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Feb 16, 2016
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Melkor (vs) PMR_Keif

Friday 2601 13GMT (LB1) // classicpro (vs) LaaaaaN
Friday 2601 15GMT (WB) // VIK_Vinchester (vs) BacT
Saturday 2701 12GMT (WB) // CL (vs) Timotheus
Saturday 2701 15GMT (WB) // TheViper (vs) ACCM
Sunday 2801 17GMT (WB) // St4rk (vs) TaToH
Sunday 2801 19GMT (LB1) // DauT (vs) Hera


finland Rubenstock (vs) (czech) DraCoNT: Wednesday 2401 12GMT
Ro16: Finished

spain TaToH (vs) Hera: Thursday 1801 20GMT
ireland Timotheus (vs) (czech) DraCoNT: Friday 1901 19GMT
serbia DauT (vs) St4rk: Saturday 2001 18GMT
russia PMR_Keif (vs) ACCM: Sunday 2101 13GMT
vietnam BacT (vs) LaaaaaN: Sunday 2101 14:30GMT
norway TheViper (vs) Melkor: Sunday 2101 15GMT
finland Rubenstock (vs) CL: Monday 2201 12GMT
ukraine classicpro (vs) VIK_Vinchester: Monday 2201 19GMT
Ro32: Finished (and if you missed it, watch THIS thx St4rk!)

canada slam (vs) Timotheus: Monday 0801 20GMT
norway TheViper (vs) Burn: Tuesday 0901 02GMT
spain TaToH (vs) pete_martell: Wednesday 1001 19GMT
russia VIK_Vinchester (vs) Modri: Thursday 1101 16GMT
vietnam BacT (vs) LB10: Friday 1201 13GMT
MetalRTS (vs) Melkor: Friday 1201 13GMT
serbia DauT (vs) Glokken: Friday 1201 20GMT
germany Kugelblitz96 (vs) (czech) DraCoNT: Friday 1201 20:30GMT
china Xiaofan (vs) LaaaaaN: Saturday 1301 11GMT
france Edie (vs) Rubenstock: Saturday 1301 16GMT
china Lyx (vs) PMR_Keif: Sunday 1401 11GMT
china CL (vs) (czech) Ovenka: Sunday 1401 12GMT
germany StefanHD (vs) St4rk: Sunday 1401 18GMT
vietnam ACCM (vs) JonSlow: Monday 1501 13GMT
china vivi (vs) Classicpro: Tuesday 1601 13GMT
Hera: Automatic advance
Ro64: Finished

chile Burn (vs) Rogier505: Tuesday 2/1 15GMT
israel JonSlow (vs) Ass_Kickerwa: Tuesday 2/1 18GMT
france pete_martell (vs) Desert_F0X: Wednesday 3/1 15GMT
china xiaofan (vs) LegendOfSocks: Thursday 4/1 12 GMT
germany stefanHD (vs) chaos_2_win: Thursday 4/1 19GMT
spain TaToH (vs) Dictator_Donald: Wednesday 3/1 22GMT
MetalRTS (vs) Klavskis: Friday 5/1 8GMT
canada Hera (vs) Kamigawa: Thursday 4/1 17GMT
france edie (vs) TK_Fred: Thursday 4/1 17GMT
serbia DauT (vs) Scogo: Thursday 4/1 21GMT
(czech) DraCoNT (vs) Wondrous: Friday 5/1 18GMT
ukraine classicpro (vs) Ekimku: Friday 5/1 18GMT
ireland Timotheus (vs) RmcooTheHater: Friday 5/1 14GMT
vietnam ACCM (vs) Good_Luck: Friday 5/1 14GMT
(czech) Janik (vs) (czech) Ovenka: Friday 5/1 17GMT
norway TheViper (vs) Loiveyoaeu: Friday 5/1 19GMT
russia VIK_Dench (vs) Glokken: Friday 5/1 21 GMT
canada Slam (vs) Flightlessbird: Saturday 6/1 3GMT
china CL (vs) (_blank) Bahaez: Saturday 6/1 12GMT
spain Laaaan (vs) (hong kong) Ray: Saturday 6/1 15GMT
vietnam BacT (vs) RL_Grime: Sunday 7/1 12GMT
slovenia Modri (vs) Bulletchen: Sunday 7/1 14GMT
russia VIK_Vinchester (vs) Dobbs351: Sunday 7/1 16GMT
china vivi (vs) Cong4ever: Sunday 7/1 17 GMT
ireland Melkor (vs) King_Marv: Sunday 7/1 20GMT
Tim (vs) Kugelblitz96: AW Kugelblitz96
St4rk (vs) Ask: AW St4rk
Mahya (vs) Fallstar : AL both players
Rubenstock (vs) siesta : AW Rubenstock
Lyx (vs) Dream_Team07: AW Lyx
PMR_Keif (vs) Avicci: AW PMR_Keif
LB10 (vs) VIK_Warrior
Likes: Kigo
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Upcoming Events

Improvement Cup 4v4
Wednesday 18:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group B: Tatoh's profesores de alemán vs Team India
Improvement Cup 3v3
Wednesday 19:30 (GMT +01:00)
Group D: Lunacy vs Anvil scheduled for January 16
Improvement Cup 3v3
Thursday 18:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group D: India vs Anvil
EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 1
Friday 22:00 (GMT +01:00)
TheViper, TaToH, MbL & Liereyy on LAN
Improvement Cup 3v3
Saturday 11:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group A: Gurkentruppe vs. A real estate agent, a tradie, a sales rep and a Mafiosi
Improvement Cup 4v4
Saturday 11:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group C: [ Australia/New Zealand ] vs How To Train Your dRoggan
Improvement Cup 4v4
Saturday 16:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group D: Schmetterlings vs [French Community]
EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 2
Saturday 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
TheViper, TaToH, MbL & Liereyy on LAN
Improvement Cup 3v3
Sunday 11:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group B: Russia F vs Peter sings a song
Improvement Cup 4v4
Sunday 11:30 (GMT +01:00)
Group A: Team Straya/NZ vs new Chapter
Improvement Cup 4v4
Sunday 16:00 (GMT +01:00)
Group D: [USA] vs Team Schmetterling
EscapeTV Launch Event - Day 3
Sunday 17:00 (GMT +01:00)
TheViper, TaToH, MbL & Liereyy on LAN
KotD2 - Quarterfinals
January 26th 16:30 (GMT +01:00)
Quarterfinals Day#1
KotD2 Quarterfinals
January 27th 16:30 (GMT +01:00)
Quarterfinals Day#2

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