Conquista - Week 4


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Apr 30, 2010
For people who are not interested in reading too much: yes, sign-ups are still open! And yes, we updated, simplified and sped up the whole system 8-)

After I went on holiday, and my lack of hosting Conquista Gathering rooms on Voobly/GR, it's time to revive everything and spice up things to make your quest to conquer the world for your glorious civ a lot easier.

The only big winner of last week were the Mayans, successfully seizing the France into their homeland. France was previously taken over by the Mongols, so it was the first Mongol territory to be lost. TheViper of Chichen Itza, also proved that games don't always have to be the same on top level by playing a match of normal fortress (no regicide).

The other winner is the most invisible killer so far: the Teutons. Frederick Barbarossa89 is successfully challenging players within his range and slowly takes small territories under his rule.

However, the tourney needs a little revamp. Too many armies per territory and people are too cautious to play a game when their territory only has 1 army left. Hence the following updates:


All territories now have 2 armies by default. If a territory only had 2 armies before the change, it now only has 1 left. Territories with only 1 army left, are still at 1 army.
The only exception to this are the home countries of each civ, which are given 5 armies. For example: the Saracens are only left in Egypt, but since it's their home country, it means they can still play 5 games.

If you conquer a new territory: it will only have 1 army. So from now on, territories will change hands very quickly and if you're lucky, you might even conquer a whole continent with your civ in only a few evenings.

To boost attacking: so far, the defender could always decide the homemap (out of the 3 maps given), but to avoid "civrapes" we're going to update this rule a little bit. Out of the 3 maps, the attacker can "blacklist" a map. So the defender has 2 maps left to choose from.

Another new rule is in the refusing/accepting of battles:
- Players are the same rate (e.g. both 16xx): you must accept the challenge for at least 1 game. A rematch is encouraged.
- Players with a rate difference of 100 (e.g. 16xx and 17xx): it is encouraged to play at least 1 game. You can refuse a rematch without any further consequences.
- Players with a rate difference of 200 or more (e.g. 16xx and 18xx): you are free to refuse without further consequences.

Info for players:

Check out the new Challenge! page. It now includes a list with people you can attack, their rates and GR and voobly info. You can enter your own rate at your profile page.

Notable active players that are always up for a game:

DreaIVIs (Huns)
TheViper (Mayans)
[RoR]Gus2Tavo (Celts)
_VM_ (Franks)
Adam or bleti (Britons)
Hers or CSA_B_Lyon (Aztecs)
Multani (Mongols)
Vicktory (Goths)
TheBerserk (Byzantines)
Cysion (Koreans)

Other notable people to contact: [G11]DOOMPHANTS, barbarossa89, _Marian__

Info for people who still want to sign up:

Sign-ups are still open, you can join the fun here.

Coming up next week: The new rules gave a lot of territories only 1 army left, which civ will first take advantage of this new rule?


  • General Advancing Chat Researches

    • Version: AOC
      Duration: 00:26:37
      Avg. rating: N/A
      Map: Fortress
      View of: [RVK]TheViper
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      Team 1
      Team 2
    •   Feudal Castle Imperial
      [RVK]TheViper - - -
      __Rage__ 00:12:27 00:17:27 -
      <__Rage__> mmm im not sure if playing fortress
      <__Rage__> or not
      <__Rage__> ^^
      <[RVK]TheViper> Well, I'm the attacker, so it's your pick :)
      <__Rage__> 1
      <LeDiableBlanc> thx
      <[RVK]TheViper> np
      <__Rage__> well ok
      <__Rage__> fortress
      <LeDiableBlanc> 11
      <LeDiableBlanc> ass rape
      <[RVK]TheViper> Normal or Regicide?
      <LeDiableBlanc> !mute
      <__Rage__> shh
      <__Rage__> normal
      <[RVK]TheViper> ok
      <__Rage__> choose maya
      <__Rage__> ^^
      <[RVK]TheViper> gl hf :)
      <LeDiableBlanc> :D
      <__Rage__> have fun
      [00:00:09] <LeDiableBlanc> i quit?
      [00:00:17] <[RVK]TheViper> nah
      [00:00:23] <LeDiableBlanc> k
      [00:00:45] <[RVK]TheViper> fishing isn't allowed btw
      [00:00:54] <__Rage__> ok
      [00:01:23] <[RVK]TheViper> what a sux map lol
      [00:01:44] <LeDiableBlanc> surrounded by waterr
      [00:01:51] <[RVK]TheViper> no good wood
      [00:03:36] <LeDiableBlanc> i hate this walled maps ^^
      [00:03:49] <[RVK]TheViper> it's much more fun regicide
      [00:04:09] <LeDiableBlanc> 1 and if u r maya u can go plums
      [00:04:14] <[RVK]TheViper> yea
      [00:07:36] <LeDiableBlanc> sux lumberjack camp
      [00:07:46] <[RVK]TheViper> nah it sgood
      [00:08:00] <__Rage__> 11
      [00:08:10] <__Rage__> u wouldnt believe me
      [00:08:14] <LeDiableBlanc> 11
      [00:08:26] <__Rage__> if i tell u the boar killed my sc
      [00:08:32] <[RVK]TheViper> lol
      [00:08:41] <[RVK]TheViper> i believe u
      [00:08:42] <LeDiableBlanc> micro fail
      [00:08:45] <__Rage__> 11
      [00:09:03] <LeDiableBlanc> 15++ skills ^^
      [00:12:38] <LeDiableBlanc> fw castle
      [00:12:43] <LeDiableBlanc> ?
      [00:12:49] <[RVK]TheViper> duno
      [00:13:01] <[RVK]TheViper> gonna check out
      [00:13:03] <[RVK]TheViper> the map
      [00:13:07] <LeDiableBlanc> 1
      [00:15:14] <LeDiableBlanc> mmm
      [00:15:16] <LeDiableBlanc> 11
      [00:24:45] <LeDiableBlanc> rage use how do you turn this on
      [00:26:15] <__Rage__> gg
      [00:26:16] <[RVK]TheViper> 11
      [00:26:18] <[RVK]TheViper> gg
      [00:26:32] <__Rage__> i dont like u
      [00:26:33] <__Rage__> 11
      [00:26:36] <[RVK]TheViper> 111
      [00:26:37] * __Rage__ resigned
    • [RVK]TheViper
    Avg. Rating:
    Team 1
    Team 2


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Nov 17, 2010
amazing how in the gold rush game between byz and huns the hunnic player has way more wood and food after one hour than the byz despite the byz cheap trashline


Well Known Pikeman
Apr 30, 2010
Served him right that he lost to TheBerserk then. Anyways, he's banned from Conquista now.

As for players, yes, I see a lot of you guys online and I see a lot of possible matches, just join my room at voobly and I'll link you up with an opponent 8-)


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