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Jun 11, 2008
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RM - Team Games

The tournament will be played in the following Lounge VCOM Tournament Lounge


Round 1: May 3rd - May 13th
Round 2: May 14th - May 20th
Round 3: May 21th - May 27th
Round 4: May 28th - June 3rd
Round 5: June 4th - June 10th
Round 6: June 11th - June 17th
Semi-Finals: June 18th - June 24th
Finals: June 25th - July 1st

The Semi-Finals and the Finals will be streamed by [TyRanT]DreaIVIS and/or [RVK]FeAge, depending on their availability.

Game setting rules:

Map: Arabia
Speed: Normal
Starting Age:Standard
Resources: Standard
Speed/Teams: Locked
Victory: Conquest
Reveal Map: Standard
Record Game: Failure to do so will result in disqualification. You will be required to upload records of all games. Game Renaming Format: Masters_of_Arabia_R#_Game#_Player1_vs_Player2.mgx
All tech: DISABLED!
Civilization: 1st Game: Huns - 2nd Game: Aztecs - 3rd Game: Mayans

This is a 256 players knockout tournament of BO3 (best of 3) until Finals which will be BO5 (best of 5) with those civilisations: 1st Game: Huns - 2nd Game: Aztecs - 3rd Game: Mayans - 4th Game: Spanish - 5th Game: Mongols

It is YOUR DUTY to make sure game settings are set correctly. If they are not, and host refuses to change them to the correct setting, please contact a VCOM tournament mod.

Tournament Rules:

Dropping will be determined based on current game state:
- If the winner dropped, then the match will be restored.
- If the game is still undecided at time of drop, match will be restored.
The winner of the restored game will take a screenshot at the end of the game and upload it as the result.
Those dropped games have to be restored within 15min, else the player having a technical issue will be DQ'd. Then
- If the loser is dropping (and it is clear he is losing), then the other person will move on and the dropped will be DQ'd.

All aspects, plus others not listed, will be analyzed before making a decision by tournament runners and others as they see fit.

Third Party Tools:
The use of any third party tool is prohibited. Examples are, but not limited to: Modified game files, syncers, crashers, network throttling devices (purposely lagging programs), and other such tools. Violation of this rule will not only result in disqualification from tournament, but termination/punishment as the Voobly staff team seems fit.

Any issues with the client that may arise will be dealt with by the VCOM tournament mods/admins as they are presented.

You may only play on your account, and may only enter the tournament with one account. This also includes playing for someone else if your account was eliminated. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification of all involved accounts.

Once you and your opponent confirmed a time to play in the Scheduling Forum, the maximum waiting time is 30 minutes. More than that, the player that came and is waiting must take a screenshot showing (so the current time is clearly visible) and VCOM Tournament Lobby Game Room, and post the screenshot in Admin Win Requests topic, with a link to the post in the Scheduling forums where the game time was arranged and confirmed.

Any rule can be added/modified at any time as seen fit by a Voobly tournament mod. This rule exists to stop and punish potential exploitation of loopholes in current rules.

All matches must be recorded and uploaded in this topic before advancing to the next round there will be NO exceptions. The games may be uploaded to

Rounds 1 - 4: here
Round 5 - Finals: here
- With two high-seeded players (_DauT_ & _WraTh_) quitting the tournament early, the bracket was unbalanced, its top beeing much easier than its bottom. Therefore, a new bracket has been released with the 16 remaining players after the 4th Round -

1st) 12 months platinum membership
2nd) 6 months gold membership
3rd) 6 months silver membership
4th) 3 months silver membership

In addition shields will be put on your profile to show your achievement


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