[BoA-Scheduling] Semi Final 1: aM vs SY


Apr 29, 2012
Careful, special rules for scheduling and new settings!!!

Your match must be played on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) and can't happen at the same time with the other semi final. The teams that schedule first for a certain time get that slot.

Deadline to finish the games: Sunday, April 22 - 23:59 GMT

Semi Finals (Bo5)
30 different civilizations [https://aoe2cm.net/ -> BoA 1]
Both teams ban one and pick two maps from the map pool in the order pick Team A, pick Team B, ban Team A, ban Team B, pick Team A, pick Team B (bans are global, no map can be picked twice). Maps will be played in the order of Team A's homemap, Team B's homemap, Team A's second homemap, Team B's second homemap. The remaining map will be played as the potential decider in game 5.

1. Team A globally bans 1 civilization.
2. Teams pick 15 different civilizations each in the order A, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, BB, AA, B.
3. Teams hidden pick civilizations from their pool for each game. They can't pick any civilization twice.


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