AOE-HD Buffed Infantry Mod

Dec 20, 2013
I have posted this topic on the AOE2HD subforum here

I have created a AoFE compatible version of the file as well. ...

For the 'making of' story, check out this topic on steam forums ... 914942522/

And here is the changelog (Changelog is also included in the .zip file) ... pid=221380

To install, download the zip file from mediafire, extract and place the empires2_x1_p1.dat file in Installation Folder -> Games -> Forgotten Empires -> Data folder. Backup the original and select 'replace' when prompted. To play multiplayer, all the parties must have the common data file. The readme.txt has the changelog.

Feedback appreciated!

United NationsBrainless

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Dec 22, 2011
Sagittarius A
i'm an infantry player. I think they are good already. You just have to mass them. Know how to mass them. And know how to combine them. You know all this because you know the game for 12 years.

The trouble with massing units: in most competative games you don't get time to mass infantry until Imperial age. Or you dont have the resources. Not the unit is the problem, the game style is.
I think a small nerf of the two handed swordsman can make them viable for castle age use, only if they can be put in a good strategy.

Btw i think the champion and the halbardeer are the two most eco-valuable units in the game (already)


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