SY Nations Cup 2017 - Admin Requests


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Dec 9, 2014

Here you can request Admin Wins, as stated in the SY Nations Cup 2017 Rules & Settings.

  1. Post the exact team names of your and your opponent's clans.
  2. Post the URL address to the post you made as an attempt to schedule the game's play-time.
  3. Post a clear screenshot showing (so the current time is clearly visible) and Voobly's Tournament lobby Game Room (on the same screen), proving that you were online at the scheduled time.
Teams which did not reply on their scheduling topics in SY Nations Cup 2017's forums may get automatically disqualified upon their opponents' Admin Win requests (depending on the reason).

All other Admin decisions are taken after screenshots and other facts have been examined.

Please refrain from posting unless you have anything to do with the request at hand. Posts from people unrelated to the topic will be moved or deleted.
prv_limb pleae help.

I cant upload recs games COLOMBIA A vs GERMANY F and COLOMBIA A VS SPAIN C i dont know why, if i aleays upload whit no problems....

i cant upload SS and images..... wtf----... since yerterday try and nothing with chrome explorer mozilla ...


May 27, 2016

we need an admin decision regarding our game vs Brazil D.

We scheduled for Sunday 23rd July 18 GMT. viewtopic.php?f=1553&t=132753
We started to play vs them around 18:10 GMT so all was fine. After Game 1 one of their team members just left. It didnt sound like an emergency, more like "i need to go eat with my wife" ( i might be wrong just how i felt in that moment). The first game was around 1 hour. They tried to contact someone else of their team, but unfortunately they didnt reach someone. After 20 Minutes we were asking what to do and after a bit of discussion we decided with the remaining players that the Score of the Match will be:

Germany E 3:1 Brazil D.

The reasons for that score are that they won the arabia match but couldnt play the remaining three.

We gave them plenty of times where we are available to play and they confirmed that date and then didnt have time at all which is sad.

Now they asking for reschedule, also they told us that an admin has given them the permission to reschedule. When i asked they should send us a prove, they ignored that question. Our comprehension is that an agreement is an agreement and not some spontaneous thoughts. Akeno has a screenshot from that conversation and he will post that of course.

For any questions pls contact me, Akeno or Stefan.

Regards Marv :smile:


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Feb 15, 2017
Argentina C requests AW for matches against Denmark A (Silver Cup - Group Stage). The deadline has passed and unfortunately they couldn't play. Regards.-
NC17 - SL GS R3 - S79


1. They scheluding for august 11 6 GMT , and they Confirmed, They didnt come.

2. Australia B say "Hi guys,

We have games scheduled this Sunday so probably can't play on Sunday. We can play during these times:

Thursday 8 GMT - 12 GMT
Friday 8 GMT - 12 GMT
Saturday 00 GMT - 6 GMT


So We confirmed for TODAY Saturday 00 GMT , and they didnt come again,

schelude link.


Thank you.



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