Battle of Africa has come to a close


Battle of Africa has come to a close. After a brilliant and exciting few weeks we found our champions...

Full Result
TyRanT (TheViper, DauT, JorDan_23, TaToH)
aM (Liereyy, Hearttt, MbL, Nicov)
Suomi (Zuppi, TheMax, Villese, Rubenstock) & SY (Paladin, Yo, Vivi, Lyx)
LoS (F1re, dogao, miguel, RiuT)
China A (Tim, StrayDog, Cl) & VNA (ACCM, BacT, Yellow, Cool)
NabS (Spaden, slam, mentalist, Pike)

Thank you to PGI and Memb that handed me the tools and money to create the best teamgame tournament I could. Without you this wouldn't have been possible. If you haven't already make sure you check them out and show them your gratitude and love.
Thank you to all the generous people that opened their wallets after the tournament was announced and made the prize pool what it was. Full list of amazing people here.
Thank you to all the players and teams that gave us incredible games. Your prize money has been paid out already.
Thank you to all the great content creators that made the event that much more enjoyable with their broadcasts, statistics, MVP votings, prediction contests and write ups.
And thank you to everyone that supported, watched, talked about and celebrated the event.

Until next time,


Well done Swissboyy and congratulations to TyRanT on the incredible victory! Thank you to MembTV and the Loberboys for being excellent hosts and partners for the event! Looking forward to more events in the future. And of course great performances from all the players and casters!
Thanks you Swissboy, memb, pgi, and everyone involved in that tournament, it was really great to have this.

I guess I can use this topic as feedback aswell, although it was very good I want to say few things:

- I found the maps to be too repetitive in the end, the whole tournament played on the same few maps, I think a map pack with more maps or even home map, could have made it better to not be too repetitive.

- I want to point out, that what did memb was extremely generous, we wouldn’t have this tournament if he wasn’t here, and generous because he didn’t do exclusive stream, when the money come from his side, his viewers his channel and his sponsor, he could have made it exclusive streaming, and not allow others to stream it live, kinda like zak almost always did or VooblyOfficial did too, this way the viewers wouldn’t be split in so many channel and possibly get more money from it. I think ppl was happy to be able to watch it from others channel than your.
So yeah ty @MembTV :clap:

I hope it won’t be the last tournament hosted by you two !
Amazing tournament..thanks to Swissboy and Memb and others for their passion, time, money and effort... it was one of the best tournament (except the final was a let down)
Absolutely ridiculous numbers on Twitch/Youtube.
I heard something like 8000 on Twitch plus 4000 on Youtube?

Never ever did I imagine a couple of years ago we would be able to generate this kind of interest in our beloved game.

Once again you've proved a lot of people wrong who before the tournament started thought they knew better than you how to run a successful event, swissboyy. If the rumors are true and a big Microsoft tournament is indeed coming, I sincerely hope they get you and the whole MembTV team involved in the organization.

Fantastic tournament, big shoutout to everyone who made it possible.
Amazing tournament for this amazing new era of Age Of Empires. I've been playing this game since 2002, and this is by far the best moment of AOC since then. I felt so emotional after the series, not only because of the games themselves, but also because its so beautiful to realize how far this game has got after almost two decades.


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