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Apr 30, 2010

I think we all thought out loud about this in the past. What if a new expansion pack to AoC would've been released? Which new civs would have been added? Which new units would spice up the battlefield? Which new technological improvements would be out there to help us forge an empire and defeat the enemy with new inventive tactics?

Okay, thing is, that this might not just be wishful thinking. I did some extensive research over the last days and I managed to add new civs, units and techs to the existing AoC. No, not just a modpack, but a real expansion, increasing the civ count beyond 18.


We have regular streams of AoFE on various channels. Mostly on the channels of FeAge, ZeroEmpires, whack, DreaIVIs and Cysion.

State of the Game:

Completion: •••••••••• 99%
A civ to represent all the northern Italian city states (Venice, Padova, Sienna, Pisa, Genoa, etc...)


- Advancing to next age costs -10%
- All dock techs cost -50%
- Fishing ship LOS +2
- Gunpowder units cost -15%

Team Bonus:
Condottiero available in barracks, in imperial age once you've built a castle.

Tech tree:
Disabled infantry: eagle warriors, squires, halberdiers
Disabled cavalry: camels, paladins, hussars, bloodlines
Disabled archery: parthian tactics, heavy cavalry archers
Disabled siege: siege onagers, heavy scorpions
Disabled dock: heavy demolition ship
Disabled blacksmith: /
Disabled economy: gold shaft mining, two-man-saw
Disabled university: /
Disabled monastery: heresy

Genoese Crossbowman
Italian UU

Something like this fella?

A rather slow archer with high HP, a normal range & attack but a bonus against cavalry. Costs 50 gold and 50 wood.

Italian Team Bonus UU

Quick infantry with an attack bonus vs gunpowder units.

Age: Castle age
Cost: 550 food, 300 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: +1/+1 armor for Genoese Crossbowmen

Silk Road
Age: Imperial age
Cost: 500 food, 250 gold
Research time: 60 secs
Effect: Trade units cost -50%

Completion: ••••••••• 99%
Medieval Hungary, from their nomadic origins through the reign of Istvan the Great till the Black Army of Matthias Corvinus

- Villagers +2 attack vs wolves
- All buildings cost -10% wood
- Scoutline cost -10%

Team Bonus:
Foot archers +2 LOS

Tech tree:
Disabled infantry: eagle warriors, squires
Disabled cavalry: camels
Disabled archery: hand cannoneers, heavy cavalry archer
Disabled siege: siege onagers, bombard cannons, siege rams
Disabled dock: heavy demolition ship, elite cannon galleon
Disabled blacksmith: last infantry armor
Disabled economy: stone shaft mining, guilds
Disabled university: architecture, bombard tower, keep, siege engineers, fortified wall
Disabled monastery: atonement, redemption, faith
Disabled castle:/

Magyar Huszar

A beefed hussar with higher HP & attack. Top trash unit with a bonus vs siege. Costs 80 food and 10 gold.

Age: Castle age
Cost: 200 food, 300 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: Magyar Huszars cost no gold

Recurve Bow
Age: Imperial age
Cost: 800 wood, 400 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: Cavalry Archers +1 range, +2 attack

Completion: ••••••••• 90%
The first South American civ.

- Start with a turkey
- Villagers affected by blacksmith upgrades
- Houses support 10 population
- Buildings cost -20% stone

Team Bonus:
Farm built 50% faster

Tech tree:
Disabled infantry: /
Disabled cavalry: all
Disabled archery: thumb ring, cavalry archers, hand cannoneers
Disabled siege: siege onagers, bombard cannon
Disabled dock: cannon galleons, heavy demolition ship
Disabled blacksmith: cav armor
Disabled economy: two man saw, guilds
Disabled university: architecture, bombard towers, keep
Disabled monastery: atonement, fervor, heresy
Disabled castle: /


Anti-cavalry infantry unit with an insanely long spear. Costs 60 food and 30 gold.


Ranged Anti-infantry unit . Costs 30 food and 40 gold.

Andean Slings
Age: Castle age
Cost: 300 gold, 200 food
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: slingers & skirmishers no minimum range

Age: Imperial age
Cost: 400 food, 200 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: Eagle warriors +10% faster

Completion: ••••••••• 90%
Real India, not American Indians :smile:

- Villagers cost -10%/-15%/-20% in feudal/castle/imperial age
- Fishermen carry +25 food
- Camels +1/+1 armor

Team Bonus:
Camels +1 armor

Tech tree:
Disabled infantry: eagle warriors
Disabled cavalry: knights
Disabled archery: arbalests
Disabled siege: siege onagers, heavy scorpions, siege ram
Disabled dock: fast fire ship, shipwright
Disabled blacksmith: last infantry and archery armor
Disabled economy: crop rotation, guilds
Disabled university: architecture, bombard tower, keep, heated shot
Disabled monastery: atonement, faith, heresy
Disabled castle: sappers

Elephant archer

A beefed cavalry archer with high HP, a low range & attack. A tank unit. Costs 110 food and 80 gold.

Age: Castle age
Cost: 400 food, 400 wood
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: all gold income +10%

Age: Imperial age
Cost: 500 food, 350 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: Hand cannons accuracy from 65% to 85%

Completion: ••••••••• 90%
From Russia with love, to Kiev with even more love

- Farmers work +15 faster
- Tracking free
- Siege units -15% cheaper

Team Bonus:
Rams attack 20% faster

Tech tree:
Disabled infantry: eagles
Disabled cavalry: camels, paladins
Disabled archery: thumb ring, heavy cavalry archers, hand cannoneers, arbalests, parthian tactics
Disabled siege: bombard cannon
Disabled dock: elite cannon galleons, heavy demolition ship, shipwright
Disabled blacksmith: last infantry armor, blast furnace
Disabled economy: stone shaft mining, guilds
Disabled university: fortified wall, heated shot, keep, bombard tower, architecture
Disabled monastery: faith, heresy
Disabled castle: /


Cavalry unit with high melee armor. Costs 50 food and 80 gold.

Age: Castle age
Cost: 300 gold, 200 food
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: monks +3/+3 armor

Age: Imperial age
Cost: 1200 food, 500 gold
Research time: 40 secs
Effect: Infantry damage adjacent units


Building: Dock
Available to: All
Age: Castle
Effect: Fishing Traps Gathering Rate +15%
Reason: Give those fishing traps some use.

Building: Castle
Available to: vikings Vikings
Age: Castle
Effect: Gives Berserks anti-cavalry bonus
Reason: Vikings have nothing vs Paladins right now and Berserks are nearly useless. This solution solves 2 problems at once. We also avoid Vikings having halbs as this would render them too strong in early imp situations with arbs+strongest halbs+almost full siege.

Greek Fire
Building: Castle
Available to: byzantines Byzantines
Age: Castle
Effect: Fire Ships +1 range
Reason: Massed galleons will most likely rule the seas till the end of time, but maybe if water wars would be more balanced, these guys could force a breakthrough?

Building: Castle
Available to: koreans Koreans
Age: Castle
Effect: Turtle ships +15% faster
Reason: Turtles have a tanking functionality, but this one actually gives them a little speed while doing so. Hopefully giving them the chance to at least fire some cannon balls before sinking.

Building: Castle
Available to: japanese Japanese
Age: Castle
Effect: Towers fire 5 arrows
Reason: Give Japanese something extra in post-imp. The new feature makes their towers comparable, yet totally different from bombard towers.

  • Widescreen activated by default.
  • Mirror civs
  • Win7 colors fixed by default.
  • Windowed mode
  • All fixes & changes listed in userpatch:


This list is provisional, it only displays the current state of testing. None of these changes are final

  • Chinese TC LOS +5 (similar to Teutons)
  • Teutons TC LOS restored to normal
  • Teuton TC garrison +10 units, maximum arrows +5
  • Saracen market cost -75 wood
  • Cartography is free to research, requires a market.
  • Missionaries affected by Bloodlines
  • Aztecs free loom removed
  • Aztecs start with +50 gold
  • Cavalry Archers cost -5 gold
  • Turtle Boats -10% cheaper (180 wood, 180 gold)
  • Viking Team Bonus: Docks -15% cheaper (rather than -25%)(Docks cost 128 wood instead of 113 wood)
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Capped Rams garrison 5 units (from 4)
  • Fireships +20 HP
  • Demolition ships +10 HP
  • Britons get Cannon Galleons
  • Mongols Elite Cannon Galleons removed
  • Huns Cannon Galleons removed
  • Mangudai Siege bonus limited to Rams
  • Mangudai (non-elite) delay -50% (from 10 to 5)
  • Viking ship cost now staggered per age: 10% cheaper in Feudal (81w-27g), 15% in Castle (76-25), 20% in Imperial (72-24)
  • Huns cavalry archers cost -15% and -20% (castle and imp) -> reduced from -25% and -30%
  • Huns & Goths treadmill removed
  • Heavy Eagle Upgrade (450 food, 300 gold), takes 30 secs to research
  • Elite Eagle Upgrade takes 50 secs to research (from 40 in AoC)
  • Heavy Eagle Warrior (+1 PA, +5HP, -3 secs creation time)
  • Camels -5 gold
  • Japanese get Heated Shot
  • Gillnets moved to the castle age for (300w, 200f), +15% speed for fishers
  • Base cost for Plumed archers increased to 50g, 50w
  • War Wagon creation time decreased from 25 to 21 seconds
  • Korean fortifications built 25% faster
  • Long swordmen +5 HP
  • Long swordmen (and up) +2 attack vs eagles
  • Long swordmen (and up) +1 hidden armor vs buildings
  • Korean fortifications built 25% faster
  • Huns lose stone walls
  • Plumed Archer creation time +3 secs (from 16 to 19)
  • Franks get squires
  • Furor Celtica gives siege units +40% HP
  • Trade cogs generate +10% gold
  • Franks Foragers work +25% faster
  • Elite janissaries are now affected by the Turkish teambonus
  • Monks holding relics suffer from anti-monk damage too now
  • Town Patrol costs only food (-200 gold)
  • Murder holes costs -100 stone
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Franks can garrison cavalry units in their stables
  • Japanese get bloodlines
  • Land nomad starts with Nomad resources
  • Vikings get treadmill crane
  • Outposts cost -5 stone
  • Throwing Axeman (non-elite) missile delay -2 (from 12 to 10, elite stays at 8)
  • Teutonic Knight (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Berserk (non-elite) +4 HP
  • Petards cost -15 food (65 food, 20 gold)
  • Longbowman creation time -1 sec
  • Tarkan (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Jaguar warriors +1 pierce armor
  • When multiple buildings are selected, queued units are evenly distributed among the buildings.


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Nov 17, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

it's a shame the portuguese not being add to the conquerors :frown:


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Jul 19, 2008
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

maybe another meso civ but not much becouse it would probably make things unbalanced...


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May 16, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

Slavs ,every third european has slavic genes, they are here since 2k years BC ,the other side of europe which is not so well known, great culture ,great history
Jun 29, 2011
Re: If a new expansion could be created...


In my opinion, just 2 more civs will be great: one more land oriented, good for open maps (drush/flush/) and other with some castle/imp bonus and more oriented to water fights and full random maps.

One civ could be Incas, like Aztecs and Mayans. Giving, e.g. dark age bonus or some new thing that could make "revolution" at arab games. A new (meso) civ powerful to deal against drush, hun flush or whatever.

The other, some european one and completely different than Incas. Maybe more strong at castle and imperial wars, good for arena/bf maps but with some kind of versality to be competitive at water.

About other 18 civs, better to not change much. Maybe something related to CA bonus and Camels (not very used). I'll not add military units (barracks, ranges, stables), but could be good ideia to add 1 new technology for each civ like: scorps cheaper, wood upgrade free (like Franks farms), siege engineers free and things like that...


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Apr 7, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

These Hegemony units are a pain in the eyes, also atzmonks are imba enuff @@@@@ me thinks, though I'm and Monkaboo @@


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Apr 30, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

maybe another meso civ but not much becouse it would probably make things unbalanced...
Well, balance just depends on the will of the community. Obviously some open minded players would have to put the changes to the test. But with a new expansion also old imbalances could be fixed. Giving Chinese +25 food at start is one of the numerous examples.

The Conquerors expansion gave us 5 new civs, 11 new units and 26 new technologies. And it only increased the balance of Aok by 200%. I'm sure this community -if we want to- can do it again for a new resurrection of this gem of a game.

Then again, I'm just offering the possibility. I would like to see if there is enough willpower for this first.


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Nov 17, 2010


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May 19, 2008
RM - 1v1
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

Random civwars!


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Feb 4, 2011
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

how did you add new civs? working in stable multiplayer?
Mar 17, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

- An Option in Multiplayer setup to cost more or less resources to advance to the next age.
- An option to import custom scripts (just like Rise of Nations)
- MR included
- 16/32 Bit Color.. wouldn't really be possible without a complete re-write.. so maybe a complete 3D overhaul!


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May 19, 2010


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Nov 17, 2010
Jan 27, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

-Give back chineese at least 25 food.

-Colors fixed for all OS

-A version compatible with MAC OS

-Widescreen by default

-When someone drop you can record again in the restore and then fusion both rec

-Civ mirror in standard random games, this means just activate and both teams in a random rated game will get same civs

-Bloodlines to britons (this will convert brits in a tournament civ)

-Add arena to full random

-When aztks are pockets, u have always to thing in a sling or boom (some risky players monk rush but no one in tournament does) thats because aztks doesnt have anything in castle, could be nice an anti aztk pocket or give more power to eagles in castle for aztks.

-Galleons to aztks

-When u are watching recorded games, u can advance or rewind the rec with a lenght bar (doesnt know the name in english) and can check the stadistics at the moment of the minute u are watching

-Give some power back to war wagons, coreans losted to much power with 1.0c patch, (they are unfair in 1.0) but the difference between a WW in both versiones is abismal, some power back, balanced, could make coreans atractive again

-5v5, 6v6, 7v7 and 8v8 games :o-o:


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Oct 30, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

Well I've been developing an Idea for The Inca Civ. I just thougth through everything, i'm just missing 1 little thing but then I'll let u know Cysion. Ithink it's a good idea to do this, but I dont wanna risk enough to say that this could be played officially, maybe some fan expansion, but time will say that. I like also the idea of fixing some little things like WS, W7 colours, and rec viewing :smile:


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Aug 6, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

First of All.. kudos to Cysion. The first concrete step in improving the game.
If are able to launch it.. you bet, u gonna become so famout :smile:

Anyways, So far, there has been no mention of an Indian Civ, Shouldnt that be appropriate ?? Yes it was there in AoM. And Mughals/Mauryas could be adapted.

Regarding improvement in Game, few important stuff apart from what you have already achieved is:
1) Random civ matchup
2) Ally resource distribution, if he drops or gets defeated. His trade carts also should count.
3) A person dropped should be able to join the game later, while other player wait for him.

You r doing a good job.. keep it up !!


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Mar 11, 2011
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

actually we just want few changes that can be done with voobly, just put WS patch for everyone...
regarding to civs we don´t need new civs it would change everything and maybe microsoft wont let us make that.
But the patch is a mod so it is possible without change the game this would be my changes:

Vikings must get helbardier and then they can face paladins on land.

Huns... we are the last big aoc community and we are boring of the massive use of CAs in games just remove the CA bonus, huns is by far the civ with the best bonus in aoc cus the damn houses.

Koreans is a good civ on imperial but well why does have vills with more LVD?? we don´t use that kind of bonus instead of that make turtles ships more cheap and increase the speed creation and give them bonus vs buildings, imo war wagons is a overpowered unit even ww can kill mangs so its ok, or well give'em an eco bonus on wood.

China has been always a super civ but now with patch c they are not so strong with low resources, give them back the initial food.

Brits is supposed to be a range civ based on their history they were really strong on battles using light cavalry just give them hussars, cus there is celts whores and aztks or whatever but brits is really strong on 1x1 the trouble is no one use them cus range units need more micro.

Sarracens is by far one of the weakest civs on 1x1 during feudal age they need something to make them sexys a +10% speed on their archerys would be great.

Aztks hummm i don´t know they are so strong on 1x1 if we give them more bonus they would be unstopables and it would be the same than hun cas wars but it would be aztks full ews war, being pkt on arab games is so bad but there are several options that can change the game in good hands.

now about gameplay the option of recording a game after droop and restore is a good idea, rdm civs humm well this is pure luck if we make it fair then lets pick every one mongols,hun and mayans lol it is about fun and skills using rdm civs i know it is really sad to have a jap pkt vs huns pkt but well since this is rdm lets keep it of that way cus thats the idea of using rdm civs based on luck if you don´t like lucky maps or civs then remove nomad ln and mr cus this maps are 85% luck


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Apr 30, 2010
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

- An option to import custom scripts (just like Rise of Nations)
Exactly what scripts are you talking about?

don't forget to make new cool maps
New maps can be added, and FR and BR can be modified too.

Don't agree with aztecs getting cheaper monks gonna give huns a tech to give CA +30% hp to?
The point is that this tech would be available at the cost of.... let's say 500 food, 300 gold? Add 650 from a castle to it and you have a late-castle/imperial tech. Rarely the times in the game where monks are a force to reckon. It would just give Aztecs a small boost in post-imp. Without causing overpoweredness of any kind ^^

@DJ_Argenta_'s & SouFire's balance suggestions:
I'll look into balance issues too, most of these will probably need a thorough discussion.
-Colors fixed for all OS
Already implemented =)
-Widescreen by default
Will be added for sure.
-A version compatible with MAC OS
-5v5, 6v6, 7v7 and 8v8 games
Well, funny enough I found out some data suggesting that ES once planned to add up to at least 6v6 games. I'm afraid though that most of this is hardcoded though. And editing the exe is a very tricky thing.

and maybe microsoft wont let us make that.
Well, MS really doesn't care about this game anymore. If we made a new expansion to it, they can only be happy because we're actually giving some new air to a years-old game.

actually we just want few changes that can be done with voobly, just put WS patch for everyone...
regarding to civs we don´t need new civs it would change everything
Nerf CA huns bonus and enjoy the best RTS ever made.
I think one of the reasons that this -very easy to create patch with a few changes- isn't available is because it just adds a few little features almost no-one cares about. Ofcourse I'm going for a major addition to the game. It's not because we have the best RTS game ever made that it can't be better. I guess the unmatched popularity of SC proves that point. And sure, it's a daring quest to undertake, but it's not because wooden tires were the best thing available at one point in history, that rubber tires weren't an improvement.


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May 23, 2008
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

First of all, aoc still far from being played perfect and there are lots of strats that are underused or underpowered out there. So everytime i see topics like this most ideas would make the game more unbalanced or what is worst, still unbalanced but more boring. I thought about some very minor changes that could make the game a little more balanced in an almost objective way and withouth ruining the historical features of the civs (but still civs like koreans would be shitty, but maybe no so shitty). If someone can think of a total new civ/civs that would be amazing, but them can be dangerous overpowered, even AoC developers made the 3 strongest 1vs1 ara civs after aok was out. Maybe adding some units for all civs can work too, since developing new strats is something really interesting.

Adding random civwar and some other features, that if im right Cysion posted in other topic if im right, would be great, except maybe for wide-screen patch. This on the other hand (widescreen patch) can bring lot of new people to the game. But i think this game wasnt made for microing in so high resolutions because it would be too easy. I would like to know if someone know what happened with Starcraft 1 and if widescreen was ever made for it.
Jun 15, 2008
Re: If a new expansion could be created...

Before adding a unit and civ expansion to the game, the BALANCE of the game has to be corrected.

1. Make the base cost of ca as 40 wood 60 gold.

2. Hun ca cost reduction fixed at -10% castle, -15% imp.

3. Make market cost of saracen as 100 wood so that they can infact use it well for arabia!

4. Give koreans 15% faster forage bush.

5. Viking warship cost reduction fixed at 10%.

6. Cost of stonewalls increased to 7 stone for normal civ, 4 for mayans.

7. Take off palisade wall normal armor.

8. Increase fireship speeds by 10%.

Suggestions for new civs: Incas, Magyars, Greeks, Mauryans, Mughals.

Btw aztecs arent that bad for postimp, and i dont agree with giving a new monk tech for azt. They are pretty fine thanks to SO, Champ, eew etc and all these units train really fast for azt by something like 17.5%(monk trains close to 20% faster).
Jun 29, 2011
Re: If a new expansion could be created...


You really have good intention and all your articles and stuff dedicated to AOC must be high elogiated. If all people were like you world will be a better place.

However, thinking about this, even if it will be cool new civs (Incas) and new technologies, AOC community never agree 100% on changes, so there is a risk to split players. Just read posts: one said something about CA, others talk about monks, koreans techs, etc etc etc. I do have some ideias, but imagine that multiplicated by thousands players.

Really, believe me: if you change some bugs or add technical stuff will be great. New maps? No problem. But managing core of the game (civs, units, techs) can be deadly. Is like doing a surgery with a samurai sword. Just play the game as it is. For example, someone imagine a patch for chess? And is a game played since? As some guy says: "just think outside the box" :sick:



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