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Jan 15, 2014
Really enjoyed NAC 1, most enjoyable tournament of last year for sure. I really liked the map/civ draft live on stream, but as others have told already, sometimes players took too long, so having a timer for them would be a good solution imo.
I also really enjoyed the overlays of the stream, they looked great and showed everything that we needed to see including the player cams obviously.

One thing that I would like to see improved is the Group Stage as well as the Play-Off Stage. I think that the Round Robin system isn't the most fair system, a GSL System, a Swiss System or perhaps even a Double Elimination System that's just used for seeding would be better choices, especially now that there are 8 players. For the Play-Off System I would like to see a Double Elimination System if there is enough time for it, since a lot of the usual drawbacks don't apply (like winner bracket having to wait a lot for the loser bracket) and it is more fair than a Single Elimination bracket. The only "problem" would be what advantage to give to the winner bracket finalist. Personally, I don't think there has to be a big advantage, because the Winner Bracket already has an easier path to the finals and not having to play 2 series in a row.

I actually quite liked the mappool for NAC1, with maybe the exception of Pond Arena, even though the map is quite cool imo (maybe better for teamgames tho), the civs and strategies used for that map were quite stale and it didn't really give any memorable games. For the civs I agree with @teutonic_tanks, I'd like to see some free pick and some random/switch games as well as some civs drafted.
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Jul 30, 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed NAC1 and have great hopes for NAC2.

Some events just have the x-factor, and nac most certainly did, and it was very well organized in general.

Some small technical problems are to be expected at times, only thing I hope this time around is the players will prepare at least a little bit so we get real competitive games.

Really looking forward to the event, thanks for nili and everyone involved.


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Dec 28, 2016
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RM - 1v1
Really enjoyed NAC 1, most enjoyable tournament of last year for sure. I really liked the map/civ draft live on stream, but as others have told already, sometimes players took too long, so having a timer for them would be a good solution imo.
I agree to a certain point, but also it was interesting to see the players thought process, aswell as the thoughts of the casters, so maybe dont set the timer too low.
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Sep 26, 2017
I loved everything about the format of NAC 1, including the drafting. The strategic thinking involved was very interesting and I would love to see it again, i think with a timer for every decision it would be fine timewise.

I also loved the interviews and the trash talk ofc, cant get enough of that.

Time fillers while players are switching would be awesome, also a mic in the player room.

If possible maybe blend in the living room cam over the casters cam (so it doesnt interrupt the game) for huge demo shots or sick micro etc.

I love PkZ's graphs for ECL, would love to see them for NAC. They would be even better if he could make the background like 40 % transparent and a bit smaller, but nevertheless i like them.

I also like the player stats in ecl, I think especially nili or jordan could present in a interesting way what the stats tell us about the player.

Thank you so much for everything nili, i'm hyped already :smile: best wishes for a smooth runthrough <3
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Jun 10, 2012
I have read the comments now, what I agree with the most are:
- More new maps - maybe even a map pack that is released at a certain time before for the players to prepare. Knowing Nili's creativity with events, I would love to have a map pack where players don't know what is in it, but all maps are known from standard or previous big tournaments.
- More civ choices
- More behind the scenes (especially food)

About DauT and JorDan. If DauT really wants to go and qualify, he has a really good chance to. If he does not train, he has no chance.
As someone said, JorDan helped out behind the scenes too and it probably does not cost much to invite him. So it will be a useful, low-cost invitation. And with even more foreign players it is very good to have more "assistants".


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Oct 22, 2015
It would be nice at some point to let us know which suggestions admins/nili found helpful. No Hurry. Just curious!


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Jul 18, 2018
Wish: post recorded games (of Qualifiers as well), or apply a Rule that players need to upload them to the Scheduling threads or whatever, after they've been played.
U can find already played games (most of it) on Nili_AoE Youtube-Channel or on Twitch.


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Apr 13, 2016
U can find already played games (most of it) on Nili_AoE Youtube-Channel or on Twitch.
I am aware of the VODs being available on various platforms.

And why would I want to watch those, videos of games, when I could watch the games themselves instead, re-live them at best, from the player's perspective...? It's a categorical difference, one I find to be a massive one, to the extent that I consider VODs completely worthless except for the commentary from experienced players. Also one can skim through the games' strategy-outlines on ultra-speed faster with recs.
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Apr 13, 2016
Edited WIsh: If, given that player- or host-uploaded recs aren't a viable thing, at least one could enforce a Match Stats policy so recs are at least obtainable without spectating every single game live.
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Oct 24, 2018
Hey Nili!

I don't play the game much, and pretty much just watch from YouTube. So I hope this is helpful from a YouTube viewer perspective.

NAC 1 was awesome to follow, and I still replay some series. Here are some of my suggestions:

1- Short interviews with the players and the casters to talk about them and who they're. See Zak's Daut interview.

2- Short vlogs with what goes on behind the scenes or after the games are played. Like a vlog from the shisha place or something.

3- The ECL stats feature is pretty neat. Would love to see it analized during the tournament or maybe generate stats like that during the tournament.

4- More scenes from inside the lounge, maybe give live interviews there, Q&A's, or activities for the players and casters to engage in.

5- More interaction with chat. Maybe a portion of the after games interview involving players taking questions from the chat.

6- Player highlights from last NAC, so if you have someone like Tatoh or Jordan playing you can show some of the stuff they did in the last NAC in between NAC 2 games.

You would likely need to have one person entirely dedicated into creating and editing the additional content suggested... But it would be incredibly worth it for YouTube material, there's a lot of waiting time in between games and series that could be used for the additional content, to highlight the players, casters, and the fun behind the scenes of NAC, that would make watching from YouTube an even better experience.

Thank you for the content and the work you make man. Keep it up!


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