Banned from Voobly and consequently can't stream KoTD 2

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Sep 24, 2012
Voobly has always been extremely careful when it comes to banning players. See how long it took them to ban Ertug eg. and how often he has been allowed to come back.

I find it extremely hard to believe that OP’s only offense has been to claim:

"Well, he is racist, he does say horrible things constantly and is a bad person. But I think if people donated for me to cast, they should be able to see al games, also seeing theviper is always cool"

If indeed that’s the only thing you said, then yeah seems like an incredible overreaction, but again, knowing voobly’s past reluctance towards banning players, I’m very skeptical.

And if you upload the video again, please upload it in its entirety, as everyone can see that uploading it in bits and pieces allows for very easy manipulation and ommiting of crucial parts.

I hope we get to hear the other side of the story.
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Aug 10, 2014
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RM - Team Games
What do you expect from someone who's named himself from an anime character lol.

Dragon Ball fans are usually chill people but there are always rotten apples among them. I'm not saying I understand the situation very well but based on reading the comments he's just immature and a keyboard warrior who vents his frustration in a wrongly way.

Pretty shitty thing to do against a fellow countrymen.


May 29, 2015
I think its kinda two issues, you feeling justified to call someone a racist on stream, and someone (possibly) really being such a racist. Voobly justice system might not be perfect or even all that good, but their job is also not to decide who is the biggest d1ck that deserves to be slandered. If they ban you for flaming someone, it doesnt necessarily mean they are taking sides. It means you flamed someone and got punished for it. Whatever that other person did is a totally separate issue. Hopefully it, too, gets punished in a fair way, but since voobly is not Hercule Poirot, or even the FBI, there is unfortunately often some arbitrariness in the way things are done. Since you cant appeal to the high court, you often just have to suck it up no matter how unjust it feels, but hopefully this thread and the fact that so many ppl feel outraged at least makes them reconsider all the relevant facts.
Jan 13, 2019
Ciertamente no puedo creer que se te haya baneado de Voobly y demás.
Sos una persona que aportó MUCHISIMO como jugador y caster a Age of Empires y su comunidad. Es triste ver como todos hacen leña del árbol caído y te insultan, borran mensajes, banean y demas.

Yo, habiéndote criticado alguna que otra vez, hago defensa en tu nombre (incluso, me hago una cuenta en este foro).

Black, lo mejor que podés hacer, es simplemente llamarte a silencio. Ni siquiera admitir nada, no tenés derecho a replica.
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Nov 30, 2018
Riverplation (NachoAoe) es el segundo caster de AOE de toda America y de habla hispana. Ha logrado que mucha gente vuelva a jugar AOE. Difunde el juego, enseña, ayuda. Tiene muchisimos seguidores, ha organizado torneos con los mejores jugadores del mundo. Pero Voobly prefiere darle "ban" a el, que ayuda al juego y a la comunidad. Poco sentido comun.


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Mar 20, 2018
Los comentarios de Black fueron comentarios racistas, y que voobly no tome medidas y desarrolle este tipo de cosas como lo que acaba de pasar es avalar un comportamiento racista, sus comentarios demuestran una conducta despectiva a personas por ser de otra procedencia, es una verguenza y el banneado debería de ser de él, ahora la plataforma está tolerando el peor de los insultos, el de denigrar a otra persona por su procedencia y por no tener algo para comer, LAMENTABLE.


May 29, 2015
No matter what voobly does, KotD2 should take (e)strong action: Annull the result of Viper vs bl4ck, remove bl4ck from the tournament, and replace him with someone who is available to humiliate himself on short notice: Our Eternal Lord and Savior, DauT.

Just kiding btw, I dont wanna take any sides in this south american drama I know nothing about.
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Jan 13, 2019
This ban is unfair.
There are several reasons why these measures are very extreme:
1. Nacho is a well-known streamer, making up 1/3 of the Spanish speaking Age, talking about a game with so few players that would seriously impact the company and competitive in itself, in the long run it would be a disaster.
2. Any comment towards a player to be an infringement would have to be when the performs trash talk is one of the players.
3. The comments on the river were not xenophobic or racist, he used derogatory language using his humor, a warning from the voobly staff could be enough to stop him from doing it

And many more reasons this is unfair
Dec 16, 2013
i'm sorry, what would the correct way to phrase it be? "removed from official casters from KoTD 2"? or what is the correct term? Sorry for my bad english
maybe: "banned from voobly. Now I cant cast Kotd2".

de esa forma decís q te banearon de voobly y no podes castear kotd2, sino parece q el staff de kotd2 te hubiese baneado también.
Jan 13, 2019
he is the best caster in Spanish speaking, thanks to him and his contributions the age community grew a lot, it would be a pity that the unjustified sanction is not reversed.
Jan 13, 2019
Voobly... it was an amaizing mistake to ban Nacho, he've been one of the most helpers and popular caster in latin america. For the goodness of our comunity, voobly you must retract about that unfair and unsportted decition you made. However, you should pay atention at the real faults, like Bl4cks atitude and discriminatory messages. ¡Viva latino América! ¡Muera la discriminación!
Jan 13, 2019
Unjust that one of the best caster that we have can not continue transmitting us all these games.comeback nacho!!
Nov 29, 2017
Has Bl4ck been banned already? Because if they banned riverplation for misspeling Bl4ck´s name, Bl4ck should be banned for life for being the most toxic, racist and xenophobic person i´ve ever saw in a voobly room. RIP Voobly
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Sep 30, 2018
I feel so sad...
Why did they got out river from the kotd2
He's the only1 latin caster that always want to do the best for our comunity
I think that there's a chance to solve the mistake, let river cast the games and let's forgot the issue :D
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