Installing AI


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Jun 6, 2011
Easiest way:
- Move the compressed folder into the AI folder.
- Extract all here.
- Delete the compressed folder. You don't need it anymore.
Mar 26, 2010
if ur installing ai to play faster, i recomend u to put dm setting and 4 vns hallen and try to attak more than 9 minutes without dieing. other use is to play full feudal war but in fast speed. wht? fast speed? why? well when u play at fast speed you dont think things, ur body do what it has on it's memory. like reach feudal and research lumber and mill upgrade, min 17 have wheelbarroy. have only 7 or 8 gold miners for 2 ranges. handle eco and army at fast speed. well is better to play vs human on fast speed. doing this u can reach 200 rate in just some months. when u go back to normal speed your speed will be too fast for the game so you will have 2x time to do all the things. if u over exceed your level with a thing that requires a lot more than u can give you will adjust to it and when u come back to your other demands you will do them eazy, this is my best way of training.


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