ECL Qualification Round 1 (18) Sun vs Ares_B (23)

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Feb 1, 2017
Please post all available times that your team can play with at least 4 players.

Games are to be played in the Escape Champions League Voobly lobby using the following Game room settings.

You must update to WololoKindoms 5.7.2 and use the ECL_v1.1 Maps that include the Sling Nerfs

The first round qualification match must be started by Sunday 17th June 23:59GMT.

Match Settings

Please remember to enable Multi Queue. If you select this option then when you host a lobby it will always default to MQ and you will not need to change it manually and forget sometimes.

"D.6. All players must use the same colour throughout a set. The highest seed team will pick from one of the two colour pools:

D.6.1. Pool 1: Red(2), Yellow(4), Purple(6), Orange(8)

D.6.2. Pool 2: Blue(1), Green(3), Teal(5), Grey(7)"
This will be added in the next handbook update as well. Please use the same colour per player in all games. Eg if you are Red (2) in the 4v4, please also be Red (2) in the 1v1/2v2 & 3v3.

For more information please check the Handbook.

Any responses that are not scheduling will be removed.
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