NAC2 - Wishlist


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Apr 24, 2010
This is the thread in which you can post your wishes for NAC2:

  • What did you like about NAC1?
  • What did you misslike about NAC1?
  • What should stay the same from NAC1 to NAC2?
  • What should cahnge from NAC1 to NAC2?

Things that will stay the same:
- Meet&Greet
- Groupstage into Playoffs
- Non-standard and standard maps mix
- "Pro" Casters & Players as Casters
- Likely that we will be at RBTV again

Things that will change:
- Yes, DauT will need to qualify (it won't make any sense to list it here)
- No Pond Arena
- Drafting/Homemap-System (I will talk with players how it will look)
- Audio hardware
- Interview couch
- Faster youtube uploads


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Jan 20, 2016
with all these casters together:
-let the casters also interview eachother, we already know alot of casters, but still nice i think to know a bit of background

-show the menu of the day (food is important, i think people like to know stuff from behind the scenes :wink: )

-maybe some decoration in the living room (a nice banner with Age of Empires 2 NAC 2 on it or something behind the couch in view of camera for some exposure in between games)
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United StatesTheMadCADer

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Aug 14, 2013
Regarding pond arena, there is a more up-to-date version where one player cannot have more space in the back of their base compared to the other player, and no player can have access to the water from within their walls. IDK if that was the issue, but it's something to consider.


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Aug 11, 2015
Lets first start with what you have to keep:
the mini webcams in the livingroom and the gameroom aswell for the casters. I also loved the map and civ picks live, seeing them decide and think about it, is quite nice.
What i missed though were some more interviews, with 4 amazing casters and interviewers and lots of great players there, its great to heat them talk about aoe2 or about the future or other things. Or maybe interview 2 at the same time for some interaction.


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Feb 26, 2017
> What did you like about NAC1?
  • Awesome tournament overall.
  • Too many things to list. e.g. Very high level games. Group stage gave every player a fair shot. Players joining the casting. Trash talk <3
> What did you misslike about NAC1?
  • Frequent long delays for players to configure their computers
  • Civ draft + map pick/bans took waaaaaay too long.
  • Very packed schedule and working around the World Cup games at the end
  • (more neutral than dislike) not sure what value was taken from RBTV participation and this took a ton of time.
> What should change from NAC1 to NAC2?
  • Take care of yourself, Nili. Make sure you're sleeping more! :smile:
  • Swapping players between series shouldn't take so long (pc config, etc). Or plan time fillers like interviews to let people do that in the background
  • Civ draft+map pick/bans needs to be much faster (a lot of times took 30min IIRC). I wouldn't even mind if it wasn't on stream, but there's value in watching these. Players should prepare in advance and make choices quickly. Suggestion: use a chess clock with 1~2 minutes for each player.
  • Have Bo5 instead of Bo7 in the group stages. Although everyone generally prefer a longer series, these matches were played during the week. It'd be much easier to follow shorter streams (and that didn't finish so late). Imo, in the group stage, Bo7 vs Bo5 provides diminishing returns and are worse for many viewers on weekdays. This also gives more room for 'fun' stuff.
  • The playoff with 5 vs 4 vs 3 vs 2 vs 1 seemed too much to me. A single elimination would be fine imo like in major competitions in other sports.
  • More regicide games (not just RF). These bring different variables into the games.
  • Have a "Fun Day", possibly in the RBTV day: no tournament games, just plenty of trash talk and play fun stuff (drinking allowed on stream during this day?). e.g. micro battles, x3 tech, casters battle, etc.
  • Nili should make money too. Prize pool was already very generous before, now it doubles. Players already get free trips. The prestige is there. I think there's no need to put such a big pressure in fund raising for a large prize pool. And definitively not add the extra money to the prize pool, Nili should keep it / invest in other tournaments.
May 22, 2016
The only bad thing about nac that i remember was the mike disconnects. Sounds like your on top of the main things. Some kind of gameshow thing could be fun. Get zeroempires to do it. Otherwise seems like there is not much time for sign ups for the qualifiers. Don't they only have a week?
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Nov 16, 2015
NAC1 was great because of the mix of very high level gameplay and the mixture of personalities being there and giving insight , aoe2 related as well as privately. Player casts were awesome.

Less technical problems/downtime or at least a schedule which can actually be fullfilled, is a fairly obvious point to improve. Also only 1 week of qualifier sign ups seems rather short for such an event.
Sep 23, 2018
I found that the process of picking civs/maps was very long and boring last time. so maybe you could make it less complicated or make some kind of a countdown to limit the time they have to think.


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Nov 7, 2016
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RM - 1v1
NAC1 was the best tournament I have ever seen. Get KillerB and jordan to cast a lot. I loved everyone tho.
As others have said maybe you can get someone to do some of your work during the week so you arent exhausted by the end of it.
One or 2 extra mods in the chat might help aswell.


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Mar 3, 2018
A draft system that removes the possibility of mirror matches.
Maybe have a slightly larger map pool to choose from so that there's more variation.
No water maps, apart from Cross and Scandinavia which produced some great games.
Sep 22, 2018
> What did you misslike about NAC1?
  • (more neutral than dislike) not sure what value was taken from RBTV participation and this took a ton of time.
The RBTV participation is a pretty big deal for the german community. Rage of Empires has a huge fanbase with about 6000 to 9000 live viewers every Friday and about 100k+ YouTube-clicks per episode since the show started end of last year. At peak times, the show had more than 15,000 live viewers. And that regardless of the fact, that Rage of Empires is unfortunately not a prime-time show on RBTV.

I think NAC and RoE can gain a lot from each other. Probably every streamer can confirm the impact on the viewer numbers.

And last but not least, Zak, Nili and all players seemed to have enjoyed the participation last time.
Jul 26, 2018
Some thoughts from me...
There were too many matches, my suggestion would be to split the players in 2 groups of 4 (probably already planned i think) Then you can split the groupstage days to on group each, so the players don´t get burnt out so much and can maybe go around the city or something else. This would mean you would have 6 days with each day having 2 games (which would make the games more intense and would increase the value of each game) After group stage you can make play offs with the 4 best (Semi and Grand final)

I would really like to share more of my ideas, but I think no one wants to read multiple random thoughts from a random guy^^

Keep it up man :smile:
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Jan 2, 2013
Think Jordan should've been made to qualify too. It's just been way too long since we've seen him playing at or near the the top level.

Also, I see Stark signed up in the qualifier sign up thread. Given his behavior in past events, I hope he's not allowed to participate. If he is, there's a good chance he'll ruin it or end up quitting/causing some other drama... there should be repercussions for players who constantly ruin other events with their behavior/immaturity.
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Aug 11, 2015
I would like to see a NAC part on your twitch page: A list of all the players and the casters, nicely lined up, with their twitchlink and/or youtube link under their name. It's great exposure with the amount of viewers you get, in that way viewers can click right away on their links to follow them after they see an amazing game of them so they can see more of them in the future. At tournaments like this fans are made.
Jan 19, 2018
A 2v2/ 3v3/ 4v4 showmatch with (mixed) NAC players vs some other team like SY where we get some insight in tactical talk between the NAC team before and during the match. Some shitmatches in between games where the audience gets to decide who plays who with what civ on what map etc. Some IRL streams where you show the participants some Hamburg. Talk of the Empires live. Drafting off camera, maybe unknown to commentators so they can talk and speculate about the civpicks during dark age.

I felt sometimes Nili wanted to organize this big professional tournament while (some of) the players were there to have fun with their online buddies. Worry less, Nili, you've done an outstanding job, probably noone in this community could've done better. Also take some time off before the tourney begins, 100 hour stream the week before is too much, bro.

But really, I would watch the coming 100 editions of NAC if everything just stayed as it was last time so just keep up doing what you did. :smile:

United StatesJoshuaR

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Oct 11, 2013
Mics in game room so that players truly can trash talk each other to the audience's delight.

4 player co op 1v1 with mics to listen to the player chaos as a "fun-match."

Mobile camera during matches. It was cool to see the living room, but honestly nothing was ever happening there except people laying on the bed on their phones or computers (and brief excitement with mini-table tennis). Dunno if there's a way to link a "stream view" to a mobile camera that someone can physically walk into the room in a more immersive manner, like sitting on the couch with the other players watching, showing the in-the-crowd reaction after a great play or major dud and could swing up to show the big screen and give viewers an idea of what it's like at the NAC.
Jun 8, 2018
things i'd love to see:

- a more elaborate and easier to handle replay feature for the casters
- a mic in the gaming room
- some kind of talk show format integrated into the schedule (maybe to summarize a day or stage, also for chat interaction and more trash talk)
- if not too private: some (visual) insight into behind the scenes (cooking, people arriving, hotel/party stories)
- if not too private: maybe even some mobile streaming from outside the apartment, especially from the notorious shisha place downstairs

- maybe a second person being familiar with and responsible for overall production/organisation, to lighten some of the workload

loved every bit of last nac though and will willingly embrace every additional bit to come
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