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Oct 20, 2015
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RM - 1v1
Currently the WK installer is only available in english. Also, it makes some in-game adjustments, e.g. to the hotkey menu that will also currently be in english. However, if someone wants to help out with a translation, I can include that in the installer. Looking for any language that's also available for the WK installation, which are Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Dutch

Don't translate anything in front of the = in each line. \n , <\ br>, <dll>, <folder>, <b> and <cost> should also stay as they are. Thank you for the help!
Here are the lines:

hotkeyTip=You can choose a hotkey file to use for the WololoKingdoms Mod. You have three options\n1) Use current AoC/Voobly hotkeys: This looks for a player1.hki file in your AoE2 installation folder, which is what would be used when playing standard AoC via Voobly. If it can't find such a file, it will use the default AoC hotkeys\n2) Use HD hotkeys for this mod only: This looks for a player0.hki file in your HD installation folder and uses those for the WololoKingdoms mod\n3) Use HD hotkeys for this mod and AoC: Same as 2), but this will use your current HD hotkeys for standard AoC via Voobly as well and overwrite your current ones\n\nIf you've run this installer before, you'll also get an option to keep the current hotkey setup.
tooltipTip=This replaces the tooltips of units, technologies and buildings that are shown in the tech tree or in-game with extended help (F1) enabled<br \>It provides some error corrections, and more information such as research/creation time, attack speed, attack boni and more<br \>This is available as a mod for Voobly, selecting the checkbox will make it permanent (and available offline as well)<br \>To remove it, you'll need to run the installer again with this checkbox unchecked.
modsTip=You can choose from the most common graphical mods to make them permanent (and available offline as well)\nTo remove the mods, you'll need to run the installer again with the checkboxes unchecked.\nRegional Monks adds new graphical skins for Asian and Middle Eastern/African Monks.
exeTip=This creates a WK.exe in your <folder> folder that can be used for playing WololoKingdoms without Voobly\nWhen checked an extra window for the Userpatch will open during the installation. Choose the options you want, run it, and then close it.\nNOTE: The creation of the language_x1_p1.dll file can be unstable, you may need to try a few times until it works.
mapsTip=This copies the real world and special maps from HD. You can find them in the custom map list under [email protected]_<name> (for special maps) or [email protected]_<name> (for real world maps).
patchSelectionTip=If you click the checkbox, you can choose an old patch (for watching recordings played on a previous patch) or a data mod based on WololoKingdoms. It will create a separate data mod.\nRegular WololoKingdoms has to be installed first before you can use this.
customHotkeys=Use the player1.hki in the install folder
hotkeys0=Keep the current hotkey setup
hotkeys1=Use current AoC/Voobly hotkeys
hotkeys2=Use HD hotkeys for this mod only
hotkeys3=Use HD hotkeys for this mod and AoC
workingDrs=Looking for files to copy...
workingDrs2=Writing to gamedata_x1_p1.drs...
workingDrs3=Copying files to gamedata_x1_p1.drs...\n(This can take a while)
workingInterface=Fixing interface files...
workingMods=Preparing modded replacement files...
workingFiles=Preparing resource files...
workingAoc=Opening the AOC dat file...
workingHD=Opening the AOE2HD dat file...
workingDat=Generating empires2_x1_p1.dat...
workingPatches=Applying DAT patches...
workingNoDll=<dll> not found, skipping dll patching for UserPatch.
workingDll=<dll> patched.
workingError=Error, trying again
workingUP=Copying the files for UserPatch...
dialogNoDll=Couldn't read/write the language_x1_p1.dll file!\nYou may need to run the installer a few times until it works, as creating this file can be unstable.\nYou can still play via Voobly without it, but for offline play the language_x1_p1.dll file is required.
dialogExe=Conversion complete! The WololoKingdoms mod is now available as a Voobly Mod and as a separate <exe>.exe in the age2_x1 folder.
dialogDone=Conversion complete! The WololoKingdoms mod is now part of your AoC installation.
dialogNoHD=Could not find a HD installation, please put the WololoKingdoms.exe into your HD installation folder (Age2HD).
dialogException=There was an exception! Make sure you don't have the game running, or have any game files opened, then try running the installer again.\nIf this still happens, please pass this error on to Jineapple:
dialogBeta=It looks like you are not on the current live patch on Steam. As this means the balance of the converted WK mod is different, you will not be able to play it rated, and you may find it difficult to find other players on the same balance. If the live patch has been updated since you last downloaded this installer, this message might not be accurate. Otherwise consider switching to the live patch on Steam and running the installer again.
dialogUnknownPatch=The data mod/patch you selected doesn't work correctly. Please let Jineapple know about this.
hotkeyChoice=Choose which hotkeys to use...
replaceTooltips=Improve tooltip and tech tree descriptions
createExe=Create an offline installation
useWalls=Short Walls
usePw=Small Trees
usePatch=Old Patch/Data Mod
error=An error occured.\nTry running the installer again.
noRajas=You don't own the DLC "Rise of the Rajas". You will be restricted to a version of the mod with civilizations from AoC, The Forgotten and African Kingdoms. To be able to play with everyone, it's recommended to get all 3 DLCs.
noAK=You don't own the DLC "African Kingdoms". You will be restricted to a version of the mod with civilizations from AoC and The Forgotten. To be able to play with everyone, it's recommended to get all 3 DLCs.
noFE=You don't own the DLC "The Forgotten".\nYou need to own at least this DLC to be able to run the installer, but to be able to play with everyone, it's recommended to get all 3 DLCs.
noSteam=Steam needs to be running and you need to be logged in\nwith the Account that owns Age2HD with DLCS.
noSteamApi=Steam Api could not be initialized! Steam needs to be running and you need to be logged in with the Account that owns Age2HD with DLCS. Also try signing out and back in with your steam account and running Steam as Administrator.
noSteamInstallation=There is no installation of Age2HD detected. It needs to be installed to run this converter.
noAoC=No installation of Age of Conquerors detected.\nYou need to have either the CD version or the compatibility patch installed. Make sure you can run regular AoC on Voobly before running this installer.
8440=Uprooting (Mangonels and Onagers cut down trees)
28440=Research <b>Uprooting<b> (<cost>) \\n Mangonels and Onagers can cut down trees
10622=Dirt 1
10626=Mangrove Forest
10642=Dirt 2
10618=Water, Shoreless
10619=Baobab Forest
10679=Acacia Forest
10707=KotH (Road, Unbuildable)
10716=Conditions & Effects
19031=Camel, Battle Elephant, Tarkan
19032=See Dock Menu for Genitour hotkey
19033=Use the Camel hotkey for Battle Elephants
19048=See Dock Menu for Siege Tower hotkey
19053=Longboat, Caravel, Turtle Ship
19072=Siege Tower, Genitour (previously Turtle Ships)
19075=Use the Wonder hotkey for Feitorias
19209=Palisade Gate, Feitoria (previously Wonder)
19212=Use the Wonder hotkey for Palisade Gates
30195=Relics - Win by being the first player or team to destroy all enemies in military conquest or control all Relics. Once the relics are captured, the game will end immediately with no countdown. [email protected] maps should be used with this condition.


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