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Nov 15, 2017
Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to do the following: I'm currently planning to analyze a bunch of recorded games. I've already played around with available MGZ analyzer tools and have a good idea of what they're capable of. I'll probably use https://github.com/happyleavesaoc/aoc-mgz to gather some information from the recordings.

Based on how the recording data is gathered, it's kind of straightforward to get a count of units constructed per player over time (same for buildings and research), but it seems to be pretty hard to get a count of "alive" units per player over time, e.g. a count of vils and military over time as shown by http://www.voobly.com/gamemods/mod/487/Spectator-Overlay.

Replaying the recording in-game and extracting the data from there seems like the only feasible approach, but the Spectator Overlay does not allow for a way to export data. So basically, I'm looking for either:

- Some information on how Spectator Overlay gets its information. I assume it does some kind of memory poking? Is there documentation on how the different structures of the game are stored? I found this post: http://www.codereversing.com/blog/archives/38, but it seems limited and pretty outdated.

- A way to extract out info from Spectator Overlay. As a last resort, I'd do this by replaying the game and gathering out info by taking screencaps and OCR'ing them in an automated setup. Obviously this seems horribly inefficient.

- A way to run the mod (or a similar approach) without Voobly. Having to start everything through Voobly is a bit annoying if I want to automate this setup. I'd prefer to be able to set this up in an offline approach where I can automate the correct executable (Userpatch 1.4, 1.5, 1.5 with WK), start the recording, and start getting out information. Is there any reason why this mod only works with Voobly?

Any idea's or thoughts more than welcome.
Jan 29, 2014
- Spec Dashboard and Spec Overlay both use a Voobly-specific spectator API. That is how they work and why they only work on Voobly.
- I don't think you can get a count of units per player. That info isn't in the rec.
- Spec Dashboard exposes a websocket you can read data from in real-ish time. The problem is, it doesn't support WK.


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Nov 15, 2017
> - Spec Dashboard exposes a websocket you can read data from in real-ish time. The problem is, it doesn't support WK.

Hmm, this would be exactly what I could use, but Spec Dashboard is indeed a bit behind in terms of UP/WK support.

Is there any info on the Voobly specific spec API? I could always see how hard it'd be to hand-roll my own mod and go with that, but API docs seem to be sparse.


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