Interview with StorM_Cerberus (VicVega)


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Apr 8, 2010
An interview with one of the best mexican AoC players. Enjoy :D :D​


Name: Rodrigo Perez Esparza
Mexico, DF
Age: 24 years
Nicks: Kongo, ZoD_VicVega, BuddSidewinder, StorM_Cerberus

Forgiven: Hi, thanks for accepting the interview. We want to know a bit about you as a person.

StorM_Cerberus: Well I’m 24 years old, about to turn 25. I study Medicine, currently doing social service in Neuropsychiatry and I’m about to finish the career on February. I work all the time during weekdays, I go out to party on weekends, and I play AoC whenever I have spare time between those activities.

Forgiven: Nice, and what other activities do you engage in, do you practice any sport? Any hobbies besides AoC?

StorM_Cerberus: I read a lot and write short stories in English. I used to practice sports, but now I just run in order to escape from obesity.

Forgiven: Hahaha, true.
Do you like any kind of music?

StorM_Cerberus: Of course, I live listening to music! I like Rock music, specially oldschool (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Who, etc…). I play the drums a bit, but I’m 1500 in that.

Forgiven: Nice, good bands, old times.

About AoC...

Forgiven: When did you start playing AoC?

StorM_Cerberus: About 10 years ago, I don’t even remember anymore. Back then I used to play DM only.

Forgiven: I see, and how did you get to know the game? Did anyone invite you? Tell us a little about thos times.

StorM_Cerberus: I used to play with schoolmates, until I met Zone and I started playing DM there. I joined a DM clan called CID, formed by practically all Spanish members. Then I adventured into RM world and was adopted by DRG Clan in Mexico. I started to get a grip of the game there.

Forgiven: Tell us, what’s the story of your nickname and what clans do you remember being a part of?

StorM_Cerberus: Well I started up in DRG, then I trained until I got to 1800 and joined ZoD, where the best Mexican players used to be, until I got to 2k. I then joined BsK and spent my time playing 1v1 and LN. Finally, I joined StorM. Although there are a lot of clans I’ve been in, those have been the most important and the ones I’ve spent most time in.

Forgiven: Nice, why VicVega? And Cerberus?

StorM_Cerberus: I went through too many nicknames. I started using Kongo, which is why I’m called Chango by mexican players. VicVega from ZoD, is a character from a film (Reservoir Dogs), and BuddSidewinder from BsK is a character from another film (Kill Bill). Finally I acquired Cerberus because of the tendency of StorM to take those kind of nicknames and it was suggested by Karl (StorM_Country), and ended up liking it.

Forgiven: Alright. Now, how did you reach that level, what is your secret?

StorM_Cerberus: It was pure practice and playing with the big names. You learn a lot of tricks playing with and against them. And of course, 10 years of playing this :D.

Forgiven: Hahaha it had to be.
You, more than anyone else, know your style of playing, do you have any special mentality when you play?

StorM_Cerberus: Well, I like playing smart, not fast. In other words, more macro than micro. I have never been as good with micro as any of the other players, but I compensate a lot by thinking big, being defensive and counterattacking with a better economy.

Forgiven: Do you play with personalized hotkeys? Any patches? Any hacks? :D

StorM_Cerberus: I play with the predetermined hotkeys, and only change the Idle vill key. I don’t use any patch, not even Anti-Snow.

Forgiven: Haha really? I can’t play without pussywood :D. And what is your favorite map?

StorM_Cerberus: LN, I played it a lot with BsK, and we were almost unbeatable XD.

Forgiven: Yeah, rox, what’s the strategy that you use the most? Or the strategy that you find more fun?

StorM_Cerberus: What I do the most is Fast Imperial with Arbalest for a fast push. What I like the most is using monks.

Forgiven: Monks rox
Now I ask you, drush + FC is used in a great manner by AoC players, specially arabia whores. A lot of people say that wall style sucks, eternal feudal skirm battles are missed. Do you think the new drush style revolutionized AoC? What do you think of this strategy?

StorM_Cerberus: It’s a very intelligent, but boring way to exploit resources. Personally, I don’t like it, it’s always easy to play vs drush if you use your scout well, but feudal fun has been lost. Personally, I don’t mind as well, since Feudal is my worst Age, I rather play Castle or Imperial.

Forgiven: In the recs we’ve seen and in your style that you just described, how do you get a good control of your economy even under pressure?

StorM_Cerberus: It’s a matter of handling the walls well and avoiding the raid. Once you have only one point where you can be attacked, it’s easy to defend and yet get a big advantage in economy. Never counterattack until that advantage is great.

Forgiven: Alright, what would you tell those people that can’t get better even though they play 48 hrs a day :D.

StorM_Cerberus: XD
To quit those games of GA 3v3 1600 and play with even better players each time.

Forgiven: It’s hard, but I’ll try to quit them 11. What do you think of WCL? Who do you think will win? (StorM ftw) :D

StorM_Cerberus: I think the first three spots are difficult to predict. I don’t know if we will be first in the tournament, but I believe we can be in the top 3.

Forgiven: :D I think the good TG of StorM will overcome. What do you think of team Tyrant?

StorM_Cerberus: Tyrant is solid, but nothing spectacular. They can be beat. CSC is based on individual skills, with good teamwork they can be beat too.

Forgiven: What do you think of Chris and his theatrical act?

StorM_Cerberus: I don’t know what it’s about, but I would have stayed with my team despite playing good or not.

Forgiven: What do you think about StorM? I mean there’s a lot of good players reunited in that clan, old players too, will we be seeing StorM for a long time?

StorM_Cerberus: Whenever there are good team tournaments, StorM will be there, although sometimes we won’t have as much activity between tournaments (lots of other activities and occupations). I think we’re a good team overall, and very solid in team games. Difficulty will come when we need to play 1vs1 in the last stage.

Forgiven: OK :D. Now to finish, I will give you a nickname and you tell me what you think about them.

StorM_Cerberus: Dreams is a very good player, skillfull and polite. He is one of the players that balances individual games with teamgames. The only think he might lack sometimes is a team mentality in some of the games.

Forgiven: -Sorck

StorM_Cerberus: Sorck is my favorite Team Game partner nowadays. He gives you the security that he will never lose against his opponent unless doubled, and he will hold even slinged opponents. However, when things go wrong, he is the first to panic and want to resign early.

Forgiven: -Ludacris

StorM_Cerberus: Ludacris is an excellent player, but same as Sorck, he will panic when doubled. It is good to have him for maps such as arena, nomad, land nomad, etc… Maps that usually are not played by others, as we can minimize the advantage.

Forgiven: -Abe

StorM_Cerberus: Abe was an excellent player and my style would fit perfectly with his. Too bad he retired, it was fun to sling him.

Forgiven: Very well, now to finish the interview, what message would you send to the AoC community and your fans? 11

StorM_Cerberus: For the mexican community: they should stop throwing shit at each other and start supporting each other. There might be a Nations Cup someday and we will be embarrassed. And for the fans, which are less than those who hate me, mi message is that I AM NOT ABE.

Forgiven: 1111111111 vgg I’m your fan.
Thanks for the interview.

StorM_Cerberus: Thank you XD


Halfway through the interview:
- snuff video star... says:
*sorry, I was playing XD

- forgiven says: :cry:

More interviews in spanish

Regards... :smile:


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Aug 17, 2013
Mother ****er Rodrigo.. You did not mention me by name in your entire interview.. Anywhere... Like when he asked how you learned to play.. a simple.. BeAsT taught me would have sufficed... or Jacob.. Either works. BUT NOTHING! FOR SHAME!


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