[BoA-Scheduling] Swiss W4: LoS vs VNA


Apr 29, 2012
Games must be finished until: Sunday, April 8 - 23:59 GMT
Because of the format any delayed set would delay the whole tournament. Therefore no extra time will be granted for any team. If both teams can't agree on a time the guys that offered more reasonable times and/or replied earlier to the scheduling topic will advance.

Qualifier / Group Stage (Bo5)
30 different civilizations [https://aoe2cm.net/ -> BoA 1]
Both teams ban one and pick two maps from the map pool in the order ban Team A, ban Team B, pick Team A, pick Team B, pick Team A, pick Team B (bans are global, no map can be picked twice). The remaining map will be played in game 1, followed by Team A's homemap in game 2, Team B's homemap in game 3, Team A's second homemap in game 4 and Team B's second homemap in game 5.

1. Team A globally bans 1 civilization.
2. Teams pick 15 different civilizations each in the order A, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, B.
3. Teams hidden pick civilizations from their pool for each game. They can't pick any civilization twice.


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