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Dec 7, 2017
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Hello Everyone! I have been doing Tournament Tuesdays for about a month now and wanted to extend an invitation to anyone interested in a weekly outlet to play some competitive show matches and mini tournaments.

This is a NA timezone friendly weekly event, but obviously all are welcome.

Tournament Tuesday is a way to give anyone an opportunity to participate in a competitive setting on a regular basis.

How It Works

  • I will post here the Wednesday/Thursday before the upcoming Tournament Tuesday with settings/format.
  • If interested in participating in that weeks Tournament Tuesday, reply to this post or message me with your rating (specify HD or Voobly) and desired platform to play on.
  • I will pair players with those of closest rating.
  • Alternatively, when doing TG’s I may ask for participants to join with a partner or team.

Additional Information
  • All games will be cast live from my Twitch Channel HERE.
  • Games will be played between 5-10pm PST (1-5 GMT) every Tuesday (I am aware this time is not ideal for some).
  • Format can include, but is not limited to Bo3/Bo5/1v1/2v2/3v3/4v4. As well as mini tournaments.

Important to Note
  • Everyone that expresses interested may not be able to play in Tournament Tuesday that specific week due to time constraints, however I will do my best.

Feel free to message me with any thoughts or ideas!


United StatesNerdRageQuit

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Dec 7, 2017
Someone backed into my parked car and drove off today. I was suppose to spend today setting up matches for Tournament Tuesday but will need to deal with this instead. Can't open hood, so gotta get it fixed. Games will still be played at the specified time but they will most likely be planned as I got live with whoever is present. Thanks for understanding and Tournament Tuesday will continue next Tuesday as intended. I will post settings for it tomorrow!

United StatesNerdRageQuit

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Dec 7, 2017
This up coming Tournament Tuesday will be 1v1's on Mega Random (Land Map Only Version). Let me know if you are interested in playing a Bo3 or Bo5 and I'll set it up!


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