Nomad Guide by BsK_Poisn

Jun 29, 2011
Nomad Guide by BsK_Poisn

Ok.. This will be a work in progress until I get it done.. which will be some time from now I'm sure.

1. Placement of TC. There are several factors to consider.

a - How fast should u drop tc?

b - By what resources shoud u drop tc?

c - Should u place tc near shoreline?
Each of these questions depends on the map, starting vill locations, etc.. but i would generally advise the following course..

a - I prefer to NOT scout and look for a good spot to drop tc. When the game starts.. i get all three vills moving within 1 or 2 seconds.. all towards a central location.. As soon as I see a good source of wood, I immed. drop tc and run other vills to this to help building time. In some cases, if your third vill is a ways off.. i will in that case possibly up dock in a corner with that vill. then i will make my way back to tc. (in large map, if villager is soo far from tc, i might leave vill near dock--possibly even make mill first and get shorefish till i can up dock at a later time. this mill strat works best with huns and japs. huns because they have not enough wood for dock at start.. and japs, cause they get 50 wood mills) now, when i up tc.. if i have persia.. i will get dock asap too, cause u have 70 wood left.. so u can make fish boat as soon as u collect 5 wood. but u can only take advantage of this if u have dock up. dont forget. also, if u have viks or vik ally, then u should get dock sooner, cause u can get FB sooner.

b - I generally don't look for resources other than wood. i prefer to not delay tc time by looking for nice spot. But of course, if u happen to see some deers or boar, or gold.. near some wood, by all means take it. but dont get in the habit of looking around for 1-3 mins, cause every 25 secs u delay is one vill u are behind...

c - There are two things generally to think about when upping tc near shoreline. 1. is there shorefish.. and how many spots? one or two shorefish can make a huge speed boost to your feudal time. generally i drop tc near shorefish if i can.. and have two vills close to that spot. the shorefish is the fastest food source for vills in the game, cept for Mongols hunt and brits sheep(i think that is all) so shorefish is great. 2. are you gonna grush? if enemy grushes and goes castle.. his galleys with range will kill your tc. do you want this? can u stop it.
just a question you need to ask.

2. Build order.

I generally put first 4 vills on wood.. to make boats.. then vill 5-7 on food. if i have it. then vills 8+ all to wood.
now, its important that you try to balance between wood and just enough food not to idle tc too much. if u have a few sheeps, then put 3 vills on them, and that will cover you for the most part.. because ur fish boats will provide the other food u need to keep production up. then you have the most wood to make more FBs and docks.
in 1v1 game, you don't need to generally make 2 dock FB boom. but in 3v3, do it for sure unless enemy dock or tc is next to you.

3. Dock placement.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people put dock in poor location. always put dock on farthest out point in the water. this way FB will be closest to all fishing. dont put inside a gulf, .. put on the tip.
also, don't gather shore fish with FBs. always look for deep sea fish. just check it out. deep sea fish gathers way faster...!! even if boat has to go farther to get the food, its still better off than shorefish.

4. scouting in dark.

When playing 1v1, you must try to find gold close to your tc. send out a villager around 8 min mark and make houses and look for gold. sometimes if u have trouble locating gold, send two or three vills out if need be. u must get gold if u need to grush. i generally don't scout too much around the whole map in dark. so long as you know where enemy docks are, (which u do with FBs) then u should be ok. if enemy tc is near u, beware tho.

Added more text by Poisn request:

1. General guidlines for the future in nomad 1v1..and
2. Specifics for this game.

First of all..
lets do specifics for this game.

1. your tc was wrong location. based on positions of three starting vills what u should do is this.

lets call vill 1. the closest to top vill.
lets call vill 2.. the middle vill
vill 3= vill closest to bottom.

Ok.. you should try to find wood near vill 2.. and drop tc the moment u see good wood. DONT RUN AROUND.. its just waste time.
ok, next, take vill 1.. cause it was not near water and run to vill 2 and help up tc.
now vill 3.. u can make choice.. you can drop mill near that shore fish.. (which is what i would do).. and then get food immed. by time tc is up, you will already have 30 food in bank and more all the time.. OR
you can run vill 3 to tc and up tc.. the benefits of this.. is u get tc done faster.. and since all vills were close, its not bad.. but u risk not having food.. and shorefish is fastest food for hun player.. by far.

Ok.. so now that i scolded you for tc location etc.. about the game after that.

I'm not sure if i would make all those outposts.. its not a bad idea, but it just slows down ur economy.. on the upside, you may find boar, gold or sheep.. so its not all bad. anyway.. either way its ok.

About economy.. i would prefer to not go any vills on sheep till after you get a dock done.. get that wood and send vill to dock.. immed.. then by the time dock is built, you will have 75 wood for boat. u had way too much wood by time dock was built.. so slowed your eco a bit there.

Now, try to be more efficient with boat booming.. with huns 2nd dock should be at 8 mins.. and then boat boom from both.

Don´t get boar untill min 10.. then switch gears.. and have about 8 vills on this boar.. try to click up by 12 mins at LATEST. if u get boar at 9:30 this might be easier.. depends on how much fishing food you get, etc.

Ok.. when u flush.. prolly just best to go archers and a few spears.. archers kill vills very good. if he goes skirms.. you go scouts. of course, a few scouts is nice to scout map for him.. but mostly, its the archers that will kill him.

Also.. your towers were mostly wasted. 1 tower on his main wood is good idea.. but then the others area waste.. just wall of that one tower and he cant kill it. NOW think about it.. he has to get two things in order to survive.
1. wood. and 2. gold. if u find both, u will win. so scout for his main gold and send archers to kill him. even if he runs away .. you slow his eco.

If u flush strong and tower his wood and gold, its gg. he cant do jack all.

Even if he fc.. with no gold, he can only few knights.

Also, i noticed, you dont make enough spears... when he fc.. you gotta make more spears.. even 2nd rax is ok, to make 2x as many spears.. cause he had stable, so he gonna go knights if he can.

Finally, one more thing to think about.. try to dock a long ways from his docks.. send a vill to far side of map, and make dock. this way, if he makes fires.. you can run about 50% of your fish boats to that dock and still get some food.. while u run other fish boats around to distract his fires. if he is smart, he will keep looking for your fish boats..

Anyway. these are mostly game specific tips, but some are just general good ideas.


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Jun 13, 2009
Thanks man! I would like to get the recs from the 1v1 tournament on this forum you posted but making new accounts if prohibited. I you could poste them it would be awesome.
Jun 29, 2011
Hi RedShark...

Don't remember password and all that resending stuff don't work :frown:

Maybe [ONU]Thor_ could still log in and dw all those recs :tongue:


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