AOE-II [tutorial] How to upload a recorded game?

Mar 13, 2010
Bor, Serbia
Re: how to upload a record?

Hi _42_Nanito_Arg,

Here`s a short tutorial on game uploading:

1) First, it is recommended to rename the game file into something meaningful (like "Bope vs brother_leo (douche) - 23-Dec-2007 21`07`10.mgx"), rather then just leaving it as "recorded game - 23-Dec-2007 21`07`10.mgx" (also, AoCZone may rename the game file for you, more about it later).

2) If the game is already renamed (or you want AoCZone to rename it), pack the game file(s) (.mgx) into ZIP (you may use WinZIP, WinRAR, or any other archiver/file packer that can pack into ZIP format). Packing a file decrease it`s size like 10x (for example, turning 2.5 MB file to 300 KB file).

NOTE: Uploading limit is 10 MB per single file (but you may upload more files in one post).

(click to enlarge)
[/span] 3) Now that you have prepared your recorded game file, you may upload it on AoCZone. How to do that? First, choose appropriate forum for uploading (for example "Daily games", "Expert games"...) Then, you may want to open a new topic for it. Once you click on the new topic button, you`ll get a usual page where you can give a name to your topic, and write text in the topic body. Bellow the text box, there is a blue "Options" panel. Beside "Options", it says "Upload attachment" - click it.

(click to enlarge)
[/span]4) In "Upload attachment" panel, there`s a "Choose..." (or "Browse...") button - click it, and select your packed recorded game file (for example, ""), and click "Open". If you want, you may enter a comment about the uploaded
game(s) in the "File comment:" field. If you want AoCZone to rename your game files automatically (in format Player1+Player2-VS-Player3+Player4--MAPNAME--DATE.mgx), tick (select) "Rename files:" box. If it as a game played on Voobly, select the desired ladder (Random Map (default), Custom Scenario, Deathmatch) so the ratings of the players are shown.

5) Now click "Add the file", and wait while the file is being uploaded. Once it finishes, page will refresh, and you will see an attached file bellow the text box. If you entered topic name and desired text, you may click "Preview" button to see how your post looks like with game(s) attached, or "Submit" button to confirm posting and publish the post.

That`s about it, if you have any questions or experience any problems, ask here :wink:
Go now and post those games already :D

UnknownIron Hide

New Member
Feb 7, 2013
Re: how to upload a record?

Hey man, i followed your coment to up load a rec, but it does not appear, like others y can see names, time avancing, chat :/ .. can u help me plz
Dec 11, 2012
Recorded Game Analyzing

I played a game today and wanted reviews by pros.
Yeah, sorry, there is no uploading right in this section. Seems like the "Recorded Game Analyzing" section was a project launched in 2011 with the intention of controlled posting and discussion of recorded games, hence no uploading right: viewtopic.php?f=404&t=56242

Feel free to post your game in the respective recorded games section of AoCZone, and then link it to here or ask for feedback directly where you posted it.


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