The Legacy Cup 2 - Announcement


After a year since The Legacy Cup we are pleased to announce a second edition of the cup. The tournament will yet again have 2v2 settings and captains mode, but in addition WololoKingdoms will also be a part of The Legacy Cup 2.

The Legacy Cup 2 will be a 16 team double elimination tournament. Meaning that there are 16 spots available for teams to sign-up for. After the sign-ups are closed the teams will be ranked according to their DM rating on the Voobly DM ladder(s). The top 16 teams will be allowed to participate in the tournament. This to ensure that the teams that participate are truly motivated and competitive. The ranking given to the teams will also be their seed, but might be altered based on previous tournament results.

The Legacy Cup 2 will have a prize pool of 300 USD to start, if you would like to contribute to the prize pool see this topic. The tournament will run for 8 weeks starting on 29th of January. Sign-up closes on 25th January 23:59 GMT.

More information in the following links:

Rules and Settings

We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are!

We would like to thank [flags]ca[/flags] Marauder for creating The Legacy Cup 2 banner.


Amazing, really looking forward to this, hopefully there will be plenty of RM players as well
Sick banner
Any chance we can have a similar tournament for NPL players (maybe minus Captains draft)?
Sick banner
Any chance we can have a similar tournament for NPL players (maybe minus Captains draft)?
Dave always does beautiful work!

There are no plans for an NPL/lower level version as there isn't that much interest in DM, If there is someone else who wishes to run a TLC2 NPL edition (or whatever name they like) please let us know and we can help set them up with the forums and things they need to actually run the event themselves.
That's a shame. What about Jidba?

There are some very intresting signups so far. Great to see a mix of RM and DM players.


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