get the Voobly Mod Center, A/C, Spectator support and other features.

It could be even better if FE took advantage of the mod center for automatic installs + updates. But they have yet to. Nor have they helped promote the Voobly tournament AFAIK. I also, even offered to *pay* for a link on FE.com to get some reciprocal support and was told no (even after inquiring about paying more than Voobly's monthly revenue).

In my view, the requirements for success are/were:

  • Support from Voobly
  • Support from the mod/xpac/patch team
  • Support from the players

It's interesting to compare FE against UP w/ those criteria.

  • Support from Voobly - significant attention was given to both UP and FE.
  • Support from the mod/xpac/patch team - UP team has been professionals and worked closely w/ us on providing the best experience possible. It's been a *great* experience working with them. Very different from our experiences w/ FE.
  • Support from the players - Many seem much more interested in UP than FE. In part, perhaps that's because lack of #2, or focus in other areas by FE (e.g.: no DM balance, significant focus on SP and campaigns, etc.)

UserPatch became very popular on Voobly once we added the auto-install / transfer -- as did some mods. None of the updates we have done to make AoFE a better experience on Voobly does FE team seem interested in supporting.

Given the current direction of FE to a pay model and lack of focus on the original game. It's worth considering creating alternatives if there are players want balance packs and other improvements. The Voobly Mod Center documentation is at http://www.voobly.com/pages/view/gamemods . If someone put the effort to do a MP-focused xpac/mod with the help agreement of the community + put the few minutes of efforts to make it take of the Voobly Mod Center it would likely take off and be extremely popular like UP is.
We're not really dusting off that old debate, are we? :P

Things happened as they did, I would say it's quite far from what you exposed here, but if you want to talk it out, feel free to hit me up over Skype.
Mar 14, 2010
btw elusive,

Spectator mode doenst work with aofe right now (concerning the coming 1v1 tourney) would be great if you / the up guys could add this feature...

and the current versions of "voobly aofe" and the official installer (both 2.2) dont work together (regarding the save game files)


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Sep 4, 2010
guys here is the problem why aofe doesnt work:

aoc 1.0c was just played for a too long time, many people of this community are playing the game since a couple of years and are now 20+ (age!), they just don't have the time and desire to work in that new game. Im playing AoC for around 10 years now, sometimes several days/games per week, sometimes no game in half a year.. atm i'm trying to play at least some games on one day per week, and i really fear the effort it would take to figure out how aofe works. I just like the situation to know how the games work and what to do in which situations and i have fun with it! and i wouldnt have fun learn a complete new game (what it would be on that level) only to see some balance changes or new civs. im happy how it is and i just wanna do some relaxed TGs with friends in my beloved game AoC and i guess many others see it the same way :wink:


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Jul 28, 2012
to what point? you dont give a flying **** about voobly or its players special now that you are the puppet of those HD faggots
@haihai: Cysion already made GR/HD the best places to play AoC online, it's just this fanatic/ small community here making it hard for him.

[The] point I wanted to make is that voobly has a very fanatic/small community compared to GR/HD.
Just don't consider a career in investment banking or management in general. Neglecting the cooperation with the most advanced platform & the most loyal fans in the MP community, and betting your money on this undermanned & incompetent bingo club called "HD". I can only imagine how many people donated to you hoping you would keep wih the UP updates.


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Apr 30, 2010
That quote looks a bit torn out of context like this :P

It's definitely not about negligence (as I objected to Elusive, he told his side of the story, but my side is pretty much the opposite).

So, I heard there's a tournament coming up in March 2014?


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Nov 28, 2012
We've gone off topic, it would be great if an admin could split the thread somehow? I think this competition overall is outstanding and great for the game.

That quote looks a bit torn out of context like this :P

It's definitely not about negligence (as I objected to Elusive, he told his side of the story, but my side is pretty much the opposite).
The last update I see for FE was *way* back in May.

How many changes are you guys planning to make? Or are you done making changes? Last I've heard no more changes are planned. FE for AoC at this point seems very silent.

If FE development really isn't dead, I would like to see a few things:

  • Community threads brainstorming ideas and changes taken into account. Last I heard there are serious balance issues. What is the timeline to fix them?
  • Take advantage of the Voobly mod support (if there are questions / concerns) hit me up on skype. W/ the auto install it should be much easier for everyone to play FE.
  • Please also elaborate on licensing now of FE for 1.0c now that MSFT may own all the IP. It would be frustrating for community to heavily invest in FE for it to be taken away in the future.

To use the UP comparison again, development and progress there have not stopped. It's ubiquitous now on Voobly (see screenshot below). It's hard to find a game that isn't UP.

If FE developments starts up again, we're happy to support it. If FE development is dead, are you fine with the community forking the project and continuing where it left off (this ties in w/ the MSFT question)?



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Oct 27, 2012
When will rules and setting for this tournament be announced. Thought it would come in late February. Is it delayed?


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Feb 14, 2013
Yes, the settings plz.

The annoucement was made back in december, it looks likw TMW v2 - one week to practice, register, make up a team, analyze new maps etc ... and the tourney starts in March so it´s like less then a month away so it´s becoming a bit disappointing.


May 9, 2013
Why? They posted it will start mostly in April, and they dont know setting yet, you can see bM post thats all what they know for now. It say setting will came out probably late february, its only 4th february today 11. They cant release what they dont know yet.


Jan 31, 2010
The settings and format is underway. Voobly will be hosting the event, but it will be ran as previous events on AoCZone. Once the map making contest is done, it should only be very few days for the settings to be announced.
Jul 2, 2013


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Apr 8, 2013
Can we get a list of the sponsors!! Im definitely going to support the people that made this possible. Couldnt be more excited!!


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