The Legacy Cup 2 - Grand Final

A year after the first edition of The Legacy Cup it was time for the second edition. All the top DM teams signed up for the tournament, including reigning champion Tsu(benstock), multiple QuEnDi and TyRanT teams. Out of the 22 teams that signed up, only two are left and will play the Grand Final Saturday 7th april at 11:00 GMT. This match will be live streamed in POV and commentary by de Nili_AoE, es TaToH and no TheViper. With probably more to come, keep an eye out on the AoEZone calendar to find out if your favorite streamer will be streaming as well. The teams who are facing each other in the Grand Final already played a match in the semi final of the tournament. Back then TyRanT Plebs won the match 5-3 and will start with a 1-0 lead in the Bo11 Grand Final, they will need to win 5 games again to be crowned champion of the Legacy Cup 2.

Grand Final: TyRanT Plebs vs Tsubenstock - Saturday 7 April 11:00 GMT

Congratulations to the 2 teams playing in the Grand Final:

TyRanT PlabsTsubenstock
no [TyRanT]TheViperVooblyde Nili_AoEVoobly
es [TyRanT]TaToHVooblyfi RubenstockVoobly
tr TheCodeVoobly
de Tsu_ShiNe_Voobly
Road to the Grand Final
4 matches (4 won), 24 games (18 won, 6 lost)
WB R1:TyRanT Plebs4:0The Revengers
WB R2:TyRanT Plebs 4:0Saiyans
WB R3:TyRanT Plebs 5:3Tsubenstock
WB R4:TyRanT Plebs5:3QuEnDi B
6 matches (5 won, 1 lost), 35 games (26 won, 9 lost)
WB R1:Tsubenstock4:0Syrup Sisters
WB R2:Tsubenstock4:0Noodle's Gals
WB R3:Tsubenstock3:5TyRanT Plebs
LB R4:Tsubenstock5:1TyRanT Warlords
LB R5:Tsubenstock5:0QuEnDi A
LB R6:Tsubenstock5:3 QuEnDi B

Grand Final Settings
Game 1: 2v2, TLC_Map_Pack_v4, Team Random.​
Game 2: 2v2, TLC_Green_Arabia_v2, Saracens and Indians.​
Game 3: 2v2, TLC_Team_Islands_v2, Captains Mode.​
Game 4: 2v2, TLC_Green_Arabia_v2, Captains Mode.​
Game 5: 2v2, TLC_Atacama_v2, Slavs and Free Pick.​
Game 6: 2v2, TLC_Baltic_v3, Aztecs and Turks.​
Game 7: 2v2, TLC_Green_Arabia_v2, Different AoC Civilizations per team.​
Game 8: 2v2, TLC_Golden_Crater_v2, Captains Mode.​
Game 9: 2v2, TLC_Map_Pack_v4, Team Random.​
Game 10: 2v2, TLC_Green_Arabia_v2, Hidden Different Civilizations per team.​
We hope you enjoyed the tournament and will tune in to watch the match live or later via VOD if you are unable to make the starting time of the match and enjoy the final match of The Legacy Cup 2. May this be a worthy final to a tournament that showed beautiful displays of DM skill.​
The Legacy Cup 2 admin team.​

The Legacy Cup 2 brackets




Feb 13, 2018
I'd have to agree with kw1k0000. Anyway, some very fun games guys!

"TaToH bans random civ"
I like water maps for a change - and three out of 9 is not that much, especially with Baltic being mixed map rather

But yeah, that epic civ draft disaster, with Tatoh forgetting to click (almost) twice. Highly recommend watching that part in Viper/tatoh pov vod


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