Mexican Cup 2nd Edition


We are glad to announce that the sign-ups for the second edition of our national torunament are open.
What are you waiting?

This time we got a prize pool of $3,100.00 MXN (170 USD)
1st Place - $1550.00 MXN =~ $82.05 USD
2nd Place - $1025.00 MXN =~ $54.26 USD
3rd Place - $525.00 MXN =~ $27.79 USD

Tournament is open for all Mexican players doesn't matter rating/Skill.
You only need to SIGN-UP with your most known account.
SIGN-UP close Saturday 17th March and the torunament starts 19th March!

You can check all the info on the official website of the tournament Click Here

Lets find the best Mexican Player!
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