Poll - Who will be in the semifinals of KOTD2?

Choose the four players that you think will pass

  • TheViper - Yo | Liereyy - Fat_Dragon

  • TheViper - Yo | Liereyy - Yinghua

  • TheViper - Yo | MBL - Fat_Dragon

  • TheViper - Yo | MBL - Yinghua

  • TheViper - Lyx | Liereyy - Fat_Dragon

  • TheViper - Lyx | Liereyy - Yinghua

  • TheViper - Lyx | MBL - Fat_Dragon

  • TheViper - Lyx | MBL - Yinghua

  • Tatoh - Yo | Liereyy - Fat_Dragon

  • Tatoh - Yo | Liereyy - Yinghua

  • Tatoh - Yo | MBL - Fat_Dragon

  • Tatoh - Yo | MBL - Yinghua

  • Tatoh - Lyx | Liereyy - Fat_Dragon

  • Tatoh - Lyx | Liereyy - Yinghua

  • Tatoh - Lyx | MBL - Fat_Dragon

  • Tatoh - Lyx | MBL - Yinghua

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Aland Islandskw1k000000

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Feb 18, 2015
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RM - Team Games
Well that is kinda the problem with some top players: Heart, Larry, Jordan, Slam and others have amazing potential and talent but just don't play enough.
It's not a problem. It's a reflection on how financially viable AOE2 scene really is. Barring Viper (to an extent Daut) there is no other player who can sustain a living by aoe2. And Viper makes that money via streams not from tournament winnings.

So why would anyone train for 5 hours a day for nothing. Once you are above a certain age you have to think about supporting yourself.

A lot of people in scene like Memb, Nili, other supporters are doing what they can to keep it going but in any sports huge chunk of money comes from Corporate sponsorship which is directly linked to playerbase & viewers. CSGO had 1+ million viewers in major finals. It would be great if we hit 10k+ in final of KOTD2.
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United Statespatao

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Apr 2, 2016
Vivi's style is so much more variable than Viper / Liereyy / Yo even if he's generally just as good. I think he's always going to be at greater risk of an upset just due to the style. But it's fun to watch.
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Mar 1, 2018
Just a little statistic before the Quarterfinals start:

Viper, Yo, Liereyy and Vivi seem to be the clear favourites for most people who voted here, the results are pretty clear, out of the other players only MbL got a reasonable amount of votes.
The clearest matchup seems to be Viper vs. Tatoh, with only 17 votes for Tatoh (279 for Viper). yingua vs. Vivi also seems to be pretty clear for the voters, with only 18 votes for yingua (278 for Vivi). Lyx got 21 votes (275 for Yo), so that also seems like a pretty clear matchup. MbL got 90 votes (206 for Liereyy) so Liereyy is still the clear favourite but according to the voters here this is the matchup with the best chances for the underdog. We will see tonight how this will play out.

And right now... let the Quarterfinals begin.


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