EGC #1: Strike the Balance - Map Guide

Jun 15, 2008

Every Game Counts #1: Strike the Balance


Disclaimer: The Maps are not my creation. They were created by other users and most of them edited to conform to the tournament expectations.

Game 1 Map:

EGC_Dry_Arabia: Arabia with all water replaced by forest. Basically the arabia we all played, without the lakes. Reduced number of cliffs and elevations. This is the map for the first game and not a part of home maps list.

Home Maps list (12 maps total):

EGC_Arena: Normal Arena map. Placement of extra gold mines slightly adjusted for improved fairness.

EGC_Black_Forest: Closed land map. A moderate, less wallable version of the normal blackforest map without wolves. The game can turn out to be semi-aggressive or defensive depending on the layout of the chokepoints.

EGC_Chaos: A mixed land-water map which is very hard to wall due to the arrangement of shallows. Expect a great deal of action on both land and water.

EGC_Cross: Standard land map with backwaters on four corners of the map and lots of fish. Players typically start quite close to each other.

EGC_Desert: Aggressive open land map, less wallable than arabia. A lot of gold can be found in the desert which is in the center of the map. Map control and aggressive play are the key to win the game.

EGC_Duopoly: Aggressive open land map, less wallable than arabia. The map contains thin forest patches and hence lower amount of wood. Also, the distance between players is generally low.

EGC_Hideout: Land map where players start somewhat close to each other except for a forest that separates them. The actual distance between players is bigger since you have to go around the forest to reach the other player.

EGC_Loch_Ness: A watermap resembling something between baltic and mediterranean but with fairer fish. If you like big water maps, this one is for you.

EGC_Migration_Plus: Migration with the player land connected to the main land through shallows. Also, starting resources are not luck-dependent.

EGC_Sand_Maze: Map with a small pool of water in middle and some fish. The amount of fish can vary, and sometimes there is no deep sea fish. Players are separated by terrain usable by both army and ships.

EGC_Slippery_Springs: A mixed land-water map with beach terrain running through the middle of the map, which can be navigated by ships and land units. Water with fish on the outer portion of the map.

EGC_Steppe: You start without TC, but unlike nomad you start in your own spot. You get +3 villagers and 3 yurts (houses) in addition. Lots of deer in the middle. Pure land map.


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