ECL - Map Contest Winners [Africa]


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Feb 1, 2017

Thank you to all who submitted maps in ECL Map Design Contest, we are astounded at the amount of effort put in by so many users, many of whom are new to map scripting! We hope this competition has been fun and interesting to participate in and look forward to seeing new maps for future tournaments!

We will be announcing the winners over the next month, one stage at a time.

First Place: $60
Runner Up: $40

In first place we have @mukdk with their map Rift Island! Congratulations, we look forward to seeing this map played in the upcoming Africa Stage. The map will be added to the ECL map pack shortly!

In second place we have @teutonic_tanks with the map nC_Jungle.

Winners will be contacted shortly about claiming your prize.
Thanks again for all of the efforts by everyone, we'll be looking forward to announcing the winners for the next stage soon; which will be Middle East!
Mar 30, 2013
nice :D

first of all thanks for the 2nd place. I would have 2 things to ask:

-in the other mapcontest topic the prizes where different, maybe fix it in the other one:
Prize Pool

$600 ($100 x 6 Stages)

Each stage will have a 1st and 2nd prize, though only the 1st place map is guaranteed to be used in the region.

1st - $60
2nd - $40
-Would it be maybe possible to put the runner-up map always as pickable HM? It only gets played in a set if it gets picked, else it doesnt get played at all. I don't know if this change would be a lot of work :/
I only ask that, because the best price/way to appriciate the work for a map-writer is, that the map is being played and not mainly the money. (at least for me :smile:)


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