FFA Wednesday - win 5€ each game


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Jul 11, 2017

Hey guys,

I´m hosting a weekly event on my twitch channel. We do different FFA´s and :arrow: the winner of each gets 5 Euros. To make things fair the FFA´s are splitted by Elo. The games are played on HD at the moment but a move to voobly will come with time.

ELO (HD) splits:
:arrow: under 1800
:arrow: 18-2k
:arrow: Over 2k
:arrow: All mixed

:?: Starting time: 18 GMT
:?: Registration: Not necessary. You just step by and type !enter as soon as I open the draw for YOUR ELO range game
:!: You need paypal in order to receive the money!
:!: There is an event on my twitch page every week, so if you want to get reminded, go there.

:arrow: My channel. Hope to see you guys there! http://www.twitch.tv/lynxstratstreaming


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