EGC #1: Strike the Balance - Civilization Guide

Jun 15, 2008

Every Game Counts #1: Strike the Balance

(To view the complete changelist, go here: ... ance-Patch)

Hello guys, here I shall do a small write-up on the important civ-changes for the balance patch so you can know your civ better, and prepare your strategies!

aztecs Aztecs: You don't start with free loom anymore, instead you get +50 gold at start so Aztecs no longer have the villager lead over normal civs. Military creation speed bonus doesn't apply to monks anymore. Eagles get a +1 attack vs cavalry - this together with the increased cost for Xbow upgrade can help those who want to try the classical Drush-FC-Eagles strategy.

britons Britons: Britons were always a good civ on almost any map. They just didn't quite make the cut vs the top civs. Now with the nerfs to aztecs, mayans and huns in ara and vikes in water maps brits have a great shot on most maps. Longbowmen are created faster.

byzantines Byzantines: General buffs for fireships, an improved fireship bonus and nerfs for Xbow upgrade and walls will help byz with their fireship rush or classical 2 Range skirms strategy for an all-out feudal.

celts Celts: The small reduction in wood bonus or late game siege bonuses doesn't put celts out of favour by any means. The increased speed for [email protected] helps celt [email protected] become really lethal. Celts are an all-round civ that works well on most maps.

chinese Chinese: Remember to start by making a villager instead of loom. You start with -1 villager, +50 food and +10 wood compared to before. The extra 5 LOS helps chinese get a consistent start now, so Chinese lovers can rely on this civ without the fear of unlucky start.

franks Franks: A fishing ship cost discount and a small HP increase for knights may just be what franks need to become a formidable civ. To add to that their late-game is improved since they get siege rams now.

goths Goths: The improvement for sword-line can now let you use goth sword-line more often, so despite the lack of eco bonuses they can compete very well. Note the small discount for fireships together with the general fireship improvements too.

huns Huns: Small indirect nerf to their house bonus (since other civs can make houses for 25 wood now) doesn't keep them out from being a great and all-round civ for most maps. They are a really strong attacking civ. Hun CAs get a nerf too, but they still own.

japanese Japanese: Nerfs for top civs and the improved [email protected] are things that will make Jap a very dangerous civ to play against.

koreans Koreans: The forage bonus can now save koreans from falling behind much in early game. The cheaper Wagons, and the cheaper and improved Turtle ships can be deadly.

mayans Mayans: Even with some nerf for archery bonus and eco, Mayans are still Mayans- a superb early imperial civ with a fine early game eco.

mongols Mongols: Small nerf for elite mangudai and the cavalry archer fire rate bonus. General CA cost reduction clearly outweighs this nerf for CAs and can add a new dimension to Mongol castle age play. They are already a great rushing civ that can do super fast feudals.

persians Persians: Nerfs for top civs is pretty much all they need, to be picked on most maps. Note the improved war elephants too, elephant lovers.

saracens Saracens: With 75 wood markets, be prepared to abuse their market power along with the cheaper archery ranges to do special strategies!

spanish Spanish: The nerfs for dominant civs helps them. The nerfs for xbow upgrade and monks will now let spanish conqs do some deadly damage. One can consider using the boosted missionaries alng with conquistadors and other units. With university upgrades not costing gold (along with blacksmith upgrades), cavalry archers can be a good option too.

teutons Teutons: With top civs nerfed, the boosts for Teutonic Knights and getting the siege ram upgrade can give teutons just the little push they needed to be picked.

turks Turks: Increased gold bonus and 100 wood stables can help them hold their foot down early, long enough to eventually abuse their gunpowder. With CAs becoming cheaper keep an eye on HCAs with full upgrades to counter good archery units if necessary.

vikings Vikings: Despite nerfs for naval bonuses they are still a naval super-power. They were always a great civ on land maps. Improvements for berserks and longboats can help!

If anyone still feels confused with the changes:

1. Be well aware of the general changes.
2. Before you pick a civ for your map, take a look at the changes that your civ has.

Remember, good knowledge of your civ can give you a crucial edge over the enemy. Refer: ... ance-Patch


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