Crossing Swords with: John Erik "Ruso" Svensson


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Mar 13, 2010

Do you want to know what "Eg" is? You have been always asking yourself what is the origin of "6"? One of the best AoC Legends share with us his best moments and some of his trips stories. You will not be disappointed...

Name: John Erik Svensson
Date of birth: 24/08/1985
Town: Ronneby, Sweden
Favorite Civ: Japs
Favorite map: Continental

Fuzer: L_Clan_Ruso or Ak_Ruso?
L_Clan_Ruso: I am L_Clan, AK was a Mirc clan that died years ago. I use the login as AK_Ruso on the new pages I do because I have way too many and its hard to remember them all easier this way. Still, AK was the clan I spent most year on, and of course got many friends from there.

Fuzer: Yep, I talked to you a few times on Mirc, but I think you don’t remember me 11.
L_Clan_Ruso: try me.
Fuzer: i dont remember my nick back in days 11 I was your fan, so maybe I talked to you some random words.
L_Clan_Ruso: Oh @[email protected] I kept my nick over the years ~~

Fuzer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
L_Clan_Ruso: I am living in Argentina since one year ago working in Globant, that gives support to EA games they test many of the new EA games that comes out to the market, I give the testers technical support. I lived in Dublin last year. When I was 8, I moved from Sweden to Spain and raised up there but I always liked to travel. I haven´t studied anything, worked since I was 15 in 6-motnhs summer jobs at a bar so that gave me time for both aoc and travel when I was young because I didnt pay for an apartment and live ._.

Fuzer: Wow, really nice. I watched a youtube video when you went to Argentina to visit some AoC guys. Can you tell us about that travel?
L_Clan_Ruso: It was right after I won the BCC and met my current girlfriend. I spent that money on a 3 months trip to Argentina also had something spared from the bar. I knew Seba from many years ago, Guason_Arg. He took me to an October fest that is made in Argentina with many members from the Arg clan. Had a great time, after Emilio took me to another city where I took a bus to get to Salta witch is where I met the guys in the youtube video. Wonderfull, getting to a place that its 10.000 kms from where ur born and they recieve you with a party everywhere u goes great people ^^ Up in Salta Patin drove me around showing me the city and Argeking took me to dinner when I steped out of the bus. Then we had 2 meals late at Rodrigus place. also spent a week by bus/lift hosteling in the area. Great life experience ~~

Fuzer: Want you to tell them some words via this interview?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, as I ussually just mess with them everytime we chat, here I would like to say real thank you and that trip was prolly the last one of that kind I will do because of the Aoc, so I will always remember all of it. Really thanks for the courtesy ^__^

Fuzer: What music do you like?
L_Clan_Ruso: I like electro music the most, but I listen to all kind of stuff, my father is a musician so I always had it present. I think I like electro just because I like to listen to something on the background, not that I really pay attention to it.

Fuzer: Favourite color?
L_Clan_Ruso: On Aoc I choose white because of the alie/enemy colors (getting a small chance to get advantage on your enemy is always better that knowing you dont).
Personally I like green.

Fuzer: Do you practice any sport?
L_Clan_Ruso: I play ping pong 5 days a week at work 11, I do it for 1 hour atleast, depending if there are any opponents. I played soccer untill I was 16 and ice hockey when I was a child, but I started smoking and couldnt keep up the resistance. Getting good at making effects in ping pong! Using lame style there too T_T
Fuzer: haha!

Fuzer: Do you like Argentina?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, it has it ups and downs. I got a really good job here and I can have my own apartment. In Spain I couldn’t, and in Ireland my girlfriend couldn’t find a job. The food is better too, the medical stuff too, if I want to study, its free, and with the 3 languages I will always find a job that can give me enought money to have a nice living. On the other hand, you see all the dirt, really poor people and its hard to look at the other way when you have been raised in another kind of society, but sadly you just get used to it, because there is nothing you can .

About AoC

Fuzer: When did you start playing AoC? When do you think you will say “Ok, enough AoC for me”?
L_Clan_Ruso: I started in summer 2002, and I hope I will never say that :--)

Fuzer: I hope so :$. Tell us what do you love about AoC.
L_Clan_Ruso: I love the many ways you have to play the game that you need to know how to spend that every second of the game to make a good playing.

Fuzer: Where did you travel to play AoC tournaments?
L_Clan_Ruso: just inside of spain, never went to another country to play aoc. with the money I earnt from aoc I payed for those trips.

Fuzer: Can you tell us how much did you earn playing AoC?
L_Clan_Ruso: Not much, prolly around 7000 $, but I have learnt that the aoc community and the people that gets interested in this game always want to invite you to stay over and so, and that is prizeless.

Fuzer: Who "AoC friends" have you visited?
L_Clan_Ruso: too hard to make a list there are over a hundred easy houses I have stayed in sleeping over. lets se: Timer, Melon, Karl, Emar, Chero, Magui, Akire, Vivas, Ralber, Markus, Lenny. I think those are the ones I have actually sleeped in their house. Asturias too. Dunno who else, hard to remember -_-. Most of the times you get drunked and high dgshdshgdsjgdsgds. Most of the times, when you visit one, you meet many more in the same trip or you rent a house/hostel.

Fuzer: About old AoC progamers, who was your idol?
L_Clan_Ruso: Ralber was the one I looked up too, then when I finally beat him I didnt got like one specific player to beat. I also learnt a lot watching the wcl final where Halen do the scout+towers on crappy map, he also send wolfes with a spear that game, I practiced that so much over the 1rst years. Then I have considered Daut as the best player since many years ago, having his up and downs, but always
*playing in a style really hard for me to beat

Fuzer: Can you do a short list of the AoC clans in which you had been from the beginning until you quit? (most importants)
L_Clan_Ruso: My clans would be in this order: lol in CS and early aoc (1474 in zone, yuhu!), KR, AK in Mirc, AK died around 2007 or so, cant remember exactly, it went down throught the years. In zone it would be: WolF, CsI, ThuG and L_Clan

Fuzer: Grunt, HALEN, Koven or Kmkm? Why?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, If I had to choose just one I would go for Halen, his management of eco is just amazing when he is in top shape. As I said in an earlier question I trained a lot watching that wcl final, so thats prolly why I choose him hehe. Grunt would be my 2nd choice, always when he really tried to win, he did it, and thats amazing considering he has changed games a lot of times over the years. When I became a top player, their "gold-period" in 1v1 had expired, so I never really faced them in 1v1 top shape, I can just talk through the TGs I have played vs them and the games I have watched. Anyway, all of them are amazing players and it would be really hard to beat any of them today even if they had been inactive for a long time.

Fuzer: Can you tell us some secrets or not know facts about some old expert players?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, I dont really know any secrets, since that would be something only known by me, but I can tell you about Grunts known drinking Skills. Wtf, drinking gintonics in one shot, one after the other one, pretty sick. I died that day, my fellow AK clan members had to drag me to the hostel where I nearly died. Also the night before when we arrived, Karl crashed a car at 5am after getting asleep at the weel. You can imaginem, 50-60 aoc nerds with ages between 12-40 trying to get a car out of the ditch. There were asians, dutch, irish, etc And then a big police patrol car appeared and they were like, WTF is going on here? Big storm, raining as hell, in a lost small city of Spain. Karl had no driving licence so VK_Nor had to claim he was driving, the car had no insurance, so after some years the garage in town just kept it for themselfs, it was VK_Melons mothers car, pretty gg.

Fuzer: Must be kidding! Was at this event right? I posted some photos I found. viewtopic.php?f=22&t=31595
L_Clan_Ruso: Yeah, was on that one. I also have a nice picture in my mind of Kkab rolling down a hill in the small town with some trainers with incorporate rollers he had. I remember watching a group of 4-5 80 year old guys just watching him rolling by with eyes like ò.Ó. Was a funny experience. I could also tell you about how ralber used to get when he got some extra drinks and we lured him to smoke something, watching him dance Britney Spears up on a chair in a disco its prizeless for someone who idolatrates Steve Vai. There was a meeting many years ago between KP members in Santander, a father of one of them (Peck) owned a disco and we used the backstage to make a Lan party. We had tons of weed and stuff playing aoc, walked 3 meters and were in a really big disco, was really funny. His father walked around with 2 extra big security guys who didnt have a clue what we were doing and watched us like, I gonna kick your ass if my boss tells me to do it. The day after we arrived, there was an accident with the water conducts and the whole disco got sumerged into water. So we helped them with the clean up, pretty hard work ~~

Fuzer: 111111111 great memories John.
L_Clan_Ruso: Yup, aoc has given me those ^__^

Fuzer: You can’t do it to AoC, you cant leave it!
L_Clan_Ruso: I will always play if I have time for it, sadly you cant live by just playing aoc and well, there are other stuff that is more important :--) You just need to find the right balance.

Fuzer: What means “6” for you?
L_Clan_Ruso: The story of the 6 ._. Dedicated to all the stoners around:
Fuzer: Here we go! The more awaited answer!
L_Clan_Ruso: There was a day Timer, Jacobo (Dont play aoc) and me went to Valencia. We had an important tourney match next day and we called from the beach to one of the guys at 9 am telling them that we couldnt play. We had been smoking for many hours and we wasnt going to stop, but finally the sun catch us. We got asleep and woke up at 2 PM totally burnt, luckily I got an uncle in Valencia who grows weed and he had a studio where he let us stay, so we stayed in there for hours smoking the hash we had brought. It actually run out and then we found a Big vase full of grass, when I say big I mean big. Impossible to smoke down. We were bored and couldnt move because of the burn, so we started to play "make a question" and whoever answer 1rst get to smoke. After many laughts we got to a 3+3 question, took us over 10 secs to answer, the brain cell was completelly gged, I swear I saw the roof like it was a paint-brush and I could choose the colors. We actually had to go down and steal the food my uncle got in his fridge, my cousin who is 4 years younger woke up and saw me with dangerous face, but we just needed to eat. That was the beggining of the 6. Then of course 6 = give me stone, the hash its called a stone, so it fitted perfectly. Many more things after has happened with it, but that would be the beggining ~~

Fuzer: 1111111 It cant be coincidence about 6. FINALLY I KNOW WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH 6 ALL THE TIME! In every game, at your MSN, everywhere!
L_Clan_Ruso: I wanted to answer 3+3 question!

Fuzer: Thanks for share with us the begginings of 6. What about “eg”?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, actually eg started in a game with Vile and Ralber. It doesnt really mean anything, I just wrote it since they were typing all random "tf" "ap" and stuff like that, then I used it as a "social test" to see how people would react, you know about the rest of it. Ppl started to use it in games without even knowing what it is about, its like a signature I would say. Its damn funny how something like that has survived through the years and now I can watch a recorded game where I am not playing and they say eg.

Fuzer: I think we are on best AoC time since Microsoft closed Zone. Yesterday, 20 2k+ players were online at the same time (without new overall rating system). What do you think about it?
L_Clan_Ruso: I wouldn’t say its the best time since Zone shutted down, there have been many more active good players after that, but of course its still a good time. I dont care about the rating system, as I spoke yesterday to Buga, I wouldn’t care if we had another pt system than ELO, I just want something to identify what skills the other players has, thats enought.

Fuzer: What do you think about WCL 7?
L_Clan_Ruso: I really hope it happens, it has been the tourney where I have archieved the greatest results over the years, so I am excited about it. Last one we played we won it winning nearly every single match, now we are not in the same shape and there are other really food players, but we can still manage to win if we train enough.

Fuzer: Is L_Clan training for it? I saw some recruitments, and many L_Clan tg's
L_Clan_Ruso: Yup, we are trying to get in shape. Anyway, there its still a long road to go untill we can get a good level.

Fuzer: Do you think, L_Clan could revive once again? For example, playing RTS-League?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, I wouldnt play RTS for instante, I got sick of all the waiting/scheduling of tourneys, and I think my clanmates are in the same situation. Of course it changes on a WCL, mostly because of the money that incentivates all the players to play at their top level, and thats always a challenge.
Fuzer: Yeah, I read some time ago Alive saying, "No money, no tourney."
L_Clan_Ruso: Yup, thats the way it is, tourneys takes a lot of time to play, and if you are not incentivated to play it you just won´t, because to play for fun, there is always rated games where u can get top games with less effort.
Fuzer: But playing tournaments only for money doesn't proove a real love for the game.
L_Clan_Ruso: Playing the game everytime you got some spared hours even if that makes you sleep 5 hours that day prooves it. Making all the efforts to schedule and be there just waiting for a player to come and then rescheduling is too much effort when you don´t earn anything. As I said, I prefere to play random TGs in rated than playing a non-prize tourney just because its easier. It doesnt have anything to do with the love for the game.
Fuzer: You might be right. I would love to see a competitive AoC scene like old days. That's why is was asking.
L_Clan_Ruso: Yah well, in the old days there were a lot of prize tournaments, thats why it was competitive. We used to play non-prize tournaments for the training it gave for the prize ones, thats just the way it is. Of course there have been tourneys without prizes that we played just for the fun of the settings, but there have been few, and it was just to gain a status in the community, when you already have that status, you just aim for the prize ones.

Fuzer: 11 well said.Tell me about BCC, who was your toughest oponent?
L_Clan_Ruso: Daut of course, even when I win a tourney like that, I lost to him

Fuzer: How did you train? Who helped you?
L_Clan_Ruso: Played a lot with Ralber those days I think. Then all who were around in rated, I didnt have a specific guy who helped me like Daut had with kkab. I also played some with Timer. I remember the match vs Wrath to join the Final Stage. He was at my place and we were totally stoned while I was playing that match, it went out 3-2 for me, was big danger. Trained a lot of 1v1´s on those settings. Would be impossible to name all the players, but I think I mostly trained with Emar, Timer and Ralber.

Fuzer: How was your reaction after the last "gg" on BCC?
L_Clan_Ruso: Happy, I did the Will Smith Independence Day and rolled up a 6-papper one. Then I think I spent the day at home, cant remember that part 11.

Fuzer: Can you remember an important AoC match wich marked you?
L_Clan_Ruso: There have been so many that I couldnt think of one special. Of course the finals and the 1rst wins against my teachers , such as Spiro, The_Boss, Tindalos, Ruben, Ender, Lito, Paco. Those games are 9-10 years old and I can still remember how they went even due they were played on a net cafe and never got spared. Then my 1rst win vs ralber was also a happy win, he went Axemen rush on one of those crappy ES maps, I managed to rush him and finally get a win. 1rst time I won Daut too, it was a big lame game, he didnt talk to me for over 6 months T_T
Fuzer: Seriously?
L_Clan_Ruso: mong war arab, he got worst possible map, I stole 2 sheeps, was stoling a boar, boar ran back and when he tries to get with vill I get the vill and his scout on my tc. Then he try to get the boar with a 2nd vill and I kill that one too T_T. Then I towered his only wood, and well, that pretty much was it even if he managed to stay alive with some archers. It was very lame T_T Of course I would do it again if I had the chance 11 Also I would say my 1rst win against a called "great player" at the time was vs Rami when I was 1900 and he was around 2,3. was some strange coastal map, crappy game but managed to win ^^

Fuzer: Can you tell me, what do you think about these expert players?

One of the best ever, great speed and macro control, really good on making strategic decisions. I remember when I had beating ralber as my goal, I watched a game of Chris doing pop21 fw and killing him in less than 20 mins. Was amazed by it.

For me, the player with hightest skills on Aoc, really hard to push him and get an advantage since he always boom great under pressure. The hardest player for me to beat has always been the serb ass.

Amazing micro, nearly perfect, he has been around for many years, but since he is from china we havent played the same ammount of games I have played vs anothers. Best of the moment I would say.

I have never been on top when this guy has, when I left aoc he was not known to me, and when I came back he ownd my ass plenty of times, I dont know if I have ever taked a game vs him. Good micro on vills.

Daddy where are you!!! Well, I would defenittelly don´t put Bolt with all this names, but he had the LN openings pretty well trained.

Grunt :
Monster, doesn´t matter how fast or what decisions you make in game, this guy will counter them 80% of the times, and when he is on fire, he is really hard to stop. I hope he can make to his peak before WCL starts.

Fuzer: to finish interview, what do you want to say to all your fans?
L_Clan_Ruso: Well, I hope this game remains alive for many more years, and happy WCL!

Fuzer: Thx Ruso, wish you the best :wink:

PD: I did this interview 1 and a half month ago, so some answers could be outdated. Im very sorry, but i've been really busy lately :/ I hope you enjoy it!


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Apr 5, 2010
great job as always, thanks to both
had me kinda confused when i saw the swedish flag, but it got explained .)


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Feb 7, 2011
he said nothing about Rukie.. and should be a spanish flag next to the swe flag since he lived all his life in Spain
Apr 5, 2010
"For me, the player with hightest skills on Aoc, really hard to push him and get an advantage since he always boom great under pressure. The hardest player for me to beat has always been the serb ass."

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