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Oct 15, 2017
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King of the Realm [KotR] is a RM 1v1 Tournament on Voobly. This tournament will be played with the latest 1.5 Userpatch version and the Realms Mod. The tournament is Single-elimination (Knockout) till the quarterfinals. The losers of the quarterfinals will play the losers brackets semi-finals and finals for the 5th rank.The losers of the semi-final will play for the 3rd rank.

There is no rating requirement for this tournament. However, you need to have played at least 10 games in the RM 1v1 Ladder on Voobly.

Requirements to participate:

- You can communicate in English
- You have installed (or will install) Realms Mod (If you have Mod-related questions ask them here)
- You have read, and agree with the Rules and Settings
A maximum of 64 players can participate

If there is demand, I might make a Silver Bracket.

To the Sign-up Thread
14th September : Sign-up starts
21st September 16:00 GMT: Showmatch between Daut and Tatoh played with Realms
30th September 16:59 GMT: Sign-up closed
30th September 17:00 GMT-23:59 GMT: Release of the Seeding and Brackets
1st – 7th October 23:59 GMT: Matches of the first round (Ro25)
8th – 14th October 23:59 GMT: Matches of the second round (Ro16)
15th – 21st October 23:59 GMT: Matches of the third round (Ro8)
22nd – 28th October 23:59 GMT: Matches of the fourth round (Semi-F W/L)
29th October – 4th November 23:59 GMT: Matches of the fifth round (Finals W/L and Game of 3rd rank)
The following days after the tournament is finished will be used for prize-distribution and a conclusion.
The whole tournament will be played with hidden free civ choice. You must choose one civ for every game. However, you are not allowed to play with the same civ twice throughout the whole tournament!

Violating this rule will lead to warning, and if violated twice to a disqualification.

You are advised to note down the civs you have already chosen once. For that i have published a civlist in a (Microsoft Word) document where you can note down which civs you already used (See Attachment of this thread).
Additonally I will also note down the used civs of each player in this Google Document as good as I can.
For Bo3, each player has 1 restart
For Bo5, each player has 1 restart
For Bo7, each player has 2 restarts

Should one player resign within the first 4 ingame minutes (F11 to toggle clock display), he automatically uses one of his restarts (except when requesting admin restarts) and the game will be restarted. All Games that are restarted will be included when the tournament staff posts recorded games of the match. When a game is restarted (with player restart, or admin restart), the civilizations and the map must be the same as in the previous attempt.

Admin Restarts:
An admin restart must be requested (by calling: “admin re” in ingame chat)
within the first 5 ingame minutes if:
- The scout, 1 sheep, or any of the starting villagers are stuck and cannot fulfil their purpose or duty
- One players main berries, main goldmines or main stonemines can only be accessed by less than 5 empty (non-water/non corner) tiles except on the map Nomad.
This map would not be restarted, as 5 tiles next to the gold are free. If one more tile would be covered, it would be an admin restart.
- Any starting palisade walls/gates or stone walls/gates of the players overlap on Maps like Arena or Hideout
- Forest blocking the back of one players map on Arena

within the first 10 ingame minutes if:
- There is no river on the map Highland
- If a player has more or less than 6 sheep on his island on the map Migration
- Towncenter war on the map Nomad

throughout the whole, and after the game if:
- admins decision
- one players island is connected to the main land on the map Migration
- the map Migration is heavily bugged like this
Bugged Migration.PNG
[Important!]: If one player calls admin restart he must resign, allowing the other player to see the Map and the situation. If the other player agrees with the admin re because one of the mentioned criteria caused the map to be unfair, no admin confirmation is required. If the other player doesn’t agree with the admin re, a tournament staff shall be contacted, the match gets interrupted and the recording analysed. If both players are caught to agree to an admin re without any reason, just to restart, they will receive a warning and might be disqualified from King of the Realm.
If you save and exit on restarts (not on drops and connection losses), the player who enabled the save and exit screen will receive an automatic loss for that game.
All Map choices of players must be part of the Mappool

The whole Mappool can be found here
Map choice loser and Map choice winner cannot be the same map for a match. Therefore Game 2 and Game 3 (and Game 4 and Game 5 in the finals) cannot be played on the same Location/Map.

Round of 64, 32, 16

Best of 3

G1: Arabia
G2: Map choice loser
G3: Map choice winner


Best of 5
G1: Arabia
G2: Map choice loser
G3: Map choice winner
G4: Salt Marsh
G5: Mongolia

Semifinals (Winner and Loser Bracket)

Best of 5:
G1: Arabia
G2: Map choice loser
G3: Map choice winner
G4: Acropolis
G5: Hideout

Finals: (Winner and Loser Bracket) + Game of 3rd rank

Best of 7:
G1: Arabia
G2: Regicide Fortress
G3: Hattin
G4: Map choice of the player who has the lower score
G5: Map choice of other player
G6: Yucatan
G7: Migration
All games must be played in the Tournament 1 Lobby
The game settings must be the following.

Mod: Realms (newest version)
Patch: v1.5 Beta (newest version)
Rated: VCOM Ladder
Password: only if both player agree, the password should/must be sent to a tournament staff
Hidden Civs: Yes
Anti-cheat: Yes
Spectator delay: min.: 1:30 min max.: 4:00 min
Late spectate: Yes

Every game must be set up using those settings. If two players are not following the mentioned settings, they may have to replay the game, will be warned or possibly disqualified from the tournament.

If the Map is Nomad: There are no villager fights or killing enemy sheep allowed in the first 3 ingame minutes. If the players drop their TC in range of each other, admin restart can be called. If a player drops his TC on purpose next to his opponent, the player will receive an admin loss for the respective game. You are only allowed to build a dock, a mill and one house before your TC is up, no walls! It isn’t allowed to build that house right next (0 tiles in between) to your enemy’s TC. It is also not allowed to kill more than 1 deer before your Towncenter is built.

If one player doesn’t have his hotkeys right, he must use one of his restarts. Check if your hotkeys are working before playing a match! Should the auto hotkey transfer not work, follow this guide to fix your hotkeys before matches.

It is allowed to pause the game (F3) at any time to see the enemy’s civ or your own civ tech tree but keep the pause length limited and as short as possible (not longer than 8 real time minutes). Before resuming the game you should ask your opponent “14?”. The total pause length of a player shouldn’t be longer than 15 real time minutes. Note that Taunts can be heard while being in the tech tree.

Note: Ingame time and reallife time are not the same!
Game : Random Map (Regicide if Fortress)
Map Style : Standard (Custom at Maps: Acropolis, Hattin, Hideout)
Location : (see Match settings)
Size : 2
Difficulty : Standard
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal (explored if Black Forest)
Starting Age : Standard
Victory Condition : Conquest (Standard if Regicide)

Team Together: [ ] No
All techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes
Single Building Queue [SQ]
If one player request Multi Building Queue [MQ] it must be set to MQ
Cheating is not allowed under any circumstances. Players using any kind of cheat will be punished. Any sort of macro will count as cheating and the player using macros will get instantly disqualified from this tournament.

Any graphical changes that only affect the player's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors are allowed.

All players must accept the Tournaments timeframe. Every Player is responsible for scheduling their matches within the timeframe, there will be no exceptions. If both players can’t find a date for their match the tournament staff will analyse the situation, schedule and time zones to set a date that fits both players, to the best of our ability. If a player refuses to schedule, or scheduled to late, the player may be warned, or receive an admin loss for the game or match.

Every player must respect their opponent. Bad behaviour (determined by staff) will result in a warning and may lead to an immediate disqualification. This tournament values not only great skills, but also sportsmanship and fairness. Any insult, racism or flaming will not be tolerated. Laming and mind games in game are allowed.

All players have agreed to the No Smurfing rule. Each player must submit his highest rated Voobly profile in the Sign-up Thread. Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed. Any discovery of the mentioned will result in a disqualification.

Players are allowed to stream their own games, unless their opponent disagrees. Players should be aware of the advantage one could get while interacting with his viewers and the streams chat.

Casting/Streaming games will be open for everyone. The stream delay can be set by the streamer, except it violates §6.

Note: You can put the thumbnail of the announcement thread into your stream to represent the tournament that is being played, if you want.
Note: Put any kind of music into the Realms/Sound folder - it should be a music.m3u file.
Note: Put recordings into Realms/SaveGame folder, then launch Realms Singleplayer in a room and press launch to watch Realms recordings.
Note: The ingame tech tree is very useful, especially when new civs are being played. You may use it for you and your viewers.
Note: Should the rare case appear where the game still crashes, try to disable other visual or content mod. Spectator Overlay, Grids, Small Trees, Grey Patch, Short Walls, Mappacks and Better Fish Outlines are proven to work with Realms.

Matches can be scheduled in the King of the Realm Scheduling forum, but other ways are fine as well. Most important, confirmed times have to be announced publicly in the scheduling forum (this is important for admins, spectators and streamers). If there is no agreement about the playing time by Thursday 23.59 GMT, the staff might start interfering in order to get the games scheduled and completed in time.

In case of disconnections, the game must be saved and restored. All of the .mgz recorded game files (multiple parts of the game before/after drop) must be sent to the tournament staff. If restoring is not possible, the recorded game should be provided, along with any additional information to the admins. Subsequently, facts will be analysed, and a final decision made.

Once two players have arranged and confirmed a time to play, the maximum waiting time is 30 minutes. If one of the player fails to arrive in time, the waiting player must take a screenshot showing http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx (so the current time is clearly visible) with the game room, and send the screenshot to an admin. Do not try to edit time arrangement posts in an attempt to get free wins, such actions are considered cheating, and the offender will be punished.

If a game is not recorded, it must be replayed regardless of result and evidence of it.

Recorded games of all stages will be uploaded by the tournament staff.

By signing up for the tournament you agree to have all your games streamed and casted by streamers and co-casters through using the Spectator Mode on Voobly. There is no assurance of your games being streamed, but the possibility is always there. Spectating is allowed for anyone unless both player agreed to set a password, in this case, streamers can ask the tournament staff for the password. The spectator server should be enabled in the Rooms Spectator settings.

All King of the Realm games must be played on the current Realms Mod version.

New rules can be added, and current rules can be changed (including gaming rules). However, Admins will inform the Players about such changes.

Admins decisions must be accepted, if the player shows signs of not accepting an admins decision he will be warned and might be disqualified from the tournament. However, there is always room for discussions between players and tournament staff.
Current Pricepool: 100$

The whole prizepool will be divided with following percentages:
1st: 50% of the prizepool
2nd: 20% of the prizepool
3rd: 15% of the prizepool
4th: 10% of the prizepool
5th : 5% of the prizepool

100% of all donations go directly to the prizepool of the tournament. No donations are required to participate in this tournament. Every donation is really appreciated and will be given proper credits :smile:
If you want to donate to the prizepool, you will find all information for it here
Tournament Staff:


at DeathcounterVooblyAoEZone
tr NolofinweVooblyAoEZone



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Oct 15, 2017
"If less player sign-up it will be played with 32 or 16 players" from Sign-up Spoiler to prevent missinterpretation that the sign-up will close after 16 or 32 player signed up - everyone that signs up will be able to play in the tournament

New (red font is new):
§2 Room settings
If the Map is Nomad: There are no villager fights or killing enemy sheep allowed in the first 3 ingame minutes. If the players drop their TC in range of each other, admin restart can be called. If a player drops his TC on purpose next to his opponent, the player will receive an admin loss for the respective game. You are only allowed to build a dock, a mill and one house before your TC is up, no walls! It isn’t allowed to build that house right next (0 tiles in between) to your enemy’s TC. It is also not allowed to kill more than 1 deer before your Towncenter is built.


Oct 15, 2017
  • Matches can now be played in RM/DM Medieval Siege lobby with Match Stats Only ladder aswell - added to the Rules, but still preferably in Tournament 1 lobby
  • Opponents of players which stream their POV can request that they are not allowed to do so (msg me on AoEzone before the match if you request it, give reasons)
  • I gave warnings to players that streamed their POV without any stream-delay and therefore, violated rule §6 in the tournament rules - please put a stream-delay as twitch chat could potentially influence the game
  • Also please dont pick random as civ choice. Also: simply pause if you want to check your and the enemy's civilization in detail
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