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Dec 14, 2010
Dear Community,

Well it just keeps getting better and better...

After the huge successes within the Tournament and Stream scene recently.

The VooblyTV team have been contacted by SteelSeries, and in conjunction with our team they would love to offer some fantastic prizes to our events

For those of you who do not know SteelSeries ( where do you live?! :smile: ), these are one of the leading companies in the World when it comes to cutting edge / quality gaming Hardware.


From now on, the VooblyTV BO5 Challenge will be renamed to SteelSeries BO5 and the future Champions will receive some of their amazing gaming products.

But that is only one small part of where this venture will take us....

The VooblyTV team will also be running Free Giveaways of some SteelSeries products live on streams. So you as viewers will also benefit from this wonderful alliance.

All Top Expert League Winners will also receive SteelSeries products as prizes.

Where will this end??

Well it is now in all of our hands as a community :D this is a working relationship that should make us all very proud.

So in order to keep this alive and healthy, we ask you to be even more active on our Streams!and of course support our friends.

After 14 years let's show everyone how much potential this amazing game still has !

Well done everyone, and Thank you.

The Voobly Team


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