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Dec 14, 2010

As requested -Taken from the TyRanT wesbite :- written by Nv

Full Details on Land Nomad "LN":

  • 1: Understanding LN & Civs.
    2: Right Map version.
    3. Positions: how to take right position
    4. Build order
    5. strategies.


1: Understanding LN & Civs:

Land Nomad or (LN) is a very unique & enjoyable map. A player starts with 3 villagers (4 if Mayans and 6 if Chinese), with no Town Center(TC). You will need to find wood to make a Lumber camp (LC) and gather enough wood (275) to make a TC, and start making villagers. Therefor some basic rules of AoC do not apply for this map as standard Arabia or Water map. LN has all the strategy in AoC game (except gally rush) in one map. Depending on your map, ally/enemy positions, you can decide to dark rush, Feudal, tower, Forward, castle drop, siege/monks, scouts, kts, mini boom, boom, sling and many more. Each time you play LN it can different situation and you need to keep adjusting. That what makes one of the best maps to play, and harder job to make full tips.

Lets take a look of the best start civilizations and ranks according to me:

1-Chinese - Chinese start with 6 villager and so they gather wood faster & build the TC faster than other civilizations.(+30 resource per 25 seconds)

2- Mayans - Mayans will have 4 villagers and start with 200 wood. (+10 resource per 25 sec)

3- Persians - Though Persians have 3 villagers, they start with +50 wood, making it faster to gather enough wood to start building a TC.

For the next three civs. They are very close to each other:
4/5/6- Spanish - Builders work 30% faster, meaning TC is up faster.
4/5/6 - Celts - Lumberjacks work 15% faster, so makes it faster to get the required wood to build a TC.
4/5/6 - Japanese - Japanese LC costs only 50 wood, therefor you get +50 advantage on wood start.

Depending on the game and strategy each of these three civs has its edge on the other:
For 7/8/9/10/11 again we have the next close set of civs:
7/8/9/10/11 - Teutons - -30% cost on farms, mean need less villager on wood. .
7/8/9/10/11 - Aztec - Free loom up, that means +1 more villager because 1 villager takes 25 seconds to create and loom takes 25 seconds to research. Also villager takes +5 resource more, that means when villagers of other civs takes back resource 3 times Aztecs will take 2 times, so less travel time. Free loom up saves your 50 gold, so you have +1 bonus villiger on wood/food/stone for Castling.
7/8/9/10/11 - Vikings - Vikings has the MOST important upgrades in game for free, Wheelbarrow in feudal & Hand Cart once you are in Castle age. Wheelbarrow (+10% villager moving speed, +25% carry more resource), 10% speed on villager simply works like if you have 10 villagers they works as 11 villagers without Wheelbarrow. The +25% carry upgrade is equal to 4 villagers working like 5 villigers working without the upgrade. Hand Cart has +10% faster moving vills and +50% more resource. Wheelbarrow costs (175F, 50W) and takes 1 min and 15 secs to research, Hand Cart costs (300F, 200W) and takes 55 seconds to research. Ultimately you save 475F and 250W & 2 mins 10 seconds of research time, which is almost 5 villagers.
7/8/9/10/11 - Britons - +25% gather food from sheep, therefor 5 villagers on sheep equal 6 villagers on other civs. Meaning you can have +1 villager on wood/gold/stone early time. Also Castle age TC costs -50% wood (138 wood), meaning you save less villager on wood to make enough farms to boom. (5 farms makes 1 villager from 1 TC).
7/8/9/10/11 - Franks - Franks is known for its Cavalry power, to add an element, they have the free farm upgrades which saves (200F, 200W). helps if you miss enough hunt for castle.
12/13/14/15/16 - Byz, Goth, Kor, Sara, Turk - with no economy bonuses (except Turks for gold mining) these civs are best for Imperial age.
17 - Huns - Huns are the slowest civ to gather wood for the TC, they only start with 100 wood. Though with this disadvantage, Huns do not need to make houses, helping you to catch up the lost time.
Mongols - i call this the Joker civ. IF you follow my tips and master how to take the right position and find hunt i am sure that Mongols will be one the favorite civs to play LN. AoC makes that hunt gather more than berry and sheep, and for mongols hunters work even +50% more, you can do any build order with 2-3 population less or have them in wood/gold/stone. Mongols is top Four civs.
i will explain more in strategy section, Lets go to the next part:

2: Right map version:

With more than 20 LN maps out and with similar name, the right LN can be confusing to hosts and players.
The Right LN map is: LAND NOMAD(fixed) or : (capital)LAND(space)NOMAD(capital)*no space*(fixed).
or as is known from TTW2012: The Tribal Wars 2012 : The(space, no underscore)Tribal(space, no underscore)Wars(space, no underscore)2012.
Why is the other versions not the "right map"?: alot of fixes happened to have less percentages to have a villager trapped, starting positions of villagers fixed, resource positions balanced, and no trade line buggs. With some of the other LN's you will experience more villager traps, one sided gold or stone, and more boars/deer other than the usual 4 boars and 7/8 deer.
The Tribal Wars 2012 was applied to TTW2012 to ensure hosts of the game choose the right and same map.
That being said, i would like to thank all who were involved of creating & applying fixes to LN making it one of the best maps and most popular map played for the AoC players.

3: Positions:

LN is a custom map, therefore there must be certain rules.
After watching/practicing on single player hundreds of times when i started to play LN, finally i got what i was looking for. It helped me a lot on other maps too.
This was my steps:
1st: Watched the record I play, restart and watch each player view
2nd: Save the record and re play it on single player and see why i went to that spot
3rd: after watching a lot of seed maps (+300) i notice the tip for right spot. Meaning position of the resource and where my villagers need to go.
4th: play a lot of single player like I will play on real game, use my tip and see if it works.
5th: when i take the right spot, I play till xx mins and stop, see recording and pause each 5-10 mins and see resource taken in achievements. I save the map and re play and try to take more than what I took on last time, and repeat. This helped me for BO.
Finally I got tips, so allow me to share them:
1. All hunt and sheep are around 1/3 of LN map.
Let’s look at this picture of 4 different maps:

(This is : The Tribal Wars 2012 aka LAND NOMAD(fixed) 8 player map.)
The light green dots is food: berry dear boar and sheep.

The line I made on 1/3 of map shows if you make your TC there you will find hunt & sheep. Corner of map isn’t good.
You can place TC closer to the edge if there is hunt there, but don’t try to go closer to the middle of the map if your hunt is closer to the middle. Middle map has no resource, and extra gold/stone will be far away

Summary: Your LC should be around the teal line.
2. Team positions is same as a standard map.
After checking with the record games to understand more about positions, I found another tip. When you play LN you know who is your flank or pocket. There shouldn’t be a flank or pocket if the spots are mixed (like Nomad, you can be near or in enemy territory or in a world of your own) what does this mean? It means “Team Together” works in LN as it does in a standard map.

The left picture is Arabia, and the Right is LN. You can see there is 2 flanks 2 pockets on both.
3. Small Fog.

This is a hint to know what side of the map is for you and your team. As you saw in Arabia SS each team has a side of the map.

1stmap, one of my villagers is on the middle line, I should move it to my middle villager. 4th Map bottom right, all my villagers are in the middle line, so I have to move them down to my team’s side until I reach 1/3 of the map and make LC. This is a bad start, I can make the TC 30 seconds faster if I made LC on the middle, but I would be closer to enemy and might fight vs 2 enemies or get rushed while my hunt and extra gold/stone will be far away.
4. Middle point of villagers. (it works almost 85%)

You now know where is the hunt and enemy side from previous SS, your next job is to gather villagers on your exact spot.

Top left you could be flank or pocket, top right you are pocket but you don’t know left side or right side, bottom left you are the left side flank & and bottom right you can be the right side flank. To know exactly, it will require your ally’s to “X” at the start.
5. Team Flair or “X” gives you information.
If you see TyRanT TG’s in LN, you will notice we use “X” at the start of the game. Why? It gives all information about positions. Also where I need to scout to find my deer and boar, where to scout enemy deer to see when he takes deer and expect his up time or If I want to rush. If I know where is my deer it means I know where enemy deer is, and if I see he don’t take deer it means they make bad position so they will have 3 deer patch split for 4 players.
To be continued.


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Mar 26, 2012
Yes , was having trouble uploading images here , I even asked PkZ what might be the problem and he couldn't tell me , I then talked to _Taff and he was able to post it properly. And all this was done on kkab request to be posted here as well. Again sad to see some complaints instead of being happy and gratefull , but coming from a guy/girl with 2 months account I wasn't surprised ...
Jul 5, 2010
one civ missing? huns at 17?

feel like mongols should be put next to pers & before spain & celts
japs is same as pers coz they get lc for 50 wood means same tc time
& with the mill they equal pers 50 food bonus by getting 50 disc on wood

tc production wont stop with sheep/boar
if its nothingLN pers > japs by big margin


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Apr 13, 2012
one civ missing? huns at 17?

feel like mongols should be put next to pers & before spain & celts
japs is same as pers coz they get lc for 50 wood means same tc time
& with the mill they equal pers 50 food bonus by getting 50 disc on wood

tc production wont stop with sheep/boar
if its nothingLN pers > japs by big margin
on ttw hunt is quite rare so mongols won't be that high without other significant eco adventage.
Persia gets +50wood/food japanese gets only +50wood. Quite big deal at start :smile:


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Sep 4, 2009
As tournament staff I remember when I renamed the default LN map LAND NOMAD(fixed) in the tournament name The Tribal Wars 2012 a lot of people were complaining that it was changed and different. Glad to see they finally realized it's the very same map.


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Jun 1, 2012
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RM - Team Games
it's not just LN(fixed) and TTW, they also complain about WiC LN when it's also the same map lol


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