War is Coming - Announcement


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Nov 7, 2013

Dear Community,

We have before us an ordeal of the greatest magnitude.
We have before us many, many months of struggle, battles, tears and joy.
We have before us the day many thought they would never witness.

We have before us history in the making.

Voobly, AoCZone and WSVG proudly present to you the War is Coming.

Thanks to the generosity of the TyRanT, the Prize Pool for this Event will be no less than $120 000 !!!
Your eyes do not deceive you, the Prize Pool will be one hundred and twenty thousand dollars! :D

Multiple prize formats will mean a greater spread to more teams than ever before.

With $10 000 as prizes for the Community in the form of Prediction Contests, Stream Giveaways, Vouchers, T-Shirts, and many more.

This event more than any other is not only about expert players, but the whole community.

Let us therefore ready ourselves for our duties, and remind ourselves that if AOC lasts for another 15 years, men and women will still say, ‘This was their finest hour.’

This event is Scheduled to start on 03rd of November.
The Sign Up deadline will be 31st of October.

For all Information regarding this Event, please read the following links:

Rules and Settings
Sign Ups
NEW: Sign Up through WSVG
Brackets Link added when ready

So we invite you all to find your allies, forge your teams and prepare for the biggest event AOC has ever seen.
Let's create history together.



Jan 2, 2013
Great news, even though the tournament is delayed another month... but what was the point of having that no slinging poll if even such overwhelming results were seemingly ignored?


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Jul 18, 2008
The poll was not very good as a lot of people felt slinging should be allowed with restrictions, hence voted yes, and slinging is allowed in the tournament, but with restrictions.
Jan 31, 2010
The slinging poll was just to get an idea of what the community might want. It was stated that the outcome of the poll is not necessarily the final decision for the tournament.


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