Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima


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Mar 13, 2010
With just 16 years old, he has earned in one tournament, more money than most of us working. "Master of the Huns" tournament finalist takes a while and give us the first interview to AoC Zone to know more about him, his impresions about "Master of the Huns" tournament, and his predictions for BCC3. Enjoy!

Includes link to RiuT's training games.

Name: Daniel Cassiano Vieira Lima
Date of birth: 25/06/1993
Town: São Paulo,
Favorite Civ: Huns
Favorite map: Arabia/Ghost Lake ; $

Fuzer: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
RiuT: I've 16 years now, I like to play soccer , chess , tennis and Age. Soonly I will have to study a lot for school. And actually I have a girlfriend that really makes me angry when she calls me when I’m playing aoc :@
RiuT: Aoc > Woman 1111111 j/k
Fuzer: Man, sometimes that's true!
Fuzer: Do you play another game beside AoC?
RiuT: Not really, I played years ago chess and AoE 3. Just it
Fuzer: Do you practice soccer? Brazilian guys loves soccer.
RiuT: Yes I do, soccer is in our blood 11 , but I'm a goalkeeper. (a good one ).
Fuzer: What’s your favorite Brazilian soccer team?
RiuT: Corinthians ¡
Fuzer: What music do you like?
RiuT: I really enjoy every type of music , but I have prefference for rock. (Blink 182, Sum41, U2)
Fuzer: U2 is just great!

About AoC

Fuzer: When did you start playing AoC?
RiuT: Well, I started playing AoC when i saw my brother playing it. I was 10 years old ( was around 2003) . And I loved it. I played till the end of 2005 when I started playing Age 3. I was a good player in Age 3, got 2400 in rating and was one of the best brazilians players. BUT.. stopped in 2007, when I decided to play chess ! And back to AoC in middle of 2008.
Fuzer: Oh! That’s a great rate! Did you play to qualify to WCG?
RiuT: I couldn't cuz I had 13 years in that time.. and only 14 + could play 111111
Fuzer: OMG, but did you think you have possibilites to qualify?
RiuT: I guess yes !
Fuzer: Can you tell us about your nick, RiuT?
RiuT: Sure, well , when I was in RioT ( clan) we had a meeting here in São Paulo) of AoC players. And one guy (CH_Thigo) didn't know how to say my clan 11 and he call me like 'RiuT, RiuT ' 11111 and thats it , when I get to CH again they asked me to put that nick !
Fuzer: Can you do a short list of the AoC clans in which you have been from the beginning until now? (most importants)
RiuT: 2003- 2005 ( CH, RioT, aN and CH again) , 2008 till the end of 2009 – LoS, and now i'm RVK
Fuzer: Who was your teacher in your early AoC days?
RiuT: Well, my brother helped me alot in the beginning (CH_Apocalipse , Istchuk , [MIB]Oakley are some of his nicks)
Fuzer: Could you describe your playstyle?
RiuT: Well as most people know, my style is most agressive, I like to take advantage with my micro and velocity.
Fuzer: Can you tell us what changes have you made to the default hotkeys setup?
RiuT: I changed a lot of things.. I use space for TC, tab for idle vill.. (Barracks, Archery, Stable in this sequence: Q-A-S ) and some other things.
Fuzer: Wow! A lot of changes, DauT uses default keys and only changed idle vill to Tab-key, and other for stable if I remember correctly.
RiuT: 1
Fuzer: About old AoC progamers, who is your favorite? why?
RiuT: IORI and Daut, I love to see iori's playing with huns, his style is amazing, and daut with his great performace playing under pressure
Fuzer: Grunt, HALEN, Koven or Kmkm?
RiuT: Halen, I can't really say for sure cuz when I start playing, they were almost stopping. but Halen looked great.
Fuzer: Who is currently the best AoC player? And the best clan?
RiuT: I guess DauT, and the best clan i would say RVK !
Fuzer: 11 I knew you`re going to say RVK. How is the atmosphere inside RVK Team?
RiuT: its nice 11 , they all are good people.
Fuzer: How much time do you spend on Voobly?
RiuT: You mean, each day?
Fuzer: 1
RiuT: I'm not playing so much in weekdays bcuz of school, I would say that I'm actually playing 2 hours per day. In weekends when I don't get out with my girlfriend I try to play alot.
Fuzer: 11, and sometimes girlfriend > AoC
RiuT: 111111
RiuT: 1
RiuT: in bed :$
RiuT: 111111111111111111111111111
Fuzer: OMG 11
Fuzer: This will be a hot interview 11
RiuT: 1111111111111111111
Fuzer: Let`s continue and let these things for some other talk!
RiuT: 1
Fuzer: What do you think about Drush+FC+CA's ? Will be a counter to this strategy someday?
RiuT: Its a great tactic, but I'm sure there will be a counter to this strategy.
Fuzer: Has you tried to make a counter build order?
RiuT: Yes, sure, but it depends of the map, there's map that u can wall and make a stronger eco than enemy.. or maybe u can fwd and defend with towers etc.
Fuzer: The most funny strategy with any civ in any map, in your opinion?
RiuT: Persians in Arabia, when you create a Town Center in enemy front 11. That's amazing!

About MotH & BCC3

Fuzer: Before "Master of the Huns" tournament, only a few people knew about your skills. Now you are marked as a 2.4k player. Did you train hard for this tournament? How can you explain this quick ascent in AoC scene?
RiuT:: I was always a good Arabia player, and when I entered this tournament I always thought that I couldn't win Tim in ROUND 3, but I won, and this gave me a great confidence. I traveled in the end of the year and stopped my practice in the middle of the tournament.. But when I came back, I practiced a lot and hard.
Fuzer: Did you think from the beginning you will reach so far at this tournament?
RiuT: Not even close, I always thought that I could be in the 2nd Stage, cuz i knew that I play nice Arabia, but that`s all.
Fuzer: Who helped you to train in the Finals?
RiuT: Dogão, wrath and Cyclops.
Fuzer: Did you analyze DauT's recs? Tell us a little about your training.
RiuT: Yes, I watched them, but I guess I didn't practice enough to win the tourney. I'm sure I could play better than that.
Fuzer: Most people didnt expect 0-4 as result in the Finals. Can you explain what happened?
RiuT: I was nervous in the final, I didn't play at my best. It was my first final and I was playing agains't DauT, and nothing was working like in the practice games. But it happens , now I feel more confident for everything
Fuzer: OMG, that means now we will see a stronger RiuT in BCC3?
RiuT: I wouldn't say that 1111, but a mature RiuT for sure.
Fuzer: You earned 1000$ USD from the finals. What do your parents think about this? What will you do with your money?
RiuT: They are very proud of me 11 and I would probably pay to make course preparatory for College.
Fuzer: Nice! What do you want to study?
RiuT: Mechanical Engineering
Fuzer: Good luck with that! If you could set up the next tournament, what "Master of ..." would you choose?
RiuT: Master of Celts would be amazing 11 , Celts war give us a good recs !
Fuzer: Nice one! Congratulations for your qualification to the League Stage in BCC3. You beat poZ_Tammy twice before you got into the League Stage (3-0 and 4-1). Did you expect to beat Ding with those results?
RiuT: Not really, in the first time I beated him, I played really carefully, but when I won, I had alot of confidence in the rematch games.
Fuzer: Who will be your most difficult opponents in the League Stage?
RiuT: Every player in the League Stage is great. I would say that they all will be really hard to win.
Fuzer: What’s your best map in the map-pool of BCC3? Have you trained hard?
RiuT: Actually I'm not playing so much, but I will. I don't know really what is my best map.. maybe Arabia Huns or Migration. I don't know.
Fuzer: Give us your prediction for the first 3 places in BCC3.
RiuT: 1º Daut 2º Tim 3º Cain.
Fuzer: I think you missed yourself in that list
RiuT: 11111, nah.
Fuzer: Next Interview will be to [Viper]Jordan. Give me a question to ask him.
RiuT: Jordan, why you walk the whole map with army just to kill my vills ? :@
Fuzer: Some last word to your fans?
RiuT: big KISS for all who like my game style.
RiuT: and u
RiuT: did u enjoyed the interview?
RiuT: 11
Fuzer: Omg, I really enjoyed the interview :$
Fuzer: I have to confess, I`m RiuT`s fan. That's why you are the first interviewee in AoC Zone.
RiuT: :$:$:$:$:$
RiuT: roxx
Fuzer: 11. Thanks for your time Daniel, you are a nice person. Enjoy your life, friends and girlfriend
RiuT: Thank you !

Hope you enjoyed this interview! Also, if you want, write down questions to ask Jordan. I will choose 2 of them and will add to my questionary. Be part of AoC Zone!

Thanks to BugA_the_Great and The_Prophet, for fix some ortographic and grammar errors!
Good Luck!

Bonus Track! Thanks to
[MIB]Oakley for post RiuT Training Games and MOH first stage games. Download them and watch how RiuT trained for his tournament games!


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May 10, 2008
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Re: Let's talk with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

Nice one, thank you!


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Mar 24, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

Amazing ! He is just 16 and he beat ding tim etc. I'm 17 and just a 16++ . sux


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Mar 15, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

it's a nice interview, good job. :smile:
riut is the new legend in aoc
Mar 13, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

RiuT_ can u post a moh pack of all games of first rounds, that be lost for aocgroup :|



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Mar 13, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

ty for your posts! Remember, if you want, you can write a question for ask to [Viper]Jordan! in next interview!
Apr 5, 2010
Re: Crossing swords with: Daniel "RiuT" Lima

i can make a pack of all riut fist stage games, and some rox trainings too...where can i post this?


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