AOE-II NPL Tournament


Welcome to the Npl Tournament 2018!!!
For those who are just starting, or who still do not feel ready to take the lobby jump this tournament is for you.
We want it to be a great experience for you, so everyone who wants to have fun and feel passion for the game feel free to join.

1vs1 Tournament.
We already have the brackets !!!​


1st, 2nd & 3rd will receibe personal training lessons from a Expert Player

Sign-Up - Rules - Scheduling - Timeframe - Recorded Games
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ah man, I'm finally one game away from leaving NPL, guess I postpone that game a little bit :biggrin:
People who are signing up be careful. For sure top 8 if not top 16 would be banned from NPL as a result of doing too good in this tournament.
The winners are not going to be banned from NPL. The tournament can not be a punishment. Do not worry, and enjoy the tournament.


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