Rise of The Sultans 2

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About the tournament:
The Rise of the Sultans is our attempt at helping find the best leaders in India, but at while allowing near beginners to play in a tournament setting with the Pro players leading them. more info http://aoe2.in/tournaments/rots2/

Registered Sultans:
  1. Ass_Kickerwa
  2. The_Dragonstar
  3. cynical_link
  4. InDuS_Blitz
  5. Topspin
  6. Tenacity
Scheduling For Sultans:

The players have to get in touch with their opponent for the week, and schedule their games as per each others convenience.
You have to finish the games by the weekly deadline.

All Scheduling for the week should be done by the previous week. (11:59 pm, or 23:59 hours on Saturday)

After scheduling if the player doesn't show up on Voobly within half an hour of the scheduled time, a walk-over will be given.
You can play the games from the next week(s), if you can schedule it with your opponent.

Please check your emails. we have already sent an email to all Sultans.

ROTS2 Scheduling (To be filled by players, for each game.)

ROTS2 Results (To Be Filled by Players)

Registered Siphais:
  1. Adxy
  2. Dorje
  3. mmAAsskk
  4. Sij025
  5. BoseDK
  6. RVT
  7. Zulmi_Sajan
  8. Wis_Dom
  9. KILLER_637
  10. shephock
  11. Fire_dank
  12. Diabloz
  13. ShuR2K15_
  14. Bluewolf
  15. __Winchester__
  16. pranav8433
  17. ddk220
  18. _srini_mama_
  19. k_the_foodie
  20. Top_Shot
  21. Smarat_dattu
  22. DrishtDhyumn
  23. shephock
  24. Morty_sublime
  25. dhyey_slv
  26. kinghSingh

Scheduling For Sipahis: Team Games 4v4
Sipahi games are scheduled over 5 weeks - with 3 games on each Sunday (11.03, 18.03, 25.03, 01.04 and 08.04) at 4pm IST onwards. First come first serve for the first game.

Maps For Sipahis:
  1. 1st Sunday 11.03 - Insane Fun only. (Crazy map)
  2. 2nd Sunday 18.03 - Regicide Fortress.
  3. 3rd Sunday 25.03 - Fun map
  4. 4th Sunday 01.04 - Fun map
  5. 5th Sunday 08.04 - Arabia
All the above insane and fun maps will be announced on the respective days.

If you have any question regarding the tournament/schedule feel free to contact us anytime.

Best Regards,
aoe2.in Organization
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