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Prepare for an AoE experience unlike any you have seen before!
---Tournament hosted by NerdRageQuit and map script by HenkDeSuperNerd---

All of the matches for this tournament will be streamed from

MATCHES START 3/2/17 at 18gmt

Feel free to join my discord for regular announcements/updates: https://discord.gg/TJmtTV

Hello everyone!
I am so excited to finally announce the next NerdRageQuit tournament! I am calling it RageQuit Arabia and for good reason!

I have partnered with HenkDeSuperNerd, the creator of the Random_Everything map script and we are creating an exclusive and unique map script for this tournament.

The map script for “RageQuit Arabia” has the framework of a typical Arabia map but with dozen of small to large changes that will truly live up to its title and make players want to RageQuit and push on to win at the same time!

My goal is that this tournament will appeal to the casual game who is ready for a fresh new spin on a classic map and the try hard professional ready to experiment with some new strategies!

I don’t want to share to much about the changes to this map quite yet. Just know, that Henk has worked his magic and implemented some pretty amazing changes and ideas into this map script. Many of the changes that were made have just recently become possible with user patch. No one will know what to expect, so everyone will be on the same page. But simply put, AoE players who are good at Arabia and who can adapt to difficult circumstances will typically do well in this tournament.

The tournament itself will not start for at least two weeks. We are still in the process of testing the map script and finding/fixing bugs. However, I would like to start making the bracket. I would like this tournament to be pretty large since it is a new map script and I think people are really going to enjoy it!

Tournament Details:
•The tournament will be hosted on Voobly, use the latest version of the Wololo Kingdoms mod and played on the map “RageQuit Arabia”.

•The tournament will be a 1v1 tournament with random civs.

•Currently there is not a prize pool, but I am hoping to get one together!

•The first several round of brackets will be BO3 | Quarter-Finals BO5 | Semi-Finals BO7 | Finals BO9.
The lengths for round was chosen to give players the opportunity to acclimate to the new map script and try new strategies.

Match Times:
•Matches will be played Monday/Friday at 18:00GMT - 6:00GMT & Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday at 24:00GMT - 6:00GMT.

Participation: (SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED)
Thank you for everyone who signed up, working on the bracket now!

•Being considered for participation is easy, all you have to do is leave a comment here or message.
- Name:
- Highest Voobly Rating:
- Availability:

The cutoff is at 1500 rating lowest on your best Voobly profile. But if your interested, leave a comment regardless and you will be considered. :smile:

•Please note, you must be able to play at one of the times listed above, have the ability to play on Voobly and have the latest version of the Wololo Kingdoms mod to be considered for this tournament.

I am currently accepting donations from anyone who wants to add to the prize pool for this tournament. I will not be keeping any of the money as I am organizing this tournament for free. Everything that is donated will go directly to the winner. If you are interested in donating to the prize pool please contact me directly. Much appreciated!
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United StatesNerdRageQuit

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Dec 7, 2017
The .rms file for the RageQuit Arabia map script is on my discord under the map-scripts channel. You can find it here for practicing : https://discord.gg/PVdMXE7.
If you have not already please add me on voobly :smile:

Please also check your voobly inboxes for information on the tournament. Thanks!
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United StatesNerdRageQuit

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Dec 7, 2017
I have started posting confirmed matches for RageQuit Arabia on the calendar. If I have talked with you about a time, please check the calendar to check the time for your game.

If I have not talked with you about a time, it means I have not been successful in contacting you so please reach out to me. If you have not been contacted for a time and I do not hear from you by the end of this Friday the 2nd you will be dropped from the tournament.

Thank you to everyone for participating!

Feb 5, 2017
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RM - 1v1
There is a new version (RageQuitArabia9) available which is highly recommended to use instead of the previous version (RageQuitArabia8) since the unit cost in the old version was broken. That is fixed now (along with some minor fixes and balancing). This new version has been posted on NRQ's discord.

Goodluck participants!
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