AOE-II Extreme Streamer Showdown - Season 2 Announcement

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The 2nd “Extreme Streamer Showdown” tournament is here!

NRQ's Community Discord

ESS Tournament Bracket

Organized and hosted by NerdRageQuit, the Extreme Streamer Showdown (ESS) is a tournament to help grow the AoE II Community by having AoE II streamers come together and play against each other.

Here are the details!
  • Played on Voobly.
  • 1v1
  • Random Civs
  • Played on RageQuit Random
  • Normal settings outside of that
  • Round 1/2 - BO3 // Round 3/semi-finals - Bo5 // Finals - Bo7
  • Players will each have 1 RE before 3 minutes for each BO3 and 2 for the BO5/BO7.
The Tournament will start April 23rd and will end no later than June 11th.
All games will be covered by NerdRageQuit.
However, all streamers are able to stream their POV.

Must have Wololo Kingdoms / Voobly to participate.

Whose playing:
- Tyrant_TheViper
- Tyrant_DauT
- ZeroEmpires
- Nili_Aoe
- BacT
- los_miguelzin
- JonSlow_
- Ornlu_AoE
- ArtOfTheTroll
- Klavskis
- Bean__Dip
- Malamadre_211
- ChiefChing
- killer_b_aoc
- Eycofcu_AoE
- Willis35
- OdetteD
- Ho915
- Socksyy
- Smarthy_
- LocoSer
- BloodyNival
- Ballerina_Hippo
- Alkhalim

Helping to cast games:
- MembTV

Winner of the ESS tournament will recieve $100!

Must have Wololo Kingdoms / Voobly to participate.

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Maybe I am just blind, but is there a bracket on AoEZone as well as a schedule for future games or where do I find that?
Maybe I am just blind, but is there a bracket on AoEZone as well as a schedule for future games or where do I find that?
There is a ESS Bracket Link at the top of the post. The next games are in the process of being scheduled and will be posted to the calendar on AoEzone as soon as I have confirmed times! :smile:
The tournaments will be concluded hopeuflly within the next 2 weeks. I was trying to finish before June 11th because I knew I would get busier after but there are only 2 games left to play. They will be played. Viper vs Bact is scheduled to take place sometime next week. Then then the winner of that game will play Miguel for the finals!
Update: They are Viper vs BacT is suppose to be sometime next week. The struggle is the time difference between them both. Will happen though! haha


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