AOE-HD Are Italians Too OP?

Jan 19, 2013
I submit this question to all of the community. There are lot of great changes with the 3.1 patch I would first like to say. The question though, is if others think Italians are too OP among the new civs?

They're somewhat of a god civ now it seems in imp imo. Should there be any slight nerfs to their condottieros and/or uu's? Mainly I was just surrprised when I played an aofe closed map Oasis game against Italian recently & their mix of whopping 90 hp condottieros, genoese xbowmen, & bombard cannons just wiped the floor with my army, which was composed of onagers, heavy scorps, fully armored skirms (geno xbow w/ pavise upgrade slaughtered very badly), and mag huszar. Just wanted to know others' opinions on this topic.
Jan 19, 2013
Back to discuss: my impression remains the same of them. And would love to hear from people that agree or disagree with me, to whatever extent. My main concern still as I mentioned is the Genoese archer ability to counter skirms by such a wide margin in equal numbers, with their armor fully upgraded, seemed overpowered. Plus I noticed Condottiero get armor bonus upgrades vs infantry? Makes it where only army to counter them is very heavy siege (Celt or Mongol(?)) or far range (Briton or Turk army), or Slav, or Japan? I was literally stumped to face this army the other day... most civs would have to go heavy into gold to face them late I'm thinking.
Jan 19, 2013
Italian Civ Bonuses:

-Age up 10% cheaper
-Fishing Ships +2 LOS
-Dock techs 50% off
-Hand cannoneers 15% off
-Caravan free (Carto free in AoFE)

Team Bonus:

Team gets Condottiero available at Barracks in Imperial Age (60 food, 25 gold)

Unique techs:

- Silk Road - Trade carts 50% cheaper (500 food, 250 gold)
- Pavise - +1/+1 melee/pierce armor for Genoese Xbow (550 food, 300 gold)

Unique Unit: Genoese Crossbow (50 wood, 50 gold) (900 food, 750 gold for Elite Upgrade, but age ups cheaper gives a food and gold surplus to Italians to use once up ages) Anti-Cavalry Foot Archer, 7 range, 10 Attack fully up'd, 5/5 melee & pierce armor, don't know about any bonus or hidden armor for them?)

Full Archery tech tree except for Heavy Cav Archer & Parthian Tactics

Full Infantry tech tree except for Halbs, & Condottiero; 90 hp fast anti gunpowder (attack bonus vs)/anti archer (+6
pierce armor fully upgraded) unit, with new changes being speed increase, bonus armor vs Infantry, and a +10 food, -10 gold cost-fix added in new patch (AoFE 3.1 changelog:

Missing Paladin & Hussar in Cavalry Line but has everything else, Bloodlines, Husbandry, etc

Full Dock line except for Heavy Demo Ships

Full Defense Line, Full Tower Line, have Bombard Towers
Full Monastery Line except for Heresy
Full Castle Line except for Sappers
Bit Weak on Siege, have no Siege Rams or Siege Onagers, but have Bombard Cannon

Full Blacksmith Techs
Full University except for Siege Engineers
Full Eco Techs except for Gold Shaft Mine
Full Market Techs
Jun 15, 2008
How do Arbs fare against genoese? I would think they'd do well (70 res vs 100 res)... Mix arbs and elite skirms maybe?

Mayans can do full plumed. Goths can do husks and champs (I thought condottiero was anti-HC infantry not anti-infantry infantry). Chinese chuks should beat them. Celt can simply do lots of woads.


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Dec 12, 2011
So you are complaining about a fan made mod that hardly anyone plays?

They look to be above average in post imp, but any of the deathball or bbt civs shouldn't have too much of a problem.

At a glance just going palading + onager (w/ siege engineers ideally) should do well.
Jan 19, 2013
Thanks for the replies, I will test some of these scenarios out. I have not played that many games on this new 3.1 patch, but Italians late game when I played vs them struck me as very powerful in a closed map scenario. If onagers do decent splash damage to the Gbow though, I suppose paladins would most likely clean it up as you are saying.


May 9, 2014
The Netherlands

Condotierro dont get armor vs infantry. They get +10 armor vs anti-infantry bonus attacks. So the units that have a bonus vs infantry are less usefull. For example the attack bonus from Hand Cannoneers and the non-elite Jaguar Warriors (+10) gets nullified and the attack bonus from Elite Cataphract (+12) gets reduced to +2.

Conclusion, heavy infantry like champs, TK, Sams, still do very well vs condos


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Feb 9, 2011
I don't think Italians are OP.
The combo you mentioned that they used are all gold-units, not to mention a need for castle(s). Perhaps not as gold intensive as others, but any reasonable combo with palas (or just full palas if there aren't many genoese xbows) should have no issues dealing with Italians.
I'd also like to add that they age up -15% w/ AOKA. Which is a good change imo 'cause -10% was sorta indifferent, that extra 5% makes it noticable though.


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