AOE-II Tower Rush aka Trush

Jun 15, 2017

I've watched some 3v3 and 4v4 games when flanks players did trush and got some questions about this strategy. Hope you will help me:

1. What civs are best for it? (often seeing Spanish doing it - no crossbowmen?)
2. What pop is best for it?
3. How many villagers to send forward?
4. Where to put first towers and next ones if all goes well?
5. What is better - sending more villagers forward or add extra militia (3) with villagers and this way got more on economy/base?
6 What is better - just standard trush or forward military buildins (barrack+archery range) + trush?
7. How to counter standard trush?

Waiting for answers, I got headache thinking about it.
Jul 5, 2010
1. Any civ has towers.. some will have bonus that'll help u in your trush (korean faster stone mining), teuton strong tower, spanish fast building towers, mongol hunt that make u go feud faster.. (and start building towers fast...), and u got that right, spanish lack of xbow motivates the use of trush..

2. Depends if you're "only" trush (less pop is better) or i you'll add m@a/spear to your trush (you won't be able to make it sustainable with low (21/22-) pop

3. Between 4~8 is recomendable, also depends if only trush (in this case at least 5-6 vills!" or if u have army together (don't need to have 8 vills fw if u have army...

4. Hurt your enemy, hurt his wood,food.. if your tower can block a mill+ a lc for example, it's a two for one...

5. no answer for that, depends on situation, enemy civ, your civ, map... pocket's strategy...

6. same as 5

7.1 Scouting, know if you are getting trushed.. know if pure trush or trush + m@a.. know where yiur enemy is probably going to hit you..
7.2 build smart, don't make two lumber camps in the same wood, specially if it's a exposed/front one
7.3 kill it before it starts.. atack your enemy vills/army with vills/army before he can make towers.. once he start making it, you'll be in disadvantage fighting under towers..
7.4 use palisade walls to block his moviments in your map
7.5 use outposts/sc to look for sneak vills in your recs
7.6 use defensive tower to avoid his "Progress" in case he succeed in towering you
7.7 just survive and get your eco going.. your enemy is probably dedicating lots of vills to stone gathering + tower building, if you have the same ammount of vills farming, and wood gathering, you'll probably get stronger at some point, advance faster to castle and etc...

8. if you're trushing, remember to wall your towers, to avoid enemy from taking it down easily


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