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How do Arabia Huns battles do nowaydays, in the vastly changed landscape of AoE? Let's find out what this once inevitable setting can still deliver! Will St4rk try to defend his title? Will he succeed? Or is it revenge time for MbL? Will the classic arahun players rise up or get beaten down by random 2k6s?
  • Sign-up & Seeding: Go to. (Deadline: 22nd June, 18:00 GMT.)
  • Rules & Settings: Go to.
  • Prizes: Voobly badges; money if we are lucky. (Go to Donations.)
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Format & Timeframes:​
See the LotH1 final casted by at Clemensor & us T90Official:​
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Dec 11, 2012
Since we have reached 72< Participants but it's unlikely that it will get 136< in the next three days, the timeframes can now be specified. As you can see, between Qualification and Final Stage, there will be a reserve week which is hopefully helpful for top players who also participate in ECL and NBG (the dates of NBG are stated as deadlines in the NBG Rules & Settings):

Dec 11, 2012
Less than 24 hours until sign-up closes! (Deadline 22nd June, 18:00 GMT.)

What will happen next?
  1. Seedrating calculation, top 8 seedrated players = jury for manual seeding.
  2. As soon as manual seeding is done: Qualification Stage brackets - let the games begin!

Two clarifications about the seeding:
  • If two players have the same manual seeding, their seedrating will be decisive.
  • Players who receive manual seeding points but are below top 8 will be set above players without such points, regardless of seedratings.


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Quarterfinals Day#1
KotD2 Quarterfinals
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