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Mar 13, 2010
Bor, Serbia
Were you ever in a situation when you have some free time left, and you want to play a quick game of AoC, but you just can`t find the one with settings you prefer? You can`t find an opponent of your own skill level? Or you`re a beginner online player, and no one wants to play you because you`re a "zero gamer" (newly registered person, no games played yet)? Or you encounter not so friendly people, on a regular basis? If you had enough of it, here`s the solution.

Use AoCZone scheduling forums to pre-schedule your games, to set all the settings before the actual match, to remind your friends of the agreement you had, or to search for a new playing buddy - either for a friendly game, or a rated one.

Open a new topic in the appropriate subforum, determined by the game type - Random Map (unrated), Death Match (unrated), Custom Scenario (unrated), Random Map (rated), Death Match (rated), Custom Scenario (rated), and use the following format:

Topic name format

  • [[type of connection]] [map/scenario] [rating] [number of players] [(your timezone)]
(type of connection) - Voobly [v], GameRanger [gr] (or whichever client you use) or IP [ip] (you can check your current IP address on the main page, for more info see this topic)
(map/scenario) - Arabia, Michi, Full Random, CBA...
(rating) - 1450+, 1600-1700, 2200...
(number of players) - 1v1, 1v1v1v1, 3v3...
(your timezone) - GMT+2, GMT-4... (you can check it on the main page, for more info see this topic)

  • [v] Arabia 1550 1v1 (GMT+2)
    [gr] CBA 1v1 (GMT-4)
    [ip] Michi 3v3 (GMT)
NOTE: If you want to play versus a certain player, you may name the topic like "BugA_the_Great vs DreaIVIS". Also, you may use the forums to schedule a clan war, a friendly national match, or what ever you think of. For example "Viper vs HyM", or Serbia (vs) Finland .

Topic body format

Nothing special here, just don`t forget to post your username (Voobly) or id (GameRanger). If you want to play IP match, please don`t post your IP here, it can be misused. Give it to the player you`re playing with once you agree the game(s), via forum private message, e-mail, MSN.

Post all other info you find relevant here, like when you`re able to play (day of the week, certain part of the day), whether you`re a new player needing some help to start online playing, or an old AoCer searching for some well known fun, do you prefer certain civ(s) or game settings.

Just to remind you, there`s a GMT clock on AoCZone main page, helping you to schedule and play your games at scheduled time.

Please stay positive, be constructive, respect your opponent(s) and - have fun! :wink:

NOTE: If you want to suggest some changes/additions to topic posting format, you may use the "Suggestions" subforum.
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