King of the Hippo 7 - Announcement

King of the Hippo 7 is a tournament organized and sponsored by Nili_AoE.

All the games will be played as an 8-man-FFA king of the hill with WololoKingdoms.

The tournament will be held on the 16th and 17th of March. And will be streamed by Nili_AoE with different co-casters.

There will be 8 qualifiers. The winner will get a spot in the finals, in which the winner will receive (at least) $200.

You can sign up for the qualifiers here.
The qualifiers will be split into low and high.
High means that the 8 highest players (RM-1v1 + RM-TG ratings) signed up will be able to participate.
Low means that the 8 lowest players (at least 70 games on account) signed up will be allowed to participate.
A player can sign up for as many qualifiers as he/she wants but only play in one.


  • Saturday 15:00 GMT - Qualifier #1: low - Rift_Island - Free Pick civ
  • Saturday 16:00 GMT - Qualifier #2: low - Steppe - Free Pick civ (no civ from the game before)
  • Saturday 17:30 GMT - Qualifier #3: low - Water Nomad - Free Pick civ (no civ from the games before)
  • Saturday 19:00 GMT - Qualifier #4: high - Mt Fuji - Free Pick civ
  • Saturday 20:30 GMT - Qualifier #5: high - Nomad Regicide - Free Pick civ (no civ from the game before)

  • Sunday 16:30 GMT - Qualifier #6: low - Bedouins - All same civ (viewer vote)
  • Sunday 17:30 GMT - Qualifier #7: high - Golden_Pit - Free Pick civ
  • Sunday 19:00 GMT - Qualifier #8: high - [email protected] - Free Pick civ (no civ from the game before)
  • Sunday 20:30 GMT - Grand Finals - Chaos Pit (No Repeat, order drawn randomly)
You will have all maps if you subsribe to the ECL mappack.

List of players:

Co-casters so far: (Q#1 -), (Q#2 - willworkforicecream), (Q#3 - TaToH), (Q#4 - DemEyesRed), (Q#5 - Nobody41), (Q#6 - Nobody41), (Q#7 - Willis), (Q#8 - OrnLu), (Finals - )

Game Settings

Game : King of the Hill
Map Style : Standard/Custom
Location : Depending on Qualifier
Size : 8
Difficulty : Standard
Resources : Standard
Population : 200
Game Speed : Normal
Reveal Map : Normal
Starting Age : Standard

Team Together : [X] Yes
All techs : [ ] No
Allow Cheats : [ ] No
Lock Teams : [X] Yes
Lock Speed : [X] Yes
Record Game : [X] Yes
Multi Building Queue [MQ]
Hidden civ.
It's not allowed to trade.

It will be played with KOTH-Mod (included in the WK installer) giving the owner of the monument +1 wood/stone/gold/food per second.

General Rules

All players must respect the tournament schedule and times for each round. Please don't attend a qualifier, if you don't have time at the Finals.

Every player must respect their opponent. Bad behavior (determined by staff) will result in a warning and may lead to an immediate disqualification.
This tournament values not only great skills, but also sportsmanship and fairness. The main goal of your play should be to increase your own chances of winning, not ruining the game for another player.
Any insult, racism or flaming will not be tolerated. Laming and mind games in game are allowed.

All players have agreed to the no smurfing rule. Smurfing and account sharing is not allowed. Any discovery of the mentioned will result in a disqualification.

By signing up for the tournament you agree to have all your games streamed and casted by the official streaming team through using the Spectator Mode on Voobly.
The streams will always have a delay to avoid cheating, and no other persons are allowed to spectate your game besides the official streamers, or if persons are granted permission by the tournament administration for a valid reason.

New rules can be added and current rules can be changed. However, admins MUST inform the players about such changes.

Streaming Policy

All the games will be streamed on who is also guaranteeing the prize pool. Furthermore I want to test something new:
  • Every streamer is allowed to stream
  • 50% of all donations & bits are going into the prize pool (same for Nili_AoE)
  • The relevant time is considered starting with the pre-game show and ends with the after show
  • Every streamer should clearly state to his audience that streamers are working together to generate a prize pool (and that 50% of all donations/bits are going into it)
  • The maximum a streamer has to pay is $100
  • POV streams are not affected
  • Most relevant casters have been informed of this before
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Mar 22, 2018
So i was testing ZR holyline and wanted to know if it is normal that one side is blocked the accses to the hippo by the relics? seems to be a heavy disadvantage if intendet.


Bronze Supporter
Apr 24, 2010
Yeah your strategy is kinda decided by your spawn. 4 Players can't fioght for the monument till minute 20. It's going to be somewhat wild for the one spawning next to the monument though.
Likes: staubi


Two handed swordman
Mar 30, 2013
ECL_Riverbed isnt working at all in FFA, nothing is spawning for me. It might be caused by the fact, that the rms uses dircept_placement and is only made for 2 equal teams. The rms-code has to be reworked for FFAs, please look into it nili.

Also staubi might have some point, that holyline is kinda unfair with 4 players being unable to access the wonder until mid castle age, considering how much impact the wonder can have in early game.


Active Member
Nov 25, 2017
Where i get Nomad Regicide Map? ... if i config King of the Hill mode, i cant config regicide mode haha.. 24
May 23, 2008
Where can I get Mt Fuji from? The link posted didn't actually include it even though the page said it would. Thanks.

EDIT: nevermind googling helped
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Mar 3, 2018
Always enjoy these hippo tourneys, it got me through a severe hangover today so cheers for that.

Only thing I was disappointed with was nobody took Britons in any of the games, several warwolf trebs dropping bombs on whoever is holding the monument would have been glorious.


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