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Mar 18, 2012
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I have recently seen so many users struggle to get their hotkeys set up for Voobly which is, by the way, a good sign that players love the game and are eager to learn. Anyways the point is version of AoE2Tools puts an end to this struggle.

This update also simplifies the entire process of setting up your AoE2HD hotkeys for Voobly.

As you can see in the image above. You can (1) select and (2) install your steam hotkey profiles to Voobly's directly from that list in two clicks without having to locate and browse the hotkey file manually. The installation of hotkeys has been improved to make sure your hotkeys install properly and game settings to be saved correctly.

Which One to Install?

Some of you may have more than one hotkey profile as previewed in the image above. In this case, You have to install one by one and run the game to check which 'player' of them is yours.

But If you only have 'player0' then it must be the one to install.

You Can't See The Hotkey Profiles List?
There should be a button "Fix it" as indicated below. You want to press that button and sign into steam then in just 2 seconds the hotkey profile list should magically occur to you.

retrieve path.jpg
How To Update To AoE2Tools
Launch AoE2Tools and confirm the update.

Where To Access AoE2Tools Hotkeys Utility?
access hotkeys.jpg
About Previous Bug 'Mods No Longer Forced Through HDToAoC'

Starting from version &, HDToAoC Mods are no longer forced into the game, if you had previously some trouble with some visual mods such 'Advanced idle pointer', 'blueberries' installed forcefully into the game; It is fixed now! Converting through HDToAoC will NOT force those mods anymore.

Please Feel Free To Report Any issues.

Thank you,


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