GotA Preview Event Edie&miguel vs StefanHD&MetalRTS


Aug 3, 2012
We witnessed some great games yesterday between 4 skilled players and managed to raise an additional $226 towards the prize pool!

Special thanks to Katsuni&Terror for streaming the event and to everyone who donated!


If you missed the event but would like to contribute to the prize pool:


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Oct 24, 2013
Metal in g5... wtf was he expectiing lol? going full shkirm, when HE KNEW miguel would go pala..
Sometimtes am wondering if he is any good except 1x1..
Jan 1, 2015
Agreed. If Metal was going full skirms then I take it he had a barracks somewhere and had a large wood and food economy for skirm production and plenty of gold because he's not spending any making skirms. It's shouldn't have been too difficult to start building barracks and making halbs. When halbs face paladins with +4 attack it makes no difference whether the halbs have +3 armour or no armour at all, they still die in 4 strikes. The point is, the most important thing when facing paladins is the halb upgrade itself. As long as you have halbs + conscription and 8-10 barracks producing, the paladins (without good trade) are useless. You can still put squires, tracking and +1 attack and +1 armour on your halbs without spending any gold. I've watched all these games from Miguel's perspective but I might go back and watch G5 from Metal's perspective to see if he could have gone halbs.There was one point where stefan had halbs on the field, but I take it that pressure from Edie is what stopped him from really killing miguel.


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