AOE-II ECL Europe East 1v1 Semi and Grand Finals Discussion


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Jan 15, 2014
Let's make another thread for the Semi Finals and the Grand Finals, sorry for being a bit late, but couldn't catch all games live, so had to catch up first.
Best games imo:
Semifinal vivi vs Liereyy game 2 (Acropolis) - great Feudal Age wars which resulted in a big advantage for vivi, but Liereyy somehow manages to come back from a ~20 vill deficit by going up to Castle Age faster
Semifinal vivi vs Liereyy game 3 (Valley) - vivi going for his typical aggressive forward while Liereyy is stuck in a corner of the map defending.
Semifinal vivi vs Liereyy game 4 (Scandinavia) - pretty decisive game, but nice to watch because of the constant aggression of vivi
Semifinal vivi vs Liereyy game 5 (Budapest) - it looks like Liereyy has the advantage for almost all the game, but then vivi shows the power of conquistadors and kills everything

So basically: watch the vivi vs Liereyy series, it's a great series! Unfortunately the other series were quite one-sided and not that great imo.

Biggest upsets:
Seems there's only one upset here and it's vivi coming back from being 2-0 down to winning 3-2 against Liereyy. I think vivi has always been a more emotional player, so it was especially surprising for me to see him coming back after he arguably threw game 2.

ECL standings:
1st place earns 6 points, 2nd place earns 4 points, 3rd/4th place earns 3 points and 5th-8th place earn 1 point for their team.

So the scores so far are:
1. Secret: 7
2. Frantic: 4
3. SY: 3
3. aM': 3
5. LoS: 1
5. Coachers 1
5. Suomi 1
8. VNA 0

Will be interesting to see the 4v4 Stage to see if Frantic can keep their 2nd place and to see who will win the big battle between aM' and Secret as well as the Suomi vs SY series.

Brackets can be found here


Feb 27, 2017
Grand final without any surprise to me, Viper has a 65% winrate against Vivi on rated games on Arabia (arguably Vivi's best map), I think he definitely has his number and a very good lecture of Vivi's playstyle. Tournament games enabling him to bring his A-level more than anyone else, the straight-forward result of the final isn't surprising in my opinion.

Vivi performing well was more of a surprise actually. He has been playing at the highest level on the 1v1 ladder for months but had not managed to translate that into actual results in tournaments (lost in the first round of KotD and before the double elimination stage in MoA5). Not talking about team game tournaments where he has been performing well for a while.

Seeing him achieve at - or at least close to - his maximal potential in 1v1 tournaments is great and I hope to see him play at that level again.

Looking forward to the 4v4 stage!
Jul 29, 2018
Viper is two levels above vivi on APM and micro, or even more, in this situation it really does not matter what strat people use.

But Vivi and Liereyy series man, that was insane, first 2 games Liereyy showed his micro is better than Vivi but in the end he still lose, really fun to watch.

Vivi played a lot of games recently, his game awareness is insane, but his micro is still not good enough to challenge the real giants, or maybe bottlenecked on a certain level (still elite). vivi is only 24 so he can still improve (I always thought he's over 30)

Mr. Yo is getting in shape, not on the same level as Viper but could definitely head to head with Liereyy next time.
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